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Welcome to my fanfiction section. This is for my fanfics. It should be up soon. Oh yeah, read my fanfics at A Sailor Moon Romance website. There's a link in the Linx section. -Crescent Moon
PS- I took away the New Princess Story. It's too hard to re-write it and I don't fell like saving and junk from ASMR since I don't like that version. That is one story of mine that's staying unfinished. But, it's currently under revisement and is up, or should be up, at the address below. So are the other two stories up here. More soon!!!!

UPDATE!!!! It's the twenty-third of September, and I'm finally adding more stories!!! Be happy with me people! Oh, I want to thank Sailor Flower for sending me such a great e-mail! See ya!

Guess Who, a short story by me and Bethi_Usako

The New Sailor Moon, the series rewritten by me!
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
*New!* Episode Five
*New!* Episode Six
*New!* Episode Seven
*New!* Episode Eight
*New!* Episode Nine
*New!* Episode Ten
*New!* Episode Eleven

The Final Scout - a new one from me, also at: www.oocities.org/universe_guardians/

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
*New!* Chapter Six

A New Princess R(evised) - the promised revised version of A New Princess.

*New!* Prologue
*New!* Chapter One
*New!* Chapter Two
*New!* Chapter Three

Hope I get the rest done soon. ^_^ Hey, does anyone know how to do that new way to send fics into A Sailor Moon Romance on a Macintosh Power PC? I would appreciate it if someone could explain how. Thanx!

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