As you enter the area, someone comes up to you. Her
form seems to be wavering between three appearances.
One is that of an orange-haired, aqua-eyed teen in
denim shorts and a yellow crop top. Another is also a
teenage girl, but with braided hair that is striped in
brown and bronze. This form is wearing black stretch
pants, a green tank top, and a gold cross. The third
form, however, is that of a bipedal cat, wearing clawed
gloves. She, or they, you aren't sure, looks at you.
"Hello. Welcome to my page. I'm TM. Sorry about my
looks, but I don't really know which form to use here. I'll stabilize when we get into one of the themed pages.
I'll also use a full name. The initials TM are the common
link between all my incarnations."
TM looks at the
three doors behind her.
"Oh, uh, when we actually get
in, you'll wanna watch out for wandering anime
characters. Especially my muses. I'm new to writing, so
I don't get alot of respect. I don't really like to punish
my toys for being themselves. So they tend  to be kinda
outspoken. So, which way?"
Looking at the doors, you
see labels above them. Which will you go through?

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