I'm a nice guy, but this page is dedicated to the people I can't stand, and some I even hate! Take a quick note of these jackasses so you can avoid them.
OOO! This little bastard! This little wanker is the first kid I've ever shot. That's what you get when you ride sleds down my hill! I'll shoot ya, damn it!
We call this wannabe cowboy a cock lovin' fag humper.. cause he does! He tried to slip a finger up my ass and stuck my ice pick in his hand.. I hear he's recovering nicely unfortunatelly.
These nine transexuals are in line for a rectal search and seizure. They call themselves, "Uber Anals" and I don't like them! Damn queers!
Damn lebo-ians! "Another women trying to a man's job!" My friend, Don, used to say. I hate their guy hair and tuna breath. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to watch 'em munch each other's fun tacos!
What's to like about fat people? They're sweaty, smelly, hungry, and take up most the air and space. Hey, Fatso, put down the popsicle stick and step away from equipment your fatness can't understand!
I hate these computer technicion nerds. This guy will whine about my mechabits, or megabytes while he eats Cheetos and sniffs stolen underwear! And most of 'em are fat too! Fix my computer and get your chubby, critical ass out of my house! And drop my wife's panties, Fucko!
Stupid, damned, magicians! You can't get much gay-er than pulling rabbits outta your ass and rows upon rows of condoms outta your mouth. Plus they have 'flashy' testicle grabbing hand motions. Oh yeah.. let's not forget the dick shaped 'Tinkerbelle' wand he carries.
F-A-G-G-O-T.. what's it spell? GAYBOB FUCK FACE! His fag lover asked him for a 'reach around'.. I told him off! I said, "I'll reach around you!"
Assholes! Dungeons & Dragons is bad enough at the damn dinner table! Don't act out your gay parade in my neighborhood!
I hate hookers.They crowd the downtown area and they're too expensive for my modest budget. This one time I was with one and I squeezed her tampon juices into my mouth while she rubbed old peanut butter in my butt crack.. The whole ordeal costs me $250!
I hate old shit.. Old stuff, old people, and even the old days! But this old lady could use a nice KY lube down. Fill in her wrinkles and close your eyes while you commence to force yourself on her. Cause her lazy, worthless ass is gonna die soon! One less person, one less stench.
I hate this uppity bitch! We make such a big deal about her. We grovel and bleed for this Home & Garden front page twat. Hell I remember when I had sex with her butt for six bucks and a warm poptart. This is our mayor by the way. Her name is Koont Niedsa Washing. Sloppy bitch.
I hate new inventions made from shitty old inventions.This is a pic of a gerbil ball for humans.WHY? Get a car you damn hippy! Gerbils are for little girls and fags..Why make a giant gerbil ball for humans? It's retarded!
Boys in junior high should not have double D's! Muk-Muk's a full curvy woman and she doesn't even have one D! And this little fucking 8th grade BOY does! WTF!
I hate Martha Stewart..
I hate when a plethra of ethnics hop into one tiny car like clowns and come to my area and steal my jobs! Why can't you cheap labor fuck faces get 2 or 3 cars? Are you too stupid? And don't smile when you stinky bastards get in your gay huddles and embrace each other for safety. Look at the pic! The ethnics are fags!
What are these yard clowns doing? I hate when people wear MAKE-UP and try to act tough. But these losers aren't even doing that much. They stole mommy's make-up to do yard work! Fucking morons! Are you trying to scare the groundhogs away with your gothic make-up? 
Oh, damn it! Trent Reznor has been shitting in my yard again! I hate that no toilet having mother fucker! Shit in your own damn yard, you fucker! Stupid dickhead. Die!
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Now meet someone I don't hate!
This is Francis Kokryder. I hate him. Therefore I call him,
The Crisco Cop! Why the hell would a policeman need to always carry a jar of Crisco? He's a FUCKING FAGGOT INMATE RAPIST! Gay man walking.. with a cock in his ass.
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