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I use a cheap dish liquid in my liquid filled washing up mop, and
my favourite one for sink loads.
~Stargrace EMC~

Don't buy pre-packaged anything! Take the time to make your own.
~Frogggg EMC~

I cook double dinner....for my husbands lunch and mine the next day!
Save on money and electricity bill...
~Swidya EMC~

Cook up a big batch of whatever (eg: spag bol or casserole) and
freeze some of it. Then all you need to do is defrost it and eat
it. Good for those nights you don't feel like cooking and
would probably buy take away.
~Nedwol EMC~

I only let the kids eat these sweet cereals on the weekends as a
treat. It's too expensive for everyday, plus it's not good for
them. Every other day is weet-bix, Farmland brand of course.
~Selandian EMC~

I have a bread maker and make a loaf of bread everyday. I buy a
10kg bag of bread mix every 3 weeks or so. The average cost of
a loaf of homemade bread is about 65c, compare that to the
average cost of shop bought bread about $2. That's about a $500
saving every year.
~Mjm1 EMC~

Buy flour, sugar etc in bulk.
Make your own icy poles for the kids (healthier if you use fruit
juice and pop in a slice of fruit).
When baking cakes, biscuits etc, bake triple batches and freeze.
Saves on gas/electricity.
~Flossie EMC~

Try using jelly instead of fruit juice when making iceblocks at home.
Make up a packet of jelly crystals as directed, pour into iceblock
moulds and freeze. They're delicious and not as "drippy" as regular
ice blocks.
~MsViper EMC~

One thing I try to do is have a vegetarian night every second night.
Even if its just baked beans on toast. Saves money and is very much
healthier for you than meat every single day.
I buy sausage mince made from soybeans and put in a packet of home
brand stuffing mix, makes bonza hamburgers or rissoles.
~Mustang EMC~

I freeze all the leftovers, so they are not just eaten as snacks,
then can combine them to make a proper meal once or twice a week.
~Jeoc EMC~