This part of my site is STRICTLY FOR DDR PERSONEL ONLY! If your not interested in ddr, then get out of this part of my site please, b/c you wont know anything that ill be talking about. If your reading this part of my site for fun, you'll become extremely bored. This is why you should not read this part of my site. You will not understand which means you'll get bored. If you'll get bored, then you'll complain to me, and when you complain to me, imma say "MOTHER UCKER! I HAD A WARNING AT THE VERY VERY BEGINNING OF THE PAGE!" And imma get really pissed off and never talk to you again, and you'll get extremely sad, and be like "aww mahn, francis dont like me no more..." TOO BAD BETCH!

So anyways...Welcome my fellow DDRers. I took out the ddr scale thing, b/c i thought it was stupid.

Here is the NoFlo team. Im gonna try to get pics of everyone so that everyone knows what everyone looks like.

Hugsby- Francis

Mistar NoFlo- Wayne

Sony- Alvin

Cronosaura- Jason

J-lom- James

Josswa- Josh

John John- John

Agent One- RJ/Rolly

Tony- Tony

Sean- Sean


Alvin and Wayne are the masters b/c they can S paranoia. I am just below them b/c even though i cant S it, i can always A it or B it. Also, when ddr first came here, i was the number one master. But now, these 2 have exceeded me. Wayne, me, and Alvin are also good b/c we dont concentrate on only being a score attacker or freestyler. We make up our own type of styles and stuff. Ex. Sumo style.

Note: Ill be soon making more of this part of my site, so if your a DDRer, then check this part once in a while to see if i have added anything.

Mahn, i havent been ddrin much lately. I kinda suck now. I can only get B's on paranoia ssr. Thats sucks. Oh well. Im going to get much much better. Do you know why? It's b/c NOW, at AL we have ddr 5th mix! BA BA BA BAM! Imma be ddring on that mug so much now. The machine better watch out, cuz francis is in da house!

OH SHOOT! Francis juss passed rythem and police maniac. And with a B! EASILY! If you dont know, thats good. But you SHOULD know b/c everybody in this section is a ddrer, and if your not, then GET OUT! You can come back once you've passed paranoia ssr without a partner.

Aww yeah, DDR comics. Thats cool. Too bad there are only 3. Oh well, enjoy.
Comic 1
Comic 2
Comic 3

I know that me and my friends have kind of had a little DDR team, but now i think its official. We are now NoFlo. We arent a hardcore DDR group er nuthin, we are juss a group of friends that DDR and are actually GOOD at it. Yeah, go NoFlo.

Oh dang, last nite, me and wyane had the BIGGEST crowd. It was the largest one i have ever seen. It was so tight though. And also, jason has become one of the best players. Do you know why? B/c last nite, he double "S"ed paranoia maniac! Thats what only masters can do. I was really close to "S"ing it also! I got one good, one boo, and like 1 miss. THAT IS GUDE! So much stuff happened last nite. Alvin played Kyle in MVC2, unfortunately, Alvin lost. Oh well, it was a good match. Okay, bye.

OMG! Tonite was honestly one fun azz nite! Me, Alan, Wayne, Stix, and Steve all went to orange park to sign up for the DDR tournement they're having next week. While we were there, we DDRed a little bit, and we were by FAR the best DDrers there. We had a HUGE crowd as well, and the people there were really really really nice. THEN we all go to the Adventure Landing they have there. oh my gosh, what a HUGE disapointment it was. The Adventure Landing in Orange Park is the most pitiful thing i have ever seen. And we went to check out they're 4th mix, and some FAGGOT guy wearing a "DDR Freak" (aka DDR fag) shirt is sitting there talk junk about how we play. The whole time me and my friends were playing, he was juss sitting there juss talkin a bunch of crap, and the whole time he hasnt played one song. After this gay azz incident happened, we were off to Dave & Busters. Unfortunately, we were too young to go in. But BEFORE we went to D&B, we went and saw the TIGHTEST cars ALL in this shogun minimall parking lot place. It was LITERALLY Fast and the Furious only in J-ville. Not only did we see them in the whole lot but also all over the roads. And on the way to get something to eat, these girls were in this silver eclipse with purple neons, and we kept up with them so that they could see us, and we could see them, you know? We went to McDonalds and we made breakin videos with their survailance cameras. Im saying EVERYTHING in the wrong order, so you can try Stix's site some time and he will probably have it all in the rite order. Oh yeah, we ALSO got pulled over by a cop for having one headlight, but that guy was really nice. Alrite, that enough for tonite. Later.

There was a DDR tournament on saturday dec. 1st. Here is what oddball (2nd place) had to say about it:

The tournament had a large turnout of ddr players to compete, practically overwhelming the staff at Aladdin's Castle who were putting on their first tournament ever. Registration had to be capped off at 50 people and the technical competition ran so long - past closing time - that the freestyle division was canceled. The format was a single elimination bracket system and people were randomly chosen to face each other. Competitors would Perfect Attack against each other on two songs - one chosen by each of them. Numerous teams came to play and showed themselves strongly with members from DDR Gators, Flipsidecrew, Next Generation, NoFlo, and maybe some others that I didn't hear about. On to the winners!

1st: Mistar NoFlo (Team NoFlo)
2nd: Oddball (DDR Gators)
3rd/4th: RailGunMirc (Next Generation) and Chris "Stix" (DDR Gators) [there was no dance off between them to determine placing]

Various prizes (stuff you could win with tickets at the arcade) went to the top ten competitors though of it was cash or tokens. However, some DDR players are now a bit closer to making themselves a household name and any tournament is good for improving interest in the game.

It was a bad tournament, and i want to give details about what Wayne did, but im too lazy. Maybe next time when i decide to update my site, then ill put it on here.