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For Kids - Check out the sales at the end of the seasons and buy bigger for next
year. Also keep an eye out at garage sales, second hand clothing stores, and recycled
clothing stores. Another suggestion is sell your child's clothes to a recycled
clothing store and use the money or credit to purchase more for the season ahead.
If you have friends and family swap clothes with them when your children have
grown out of them. If you can give sewing a go. It's amazing how little material
a small child's top or shorts takes, or use your unwanted clothes for material
for them.
~Hithere EMC~

I have always made most of my own clothes and when my kids were little I
made most of theirs. It is a real saving and means that you can afford to
buy things like good jeans and the occasional dressy outfit. The money
spent setting yourself up with a machine is well spent. I now earn quite
a lot of pocket money sewing for other people. Even when I was a
struggling single mum my kids were well dressed and I never had to buy
second hand stuff.
~Meggsie EMC~

If your kids are still at school, then contact the school clothing pool. They usually
have uniform for one third of the usual price and you can pick up good quality.
~Platypus EMC~

I found an Anglicare warehouse where they throw the clothes into big
containers and you scrummage through it yourself...its about $4 a kilo
and there are some brilliant bargains to be had...I.e. plenty of name
~Lizerati EMC~

A lot of my kids yard kindy clothes come from op shops though as I refuse to pay
top $$ for clothes I know that they are going to destroy I spent about $35 last
week at lifeline and got both boys a basic summer yard wardrobe and some of the
clothes were actually in good enough condition to be worn out.
~Bright Spark EMC~

What I do is have a deal set up with a couple of friends. They give me their
hand-me-downs for girls and I give them my boys hand-me-downs.
~Kerrie62au EMC~

You will find the best bargains in thrift stores during the week. Weekend crowds
snap bargains up. Most stores have regularly scheduled deliveries. Find out when
they are and when the new merchandise is put out. Plan your shopping trips so that
you hit the best stores at these times.
~Mustang EMC~

Do you REALLY need addidas clothing etc? Shop smart, shop on sale, when its on
sale, buy up to budget. Start a clothing budget, donít exceed it.
~De Monica EMC~