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here by my side its heaven.
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how em got hit with a boat.
Posted at :pm...
so heres the story: we're camping for the weekend...*side note: we thought this really hot guy(roar) that was beside our site, would be the main point of our weekend..wasn't* so anyway, saturday, we get up, and get ready to go to the beach, which is just down the street. So we have our breakyfast and we go to the beach. we're down at the beach in the water just about nickline high, and we're digging holes with our feet and joking around. hey look! a sailboat! neet!...we keep digging, considering, he's not even near us... hmm...seems the sailboat is comming nearer, and nearer, he's on one side of us, o now he's on the other...what the nudy!? HE'S COMMING RIGHT AT US! AHH! *me and shorty jump out of the way* em is facing the other way standing in a hole i dug, "THUD" em gets hit by the boat..."OH SHIIIT!" i scream...the guy driving the boat looks behind him, theres em standing up in bewilderment, "what the hell?" "em, you just got hit by that sailboat" says i.."uh, emmy, you're bleeding" says shorty...we hurry to the shore, to be flocked by many bystanders, the boater, quickly parks the boat and comes out to see if shes alright, she is. a nurse thats on the beach checks em's head, "its all right, do you want anything to help the pain?" "no, i'm fine thank you" says em..."are you here with your parents? where are they? are you at your cottage?" "we're with her parents, we're just camping down the road, we'll go back there, don't worry" we start walking back ,theres em's mom..."hey mom, i just got hit by a boat" says our hurt lil emmy "WHAT?!" em's mom is freaking (like usual) "BY WHO!?" "this nice man, its okay, calm down mom" "I HAVE TO GO TALK TO THEM! WHERE ARE THEY?" we point and she's on her way to bitch...we stand on the beach and explain to emmy what had just happend...her mom comes back "we're going to the clinic" "mom, we don't have to, i'll be fine" "you'll probably need stitches" her mom's freaking out, and thinking of herself as a doctor "see, my mom, she thinks she's a doctor, and sometimes she should just shut up" says emmy "AMINEH! i work with doctors, we're going to the clinic" "mom, you WORK with doctors, you AREN'T a doctor" "sit down over here in the shade, i'll go get the car...we sit at a picknick table and start talking and laughing like EVERY convo we ever have... all of a sudden..ems mom comes back, o and look, she brought a parimedic, no wait, 4 paramedics, hmm..and whats that? AN AMBULANCE?! so we're sitting there, and the perimedics are talking to em, and us about what happend and what day it is, and around what time, the usual shtuff...meanwhile shorty is laughing her arsen off and in tears she finds this hilarious...the ambulance tells us to go to the hospital in exedor...and they could take em in the ambulance, but she refuses..."EM! AN AMBULANCE! YOU COULD'VE RIDDEN IN THE AMBULANCE!" shorty says, fallowed by MANY exlamation we get in the car and drive to the campsite to get clothes, considering we're just in our bathingsuits and towels, and the shorts i brought..and whatever we had in the car..we get our clothes and things to do..and off we go to hour later we arrive at the hospital...its the size of our clinics here in k-w...alright we go in, the usual, a nurse takes em, and she starts to clean her up, get blood pressure, more of the norm. "you guys wanna see the cut?" "COOL!" shorty is morbida remember..."ewwy" i says, i don't like blood...i go over anyway..."DEAR GOD!" i run back to my seat...shorty comes back looking like a four year old thats just seen the coolest thing the nurse finishes with em, and tells us to go sit in the waiting room until a doctor can see we sit, and sit and sit, about a half hour and a quarter of a bag of brownies me and shorty brought go by...alright, now its an hour...for a small town this is a freakin long wait...its now 530 and we came in around 4..."amineh" em leaves, not even a worried look on her now me and shorty have claimed the couch and the tv in the waiting room...a mother and her two sons come in, the boys try to watch the tv, but they can't because we have it facing us on the couch, almost facing away from them, o well, they can live...we haven't had a tv for 2 days, time to take in our daily dose of radiation...em's mom promises us milkshakes before we go back to the 6 o'clock em comes out..."that took long enough" says i..."oh my god, this place has nothing! one doctor on should have heard him 'i just have to get the staples, be right back, alright we ran out of staples, so we'll have to do stitches' so i have two stitches" em says...we drive back to the campsite, enjoying our milkshakes, they weren't bad, but at least they were and shorty ( at least) are starving...we get back and eat dinner, we decide to have a shower considering we haven't since friday, and its icky feeling water..."DON'T GET YOUR HEAD WET AMINEH" "mom, be quiet, the doctor said i could, i just can't put shampoo on it" "NO, YOU CAN'T" em's mom is flipping again...always fun in that family...we head to the showers, have our showers and em gets her head hardly wet...the next morning, i wake up, laying on the ground, instead of the mattress, hey, it was comfier..."are we swimming today?" asks shorty, half asleep "yes, yes we are" i say, still asleep...we pack up the tent and all our stuff, and get ready to go, em's mom tells em she should be swimming because she's not aloud to get her head wet "mom! i'm aloud to get my head wet, the DOCTOR said" we go anyway...we go to the beach, its chilly, but nice, yet cold in the water "ahhh" we get used to the water, now its the wind that we fear...hey, the wind picked up, and is still getting stronger...umm, how about those black clouds out there...they're comming closer, and closer yet...this ain't good.. "GIRLS YOU HAVE TO COME IN" em's mom yells..she had been talking to a guy on the beach that said there's a storm-a-brewin...and it should start lightining was already thundering..we get out and dry off a bit...its starting to spit...everyone wants to leave, but not me, o no, not when the sky looks like that! its awsome, every shade of blue, grey and black...woah! looks like a funnel cloud is forming...our lil shorty is starting to freak out..."i want a picture of you girls, come over here" sure, but do you have to pick the sandiest place on this hill to walk through?  though it is a nice spot. we get our picture taken, and just before we get in the car, it starts to spit, now rain, *doors close* now storm...this is so cool, WHOA! LOOK AT THAT CLOUD! LOOKS LIKE A TORNADOE! shorty doesn't like me saying this, she'd beat me if we weren't in such close quarters...we get in the car..the traffic is stopped...em's dad has the window open, uh..i'm getting wet back here, the rain is hitting me in the face..ow...the wind is cold too...i'm still in my wet bathing suit...brrr...hey i forgot i have a sheet back here...mmm warmth.."gimme some" shorty takes some blankets...i look over at em later, she too has blankets..."i could change back here, i have no problem with that" shorty and i both say...or at least agree on...but we stop at a tim hortons and get changed in the bathroom, holding up the line of course...when we walked in there was NOBODY, but now, there 6 girls waiting for the i hurry up, and finish...we get back in the car...ahh music...AHHH! COUNTRY MUSIC! BURN IT! BURRRNNN ITTT! em's mom won't turn it off...shorty starts clawing at the pile of stuff in front of her trying to reach the radio...ANYTHING BUT COUNTRY... well maybe not talk radio...we live through that untill we are brought our coffees and hot chocolates..mmm warmth...owy, too hot...i like warmth, i don't like scalding...i don't start drinking my drink until its cooled down more...shorty's holding the tray that has our drinks in...considering the one at her feet is filled with pop cans..she starts falling asleep and the tray starts to trip, i'm looking out the window and day dreaming like usual, i love the rain..."OW OW OW" i'm burnt.. the hot chocolate just spilt on my leg...thankfully, being used to inflicted pain, this doesn't hurt much...we keep driving, i drink my drink, and fall asleep, i have problems with cars making me fall asleep, this is good for some, bad for others... i wake up in stratford and shorty mentions that we should take her braides out, so we start and it takes us the 45 to hour drive home...that was i get home, and get twice as much radiation from the pc in me...what a fine time that was..and of course, we can't forget that amazingly hot guy


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