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Hello fellow Internet surfer and welcome to my home page. I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . and I hope that you'll stick around long enough to get to know just a little bit more about me and my life. After all, these days, acquaintances that begin in cyberspace are often the most real, vivid, and long-lasting - and maybe that will be true of us.

(I really feel honoured. Please visit the page infull.)

Vineet in Feb 2000.  Click to Enlarge

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My Background
I was born in the Indian Capital; New Delhi. I grew up in the central most locality of New Delhi - Connaught Place.
I had my primary school education in a nearby reputed school - Jain Happy School.
Add to this the fact that both my grandfather and my parents & other family members
were quite instrumental in moulding my style of thinking. It was certainly for good if not the best.
One thing I certainly feel is missing in todays' childrens' life is sports.
I vividly remember of having spent almost all my evenings in the playgrounds. But where are the playgrounds today for the children to play? Population in our country has taken its toll on childrens'all round personality development. It is therefore our duty to make useful contribution from our side.

Vineet in Feb 2000.  Click to Enlarge

And, before we go any further, just in case (not that I'm looking to get hired(not even for modelling assignments), but - just
in case you ARE my big break), here's My Resume(It has been updated in April 2006).
My Interests
I guess that the best - and fastest - way to really get to know me
is by discovering what I like. So here goes . . .
I love to play and cricket and football.
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I'm an avid reader of books on Economics, Business, Politics. Favorite books? (You can link to pages that detail your interests.)
My Personal Records
This is a photographic retrospective of my life to date -
as well as some samples from my upcoming articles and write-ups
(There is no need to mention that I do have a flair for writing as well.)
(I shall later link photos or sound samples that are important to me.)
Here are some of the topics that are of genuine interest to me
Another way to really get to know someone - especially someone who spends
as much time on the Internet as I do - is to learn their favorite sites:
Killer Supply Chains
Management Science and Theories
Economics and Politics in India.
Ramjas School No. 5, New Delhi.
National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai.
My Friends from NITIE, Mumbai.(about them & their photographs)

My latest Photographs for November 2003.

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