This is my EXTREMELY lovely mistress. Her name is Carla Bonita Cortez. She can suck a bowling bowl through a garden hose. Her ass can heal the retarded. She uses this finger to tickle guy's prostates.
When this car's rockin', dunn come knockin'. Because I'm having goofy eskimo sex with Muk Muk.
Halloween. I was the first straight jockey and she was a giant french tickler with toggle mode..
This is an old game. It's called: Telekanesis. It's a brain game.
This is the way gays greet each other. It's called a 'hug'. It's so pretty and cozy.. It also looks like jail time for this child molester.
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This is Su-Long Goote and his brother Squinty Monk. Their main source of income is baby bartering. They make you a swell offer on a full blooded white baby. And the going rate of baby meat is $8.49 a pound.
What a happy lil' guy! His name is Ooo-soo Crunchy. He loves steamed rice! But, in this pic he's eating ALL the donations at the local sperm bank.We told him he could fuck my mistress if he could do it without ralphing. You can tell by the smile on his face, he didn't mind it.
Look here. This guy steals fans and shit from EMperor Monkey's palace. What a crazy guy! This is actually Ooo-soo Crunchy.. His part time job is stealing fans.. His full time job is kidnaping kids for Su-Long Goote.
Damn Charley looks like shit in this pic! Charley isn't his real name..I call him that 'cuz of Vietnam. His real name is Fookin Keelme. I had him in my basement for almost 20 years. Muk-Muk made me get rid of him like she did with all my old shit.
This is Ms. Bulimia. She was the thinnest piece of ass I ever had. It was like screwing a clam in a vice grip! She died on this park bench.. Sitting like this.. So we got her corpse bronzed after we took all her organs out and sold them.
This is Sho Yu Rite. She's Battered Seal's nanny, tutor, hygenist, and my hot asian sub-serviant sex slave. Tie her up, put her in a cage high above the floor, and leave her there for several days.Then bring her down and she'll be so hungry she'll suck it 'til she gets a load of protein goodness!
This is an old cock pump.You put your dick in the hole and crank away 'til you can't crank no more. This lil' thing was my idea.
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This is Paul Mott. He enjoys traveling to far off Asian countries and finding little boys to have sex with. He convinces them he's going to adopt them, then whamo! He's on them like soy sauce on rice! Kind of a nut job, but at least he gives them a happy meal afterward.
Here's Chuck McCrackin. He's living proof that there can be love with multiple partners. His wives are proof that it's never too early to start having painful sex with older men who just want to use you.They're a happy threesome. very fucking illegal though. Crazy child screwin Chuck..
This guy is a talented dildo maker. In this pic he's making a huge fucking buttplug that my mistress is gonna sit on while we dog pile her. She's a real sport..Literally..
What a fat ass! This is Cedar Magee. He's a witch or warlock or something like that. He summons up jelly donuts and root beer probably. But he did help us get the career of the bald guy from Aqua out of our house. He's still a fat, crybaby, fucker though.
These are the infamous wall trolls. These two desperate fucks will take a shot in the mouth for $4 and a shot in the brown eye for $10.50. They're not gay.. just trolls!
Little stupid bastards! We told these kids that we had about $80 worth of tapioca in that cup. They paid us $65 for a cup of mine and Oo-soo's semen. They couldn't figure out what to do with it, so we got them to drink it.
Damn trolls! This is Gurgle the BJ troll. He lives in the mall behind the big water fountain. He acts like Golem from Lord of the Rings, except the cream ring's around his mouth. He don't even charge he loves nut that much. Damn trolls!
This Gurgle's father, Panwielder. He tries to live in the lake by my house. I don't want him in there polluting my lake. Here he is enjoying a plate of decayed bird, mud, and rocks. Mmm. Nutrious. Go fuck yourself if you feel sorry for the troll.
This is the troll carriage team. Sckrem and Pullem. They're much cheaping than a taxi, but they smell, they're slow, and they try to chew on you. Oh yeah, That's Pullem 2 by the way. I killed Pullem. Cause he got in the way of my dog sled.
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