My Home Page for Misc. Stuff

Welcome to My Home Page

I am in the process of building and will add as things come along. Right now, I only have my Lotus and my Chevy conversion van on here, both of which I am ready to sell.

Lotus Elite - 907 2-Liter

Here is my Lotus Elite that is for sale. It is available anytime and will be going to auction sometime in the summer. Right now, I am working on the HTML that is needed for the auction and you can view that here.

Chevrolet High Top conversion Van

I also have my van for sale. You can see it at Chevy van.

S O L D !

GMC Extended Cab 1 Ton Pickup

Here is my GMC Extended Cab for sale.

GMC 1 Ton

Tandem Axle Car Trailer

Here is my tandem axle car trailer for sale.

Car Trailer


Corvette Parts

I have a few Corvette parts for sale occasionally. I'll listed them here.

More Parts

Here are some trains that were for sale but are all gone now. I'm just leaving this here for informational purposes.

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