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A couple of times a year I have a clean out of clothes my children
have grown out of, toys, and anything else that hasn't been touched
for 12 months. I clean it all up and take it to the markets and usually
make quite a bit of money.
~Mjm1 EMC~

I suggested to my son that he grow some basic vegies such as lettuce
and tomato and potato etc .. and charge say $2 a kilo for the tomatoes,
and sell to family and friends, I can tell you, I would be the first
buyer up.
~Mustang EMC~

A local kid has a wagon that he pulls along on his bike where he put
a lawnmower and other gardening stuff and he just goes around to
businesses like car yards and the like and mow their front lawns.
~Kerryl EMC~

My cousin is an enterprising little thing, at 13 she has an ABN
and is selling jewellery
~Mamacita EMC~

When I was in high school my father owned a bakery and I used
to take coffee scrolls to school that were from the previous day.
My parents told me I was only allowed to sell them for 10 cents each,
but I thought how are they to know what I sell them for, so I used to
sell them for 20 cents each. Also a friend of ours who was a teacher had
given us a whole pile of manila folders so when the teacher told
us we needed manila folders for a particular subject, what did I

~Nedwol EMC~

When I was a kid I used to make a fortune by collecting and recycling
aluminium cans.. Naturally if your kids are too small you might
need to go with them while they are collecting..We just used to
ride our bikes along the side of the roads and collect all the
cans that people threw out of cars!!
~Snucky EMC~

My son asked his school for a job, he now does gardening (something
he would never dream of doing for me) but that $8 an hour is
incentive enough. He also gets to choose what days he wants to work and
for how long.
~Had Too EMC~