Providing a Resource

Promoting increased knowledge of the aging experience.

The Utah Gerontological Society (UGS) was created to institute a productive partnership between older adults, multi-discipline professionals, educational institutions, students, government and businesses. UGS serves as a forum to increase knowledge about the triumphs and challenges of the aging process.

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By the year 2020, Utah's older adult population is expected to increase 102 percent
--a rate nearly 40 percent higher than the national average. In response to such growth, 
the Utah Gerontological Society (UGS), now boasts nearly 400 members in five states.

Fulfilling a Purpose

By bringing together individuals most impacted by the "graying of America" the 
Utah Gerontological Societystrives to meet the following goals and principles:

Encourage the exchange of ideas and information and facilitate
collegial relationships among its members

Promote the dissemination of gerontological knowledge

Advance public knowledge on issues related to aging

Help professionals establish a standard of excellence to guide the activities
and services in the aging field

Serve as a networking resource for people interested in or working with
the aging community


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