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WARNING: This site is bullshit and makes lots of cigarette refrences.. Flavorful cigarettes. And smooth too!
     Hey, Buddies! Glad you could make it! This site is dedicated to my one true love, Muk Muk Whaleskinner-Stone. We've been together for so long! I love her like the first day our dog sleds crashed and we killed a flock of penguins.. Ahh younger days! Muk Muk is my inspiration. I love her more than spilling oil, clubbing seals, or even poaching endangered wildlife! Wow! Love is grand with a youthful eskimo girl! Muk Muk makes herpes a shear delight! So look around at my online photo album and see Muk Muk and I being our selves. Muk Muk gets a little crazy when people smile. It means, "Poop here!" and she will.
Here's Muk Muk and I on our wedding day. Our reception was on a frozen lake where we ice fished. Then I slid her my trout.
Here's me and my tasty cigs. I think I was off kickin' some ass the night this pic was taken. Or I was about to go ice fishing...
This site's been offensive since January, 2001. If you don't like it, FUCK YOU and tongue my ass.
My lovely wife Muk Muk and our son, Battered Seal. Our little family loves ice fishing and cigarettes.
Muk Muk's feminine area awhile ago. She saw her vaginal doctor and this problem cleared right up. Now she's like a lush oasis.
Muk Muk and I. Enjoying each other's company. Probably talking about ice fishing in this picture.
This is Muk Muk's uncle, Foreskin. He's a dirty old man that wanted to buy his way into a camp conselor gig to "meat kids." He was drunker than a tequila worm in this picture, but he was getting a BJ from a penguin.
Here's our boy, Battered Seal Tuk-Tuk Whaleskinner-Stone. He was part of a quick, easy, and painless labor.. Mainly because I wasn't there. I was passed out with my mistress after me and a friend double teamed her. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed when I first saw him.
Another Badunka booty shot of Muk Muk. We were into S&M in this pic. Hence the scratches and marks on her.
This picture was taken right before Muk Muk got her first pop shot. As you can see, I had already given her a pearl necklace. It's funny cause she wore a shower cap so no splooge would get in her hair. Where does she think I put it when she's sleeping and I rub one out?
In this pic Muk Muk was trying out being a blonde. I loved it cause it was like adultry without having to leave my own home. Plus her muff hair was still dark so I could call her a whore when we fought.
Check out Muk Muk's Badunka booty. It's like putting a tap in a barrel. Good to the last drop.
Here's another pic of Muk Muk's closet faggy family. These guys here were trying to explain in great detail how their family name is lost due to me 'stealing' their last female. They even made me an indecent proposal... Thirty-seven dollars a piece to try to get her pregnant. I almost accepted.
Muk Muk's chasity belt. I was so ready for eskimo sex I picked the lock with my dick. It worked, but I nutted in keyhole. No sex that night. But I felt great!
What a lovely woman my Muk Muk is. You wouldn't believe by looking at her that she likes to be violently ass fucked.
This is a picture of Muk Muk's family. They didn't want me to marry the only female in the family. Now reproducing is impossible for the Whaleskinners.
This is Muk Muk during her foot fetish phase. She was into feet real bad. I always had to splooge on her feet! It was crazy.
Muk Muk's 1st blissful smoke. Tobbacco changed her life!
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This is Jamonit Malcolm Malik Smith and his lovely wife, Shamalika Ramalama-Dingdong Smith. They're what we call 'blackskimos.' He's a fish cleaner and she helps spread the moose meat from car accidents.
This is the ghost we had at one time. It was the ghost of the bald guy's career from the band Aqua. After their popularity faded, his career haunted my house saying crazy stuff like: "C'mon, Barbie, let's go party!" and "I am the Candyman. Come in from Bounty Land!" What a creepy thing to have in your house.
HA! Look at Muk Muk's hair! This is the reason why she hated semen in her hair. Her hair was like this for 4 days and 9 washes. Steve, Ooo-soo, Charley, and I all circle jerked in her hair while she was sleeping. I've never seen her mad-er.
Muk Muk was in a tampon ad once. This was the pic they used with a caption that read: "Damn, Bitch! You're exploding blood! Try new Gentle Ride Tampons. You'll feel like your sitting on a giant Q-tip."
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