Things That Suck

Getting a D+ in Physics ~Kimmee

When you only have enough money for one pair of shoes, but you can't decide between 5 pairs! ~Ingrid

When you have to do things like Marriage Projects and flour babies for Religion class. ~Ingrid

When you have nothing better to do than to write down things that suck!!! ~Ingrid

When your big bro will be going to college in the fall and you won't have anyone to piss off anymore. Well there's always Vincent . . . . ~Amaya Lascano

When you open up a PAYDAY BAR and REALIZE . . . Oh my God!!! Chocolate! ~Jill

When the buffet claims them that I'll put them outta business! SHEESH! ~Kevin

Getting stopped by a cop for doing a rolling stop when you thought you could get away with it! ~J. Christenson

When your friend's lil sister pisses you off ~Vincent Amazona

When Kevin put "The King's Table" smorgasborg out of business. ~Vincent

Whip cream in your eye - plastic applicator and all. ~Vincent

When you take the tab off your sodie pop can and it falls in the can. ~Vincent

Waking up early ~Vincent

Seeing a picture of your two best friends kissing - especially when they are guys. ~Vincent

Not being straight forward with others. ~Vincent

Speed 2 ~Vincent

When your characteristic goofiness and immaturity surface against your will. ~Vincent

When you have free tickets to the Dave Matthews band concert, but you can't go!!! ~Sharmin

Driver's Ed, having to pay a lot of money for Ranma 1/2 Videos, perverts, school, Kodachi, baseball. ~Amy-chan

When the guy keeps on getting up after you beat the crap outta him! ~Efrain

When you really like a fine girl and find out she has a boyfriend. ~Efrain

When nice, caring, sweet, loving guys (ahem!!) can't get a girl ~Efrain

When people write to magazines, giving their personal opinions....find a hobby...go masturbate, just do something for goodness sakes ~Efrain

Breaking up with the one you love. ~Jus'Me

When all your homies gots females and you aint even had one! ~Efrain

When America OnLine kicks you off for "mail bombing a host with the Wu-tang sign". ~Efrain

When you go to the beach and turn into a lobster

when crazy guys come over to you in LA with LEsions all over

when the driver in front of you drives like a maniac and you are following him

getting caught by your parents when you lied where you are

you end up dancing like weird-O's in Santa Barbara

failing Doc's midterm ~Nithin Sannappa

JUNIOR YEAR SUCKS - especially at Garces! ~Nithin Sannappa

Having a 26% average for tests in Physics ~Annie

SCreAM 2 ~Angie

How much those frikkin' Ranma tapes cost. ~Chris

When your Debut is supposed to be one of the best things to happen to you, except you're embarressed as hell about it. ~Annie

College applications...'nuff said. ~Annie

Garces...way more than enough said. ~Annie

We all have things that hella suck in our lives. So feel free to air them all here! Fill out this form, and Kimmee will put up your things that suck in your life in a week or so. You may write more than one thing that sucks per entry.


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