My Bio
Strictly DDR
I Like DDR

DDR info: I am pretty good at DDR. I can do SSR Paranoia and pass very goodly. Also rythem and police i can pass goodly too. DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution, if you don't know what it is, it is a game where arrows come up on a screen and you have to press the correct arrow on the dance pad that corresponds with the arrow that comes up on the screen. Look at me up there! Im bustin out "stomp to my beat!" Also a pic of me and wayne tearin it up. Special thanks to Stix, who hooked me up with the pics. If your interested in DDR or other bemani games, or you juss think your a hardcore asian that is good at ranking on people, then click chere.

Bboy: I am alright at breakdancing/bboying. I quit so I suck more than I used to. I know a thing or 3, but that's it. Above is a picture of my friend RJ busting out some windmillz in a puddle. He got 20 bucks for it. My friend Jin took the picture, and now this pic is all over the net. If you're a breaker, or wanna be one, then check out

BAND!: I LOVE BAND! You can learn more about Francis in band in the BAND section of my website. If you like band like me, then you should hit the fletcher band website. It tells a lot more about the band that im in, and names all the officers and stuff. This is where i got all my band pictures in the band section.

Paintball: I used to play paintball, but i dont anymore. I really really sucked, and i probably still do. I really liked it though. Its not all about going gunzooky at one area b/c you saw something move. You gotta be really strategic like, and have a brain. Yeah......okay done.

Cars: I like pimped out cars! Even though i dont know the names of a lot of cars, i like them. yeah....Heres a supra.

Chess: You may think im a geek, but i like to play chess. Im not the best player in the world, but i know how to play. All my friends are better than me at it, but oh well. I JUSS DONT GIVE A FUDGE!!!

Yo-Yo: I can yo-yo alrite. I know a thing or 5 about yo-yoing. Ive only yo-yoed for like 2 months, and i can do a bunch of tricks. I started when i was in 6th grade, but then i stopped for like 3 years. I hate it when people think their bad ass when they can bust out a baby's cratle. What the hell, how hard is a friggin baby cratle. Then i bust out like 5 brain twisters to a gyro to a man on the flying trapeez. I'm gonna stop now....i know a lot of you dont know yo-yo terminology.

MVC2: For those of you that dont know, MVC2 stands for marvel versus capcom 2. Im alrite at this game. I wanna get better, and i know a lot of my friends can own me in this game. But dont underestimate me. =)

Raving: Im pretty good at raving. I dont take beans or nuthin. I think i can manage without them. Drugs are bad.

Anime: I like Anime! Thats like my favorite kind of drawings, and movies, and cartoons and stuff. I like drawing anime too. Ill bust out some of me and my sister's drawings later on. Here is a pic of my sister's drawing of goku from DBZ. This is a for real drawing. No lie. If you punk bitches think im lying about her drawing this, then we're gonna fight. You dont believe me, you can look at the bottom corner, and you can see her name. BETCH! (She didnt trace this shet either! Mutha fugga!) Thanks to my Sis who drew it and put it on her site so that i could steal it.