Welcome to WACO ANNIVERSARY: featuring Internet coverage of the annual memorial services at Mt. Carmel marking the Branch Davidian tragedy of 1993. Information on other aspects of the David Koresh standoff has been split off into a separate site.

I attended both the Charles Pace and survivor memorials last month, and hope to have a full report on the event soon.

In the meantime, I have added a handful of photos from last year's event; I have also worked on some of the 1994 transcripts.



A Day of Information: April 17, 1994: I have a list of speakers from this first year event, with some brief notes. (Frame version) version:8/31/00

All transcripts from 1994 are at first draft stage.


Memorial: April 19, 1995: Notes on this memorial. An interesting anniversary, because during the service news came in about Oklahoma City. (Frame version) version:9/27/00

WN Otwell: pastor, Heritage Baptist Church of Nacogdoches, Texas version:5/18/00
All other transcripts from 1995 are at first draft stage.


Memorial: April 19, 1997: I am working on a report on the anniversary four years ago. version:5/14/99 photo


Protest: February 27, 1998: A report on a demonstration in Washington, DC marking the ATF raid anniversary. version:8/13/00 photo

Memorial: April 19, 1998: I have transcribed and posted almost all of the speeches from the fifth anniversary. That page will link you to these transcripts. (Frame version) Individual speakers: version:1/18/00

Clive Doyle: Branch Davidian pastor 
David Hall: Associated Conservatives of Texas
#Included in transcript above. 
Ron Engelman: former KGBS radio show host 
His introductions also included with each individual speech. 
Jack DeVault: "The Waco Whitewash" 
DeVault prepared speech: Due to time constraints, he was not able to deliver all parts of it.
Jesse Enloe: Republic of Texas
Sarah Bain: forewoman, Branch Davidian trial 
alternate transcript by "Samuel Adams" 
Archie Lowe: Republic of Texas 
William Hanes: Third Continental Congress 
Mike McNulty: "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" 
James Brannon: attorney, civil suit 
Michael Caddell: attorney, civil suit 
Farris Rookstool: former FBI negotiator 
Not transcribed- #introduction by Engelman 
Ramsey Clark: former US Attorney General
Alex Jones: "The Real Spin" 
Gladys Ottman: Branch Davidian survivor

After leaving Waco in 1998, I went up and visited Oklahoma City. My other site has some reflections inspired by my Oklahoma City visit.


Memorial: April 19, 1999 Some notes on the memorial service six years ago. version:5/8/99 photo

Catherine Matteson: Branch Davidian survivor rough transcript, 9/6/00 photo


Memorial: April 19, 2001 Only one transcript is completed right now, that of Ramsey Clark:

Ramsey Clark: former attorney general version:7/23/01


Memorial: April 19, 2002 Some notes on the memorial service three years ago. version:8/30/02 photo


Memorial: April 19, 2005 A few pics from last year, more info to come. version:5/18/06 photo


Memorial: April 19, 2006 COMING... version:5//06 photo


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Invitation to Waco 2000 Come out to Waco for the seventh anniversary... seventh anniversary version 4/16/00