You Know You're In College When . . .

Have you noticed you're eating a little more cereal than normal? Have no concept of an actual world off of campus? Consider pizza, McDonald's, and hot dogs "real food"?? You must be in college! Here's a little list Kimmee and her cohorts have compiled of situations where you know you're in college . . .

. . . you eat cereal out of a dirty bowl (it's still okay as long as the spoon doesn't stick to the old milk at the bottom) ~Kimmee - Ohio State University
. . . you need your keys to go to the bathroom ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . when you're paranoid about squirrels attacking you wherever you go ~Dana Costa - OSU
. . . when you can't remember the last time you laid down on a couch ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . when fuzzy dust bunnies come alive, gang up on you, and attack you in the night ~Beth Kessinger - OSU
. . . when cereal becomes your 6th food group and you eat it at every meal and in between ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . when Target becomes your place of worship ~Kimmee & Beth - OSU
. . . when you spend more time emailing people than studying ~Karen Chan - UC Davis
. . . when you realize that your underwear will turn pink when you wash it with your red sweatshirt.. ~Yasmin Wagner - Duke
. . . when walking around the halls in only your boxers becomes a normal thing. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when Denny's is the Mecca in the Night. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when getting mail is a really cool thing. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when coffee comes in convenient I.V. packages. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when your most trusted confidants had no idea who in the hell you were about a week ago. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . FREE FOOD IS GOOD FOOD: no exceptions. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when going on a "vacation" means going home. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when sex is encouraged by everyone-including the professors : ) ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when you're willing to join a religious cult for a free meal. ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when the real world sort of vanishes... ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
College is 10% work and 90% bitching about how much work you have. ~Bobak Ha'Eri - USC
. . . when you crave for caffeine during study days. ~Ida Charmaine Del Barrio - Loyola Marymount University
. . . when you wander around for spare change for laundry money. ~Ida Del Barrio - LMU
. . . when people ask you what you do every weekend and you say "I got drunk" consecutively. ~Ida Del Barrio - LMU
. . . when Top Ramen becomes a necessity to survive. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when you fight for the use of the next dryer. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when you rather pick your nose than do your homework. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when you could give a sh*t whether you leave the light on cause you don't pay the damn bill. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when you realize you HAVE TO pay your own phone bill. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when becoming a vegitarian isn't just a trend, but a way of survival when eating a the dinning commons. ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . .when you no longer HAVE TO go to classes ~Janet Lopes - UC Davis
. . . when you have to pack to go home. ~Beth Skinner - OSU
. . . when people who were fairies in high school turn into fairies with red hair overnight. ~Ingrid Ceballos - UC Irvine
. . . when the weekend begins on Thursday night ~Ida Del Barrio - LMU
. . . when skinny dipping in Manhattan beach becomes a hobby after midnight. ~Ida Del Barrio - LMU
. . . when you waste all your extra cash on alcohol. ~Ida Del Barrio - LMU
. . . when all of your study sessions end up with you curled up in the fetal position, whimpering slightly ~Bobak Ha'eri - USC
. . . when Saturday morning breakfast consists of microwaveable french fries and a cookie ~Will Gorman - Ohio State University
. . . when every time you come home you hope your roommates are out so can sit in front of the TV naked and eat spray cheese and crackers. Then one day you just decide to go ahead and do it with them in there anyway. ~Will Gorman - OSU
. . . when you sleep all day and stay awake all night ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . when it doesn't get late till 4:00 am ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . when you only own 3 dishes, yet you only do dishes once a week. ~Will Gorman - OSU
. . . when caffeine-loaded beverages like Frappucchinos become more valuable than life itself. ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . car owners are gods ~Bobak - USC
. . . you gain a fine appreciation for the "Greek" culture. ~Bobak - USC
. . . loosing your internet connection is a matter of life or death. ~Bobak - USC
. . . you can't wait for vacation to get over so you can go and hang out with all your dorm buds ~Dana Costa - OSU
. . . you have to move the entire contents of your room out into the hall creating a fire hazard, so you can clean your room. ~Beth Skinner - OSU
. . . pineapples and Oreos are considered "love" ~Kimmee - OSU
. . . foozball becomes a game that seperates the men from the boys. ~Bobak - USC
. . . you have groovy professors like Leonard Maltin teaching you. ~Bobak - USC
. . . you actually give a damn about college football. ~Bobak - USC
. . . you find yourself plugging a powerstrip into a powerstrip into a powerstrip and you still need freakin' sockets. ~Bobak - USC

Submit your own ways of knowing when you're in college! Please leave your name, email address, and college/university. You may write more than one way per submission . . Kimmee is quite busy during the days, so she'll probably only be able to update this page on the weekend, so have patience please! :-)

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You know you're in college when . . .

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