Here you can find a list of some of the characters I've used in my stories and in my RPG's, and when I get around to it, a bit of information about each of them. For the moment, I only have RPG characters actually linked, but I'll be upating this page a bit more hopefully. I've also linked up the stories so you can get a bit of a blurb for each one- so you know what I'm talking about in the character sections!

Calimalia Elvynd

Shardra Lee (Oasis)

Deirdre Edain Crow (The Story which I've been writing for months and months and doesn't have a name still)

Different Sight
--Erin Kaleanae
-- Gadreal
-- Hawk


Sionnach (Enchanted Realms )


Seven Day Festival
--Kaylis'h --Bridey

Orion (Tuku-Tari)

--Tyon Arbran
--Araalcar Darr'ain
-- Drach
-- Cuir
-- Jenn
-- Torc

The Nyran
--Araalcar Darr'ain
-- Dellen
-- Ryaill
And I suppose -- Coran

Caewin (For Freedom)

-- Arandir
-- Adre
-- Elodia
-- Elyas
-- Delawien
-- Feldur
-- Rymael
-- Arhon

Destiny (or with a different name)
-- Parith
-- Myana
-- Aideen
-- Siadh
-- Hian
-- Laren

On Elendor:
-- Llyna