Sometimes pretty
ain't pretty
at all.
you draw me
in, let me fall.
can't quit it baby
i'm a junkie for
ya, i wish i was something,
i wish i could fly
i need that much
someone elses
must be
some kind of luxury,
to tell everybody
that your free.
-beautiful creatures
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i'm undone, broken wings, i'll come home soon.

Posted at 4:56pm...january 09/03

hey lil people. i decided to change my site...AGAIN...cause well, the other one sucked royally, so this is better...still all the same feature dudy's..just everything is going to be set up like this *looks around* yup...on with my blah blah blahing!
allright....i'm here already...and seems to me taht you are too... thats good, that means  people actually care to visit my people, have no lives i see.. well neither do i...
so anyway, i guess you got here by knowing me or knowing OF me...consider yourself lucky...well..i guess this is my site...if you look to your left *looks* you will see what to do...there are songs, stories, pictures, my art, and yes, even guesty mcbook, my trusty guestbook where you can find many followers diss me, or attempt to show compassion...and my amusing little feuds with me and shorty, or me spitting on al's grave. well, i guess thats it. beware the page of bordom...and if you send me a pic of you, or i find a way   to have a pic of you, you may just become another helpless victim. well...i guess thats all..  enjoy the site, if you must.

if you haven't noticed...newts are my choice of stating..i have to say 'newts up' to a few people...bare with me.

shorty: *steals carts and runs* *comes back and steals dance shoes* thank you.
emmy: "hey look a turkey bastor!" "AHH!"
snaffy: i'm just another "lunch friend" i spose...*glares*
roojy: hmm...
al: shitknot know that by now though, do you not?
jay: *cough*
dee: stop reading this and get back to the corner whore...WHOREEE!
salma: boo movies
all the others--HELLOOO! wanna b e here? tell me, then i can make a sarcastic/rude/informative remark about you or your
**note: don't like your comment? CRAM IT WITH WALNUTS UGLY! :P **

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