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Posted at 4:56pm...january 09/03

act of god by em
my name is in the paper with a diff last name//i want it to rain outside//but it just snows again//my best friend gets lucky, why can't i?//this insinuating bull makes me wanna die//so can i-i-i...

[chorus this day i pronounce myself as god//i hope you//don't take it lightly or i'll shoot pa (ha ha)//i-i-i...wish you could see me now//i'm making OJ simpson on another trialcrappy reception on the t.v.//merry christmas is kind of a fakie//everyone's hogging stuff from meeee...//they are all gonna pay//cause I AM A GOD TODAY//have a crappy new years and new//years part-eh (eh?)//i can make it happen//cause i am you god//i can make you "lazy" in the sack//you'll never get it up again//cause it's an act of god (that's me)
boo-ya//so then next time you spank someone//it's an act of god//spank-you-spank-you-spank-you GOD

black leather studded spanking machine by em
no conscience of who i am to think//do i have the rights to be a leader?//followers and their pick up lines//a silver pole for dancing means//i wanna, i wanna, i wanna//spank you with a black leather studded spanking machine//bleed bleed//the streams of blood are running down your face//scream scream//don't just close your mouth and scream//cruel-ness can be bliss for a whore like me?//i wanna-i wanna-i wanna//spank you with a black leather studded spanking machine//cause i-i-i- wanna hear you scream//when i spank you with my spanking machine

the nicest ass in the whole wide world by em
i'm in the corner again//acid freaks running wild//heavy music playin//where are you?//when i need you//you're late again//thought//we were more then just friends//from the corner of my//eye i see him//a guy with the...
[chorus]nicest ass in the whole wide world//was comin up to me//even though i'm shy//when he caught my eye//the lights seemed to go on me {and only me}
for the guy with the //nicest ass in the whole wide world//started talking to me//i mumbled back the words that i said //are "are pass that drink to me-ee"//before i knew it, he stole my heart//even though some weedy at the party//took off with my car
but the nicest ass in the whole wide world//was making out with me//and even though i'm shy//he caught my eye//the lights seemed to go on me//{and only me}
before to long he had to go//i said good-bye//i wasn't going to cry//cause i was wasted on moon-shine
for the nicest ass in the whole wide world //was leaving me//and even though i'm shy//he caught my eye//and the lights seemed to go on me//{and only me}
when i left the party//i saw the nicest ass in the whole wide world//making out with another girl//so even though i'm shy//i snuck up behind hin//and spanked that nice ass//with a grin on my face
i left the party//feeling pretty damn good

shiver and call by em
sitting by a phone all night//is not the way i wanna spend my life//longing for those words//can't be real//living in a dream world//full of excuses and lies//i don't want to be in the middle anymore
if you call me//i won't answer//i'm not afraid//but i've lost all my chances//and if i don't return a call//i won't be here anymore
toxic people//now i'm in another world//feeling worthless, clueless,//this is mind, fucking and  weird
a shiver from a gimmicky world//where everything is dead
a loss of appetite//to begin a greater fight
if you call me//i won't answer//i'm not afraid//but i've lost all my chances (x2)

ode to alcohol by em
it's always there when you need it//it can make your troubles go away//cause when you get wasted//your existence will fade away
for a day...//it's time to say...
we're gonna throw the bottles at ya//you gott try to catch 'em//hey//sweet and precious//cool and collected//alcohol is here to stay//(like gays on parade)//alcohol is here to stay
hooch booze spirits wine moonshine
*i never did get the rest of this...but its not goes on naming different types of alcohol*

odd person by em
i have horking syndrom//and a bad looking face//i was gonna be a star//but i only got so far//cause
[chorus]i'm not a beauty queen//it just seems so right//can't you see?//that i've gotten half the way on my own//even though the other is a long way away//i've got you//and you know too
oh what a dip//most people think//others people think chick//shit//pardon me//the 24 hour is always a bore//but you//important to me//even though
[chorus]foyers of a theatre hall//and a yellow slip of paper//brandy glasses clanging everywhere//i've almost made it//will i make it?//i hope so//do you think so?

if the world was a she-male by em
if the world were a she-male what would it be like?//would it wear long pretty dresses?//or//jack off in the night?
i'm not saying that i fantasize about these queer things//would it drink sex on the beach?//or//blue light?
would it be a mosher?//or//candy ass punk?
would it listen to heavy metal?//or//shitty shitty pop?
if the world were a she-male would it be like?//would it be like you?//or//like me?
//i guess i'm saying that i fantasize about these//queer things so//for your sake i'll //SHUT UP
[just a friendly reminder that: I DIDN'T WRITE THESE...EM DID!!!]

cruel bitch by em
unfairness is a chain that always seems //to find me//no matter what i do//it always comes to bite you and me in the ass//tidal waves of a conjuring spell//and a monkey doing cartwheels//hot headed naked ice men//and their obsessions is always a mystery to me//a realm of another generation//i'm blinded with no where to go//cursed with my//own sarcasticness//i'm hanging from a single thread//help me, help me//i want to bring fear to the heart//who is harming us//the//abyss is creeping up on me//revenge will now have its say//upon my enemy//my prey//torment and fire is going to be out of control //my desire for you to be in pain//unfairness is a chain that will find you

broken girl by em
alone and crying again//what else is new//live can be unfair//ohh only to you//i wish things could have worked out//i guess they never will
why can't everyone see//what is happening to me?//won't you just go away//i can't talk now//leave don't stay//obsession is down
i//would like you to be around//look through the words the i've siad//iknow your gone now//and your not coming back//i want to be with you//but i just can't//i was sure i like you//(what does it matter)
now//i'll be afraid of you forever//i will always wish//this encounter never happened//(never ever)//it can't always last forever//won't you just go away?//i can't talk now//leave, don't stay//obsession is down
now i wish you were around//darkness is approaching//all over again//this crazy shit//will go on without an end//but i'll never say forever again//won't you just go away//just go away//leave and i'll stay

abuse bunny by em
whisper, whisper in my ear//the voice is certainly here//a cold presence//of slashing lives//in-fumigated and co-operated lies//i'm telling you this is for real//hate and love is not a burden anymore///as i walk all i see//is trickery (obsession)?//of the m-i-n-d//broken and cracked people//seeing through me//looking through bars//and a stormy sky//no longer will suicide be on my mind ///am i caged animal?///abuse bunny//that one is broken and torn//abuse bunny//left inside that heart//is pain and scorn//clouds and darkness//afraid of any light//does that one always have spite?//if being trampled by an enemy is bad//the torture is a new fad//barbed wire keeping life out//if i could talk to that one//would i be blocked out?//lying on th road again//won't they understand?///abuse bunny///that one over there//doesnt' even care///don't die(x5)///if you did//i would smile///that one endures pain//isn't that a shame?//cold and torn, full of scorn//abuse bunny




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