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Zen Shiatsu
- a traditional Japanese bodywork technique


  • Level 1

    Course Duration : 10 days (50 hours)

    Develop sensitivity and awareness to your body's energy; learn how to give a holistic energy treatment to the body in order to harmonize body and mind. The course emphasizes hands-on experience, through practice and exhange of treatments among the students. Basic concepts of Shaitsu, Oriental medicine and energy work is taught. Learn to treat the back, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, neck, head and face. Emphasis during the course is on correct bodywork and energy techniques. Course includes Qi Kong (Taoist Yoga) and Tao Yin practice as part of the daily program. (Tao Yin - general activation and stretching of the energy channels)

  • Cost : Sliding Scale Donation

    * You may read about the concept of sliding scale on the Donation page.

  • Level 2

    Course Duration : 10 days (60 hours)

    Deepen and refine your energy awareness; learn the system of the 12 classic meridians (enegy channels), where they are in the body and how to work on them to release blockages and harmonize the energy flow through the concepts of full and empty (Kyo and Jitssu); specific meridian work on arms and legs; learn additional techniques such as side position and abdominal treatment; introduction to Chinese medicine concepts such as Yin/Yang and Wu Xing (The Five Elements). The course emphasizes the holistic aspect of the treatment, correct bodywork ad energy work. Integration of all that has been learned in levels 1 and 2 to create a whole, balanced and harmonizing treatment. Course includes Qi Kong and Tao Yin practice as part of teh daily program. br>Cost : Sliding Scale Donation

    * You may read about the concept of sliding scale on the Donation page.

  • Level 3

    Course Duration : 10 days (50 hours)

    This is an advanced course, for those who have completed Shiatsu Levels 1 & 2 and are interested in additional bodywork techniques, deeper energy work, diagnosis techniques and Chinese medicine theory. Teaching can be done in group or on a personal basis.

    The course includes - Hara and Back diagnosis (diagnose of imbalances of the body's energy through corresponding areas in the abdomen and the back); learn how to balance the empty and full areas in the Hara and their corresponding meridians; enhance your ability to work with energy; additional bodywork techniques; in-depth study of the concept of Wu Xing (the Five Elements), the dynamics that create health and disease, and the application to daily life (the Biological Clock and Cycle of Qi flow in the meridians). The course is focused on practical work through exchange of treatments among the participants. Qi Kong (Taoist Yoga) and Tao Yin (Tao Yin - general activation and stretching of the energy channels) are part of the daily program.

  • Cost : Sliding Scale Donation

    * You may read about the concept of sliding scale on the Donation page.

    New Workshops and Courses

    Two new workshops and one long intensive course may be happening from October 2005!

  • Comprehensive Zen Shiatsu Course - 3 months

    I have been considering teaching the shiatsu course in a longer and more comprehensive format that will include level 1, level 2 and level 3. A total of six weeks of teaching spread out over a period of 3 months, alternating one week of learning and one week of self-practice, meaning 6 weeks of practical study and a week in between each study week to practice and integrate, with a possibility of supervised practice and intensive weekend workshops. The course will include:

    - study of various positions: front, back, side, sitting,
    - different bodywork techniques:rocking, energy work, matsunaga and namikoshi styles, basic othopedics
    - specific treatments: abdominal work, neck, shoulders, head and face, arm and leg meridians
    - basic theory of Chinese medicine, Wu Xing (five elements), diagnostics and therapeutic principles
    - Qi Kong, Dao Yin and meditation for personal development

    If you are interested in this course please contact in advance. The course would be scheduled to start January 2006 and go on for 3 months until end of March. the course may be in Chiang Mai city or on retreat - as yet undecided. Numebr of participants is limties so pre-registration advisable. In the period of October 2005-March 2006 there will be only one comprehensive course taught.

    Persons who have learned shiatsu with me before and would like to participate as assistants, re-do a certain level or continue from where they stopped are welcome, please contact in advance and we can check out the various options.

    - Living "Wu Xing" - An Intensive Personal Meeting with The Five Phases (Elements)
    5 days of intensive exploration of the concept of the Wu Xing (Five Elements) as a tool for understanding your personal, inner world and life path as well as for self-growth. For therapists this is a powerful diagnostic tool that can enhance the treatment process. The workshop focuses on "feeling" the elements -Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal - through practical experience in various mediums such as Qi Kong, Tao Yin, Meditation, Visualization, Sound, and the physical contact in nature. Basic theory and nutritional aspects will also be approached during the workshop. This workshop will optimali be in retreat form in a palce close to the nature elements.

    - Knowing Touch
    A weekend workshop focusing on exploring the endless possibilities of communication through the body, contact and touch. How to "listen with our hands" and know the other's inner world. How to enhance our intuition through touch and "listen" to the body through touch and know what is needed in the Here and Now of every moment. A workshop for bodywork therapists, healers of all mediums, and for any person who wishes to flow smoothly in life.

  • Private Teaching

    There is an option for personal, one-on-one courses, if the circumstances are such that is is possible in regards to time and teaching space. This form of teaching can be done while another course is in session. If you are interested please contact me directly by email or telephone.

    Zen Shiatsu Treatments

  • Holistic energizing treatments to harmonize body and mind through a soft bodywork technique.
  • Beneficial for general prevention of disease or imbalances and also for treatment of specific problems - physical, mental or emotional.
  • Qi Kong

    Chinese exercises derived from traditional martial arts and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Beneficial for strengthening the body, circulating the energy in the channels (meridians) and developing self-awareness to the flow of energy in the body.
  • Qi Kong will be taught in all Shiatsu courses as part of the daily program.

  • All Courses are run on Donation.

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