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Here is a list of all the best sites on the 'Net dedicated to Anne Robinson and/or The Weakest Link. If you know any others, email me: bohemiauk@yahoo.co.uk

The Official Site 
Not bad. Better than NBCs site, but not as good as some of the unofficial sites. But it's official! Has some pictures of people wearing the mask!

NBC's Site  
A good site for American viewers. The official site, so it's okay!

The Anne Robinson Fan Club 
Offers pictures, sound clips, an interview, an exclusive game, and readers' letters to Ms Robinson.

The Weakest Link Online 
Offers many sounds and pictures.

The Weakest Link 
An excellent site, with a well-used forum, and lots of fun stuff. Find out why Anne is a no nob sinner!

The 100% Unofficial Weakest Link Site 
If you can cope with the irritating marquees, and can wade your way through the disjointed design, you'll find some really good information. The site is also the home of the 'Net's most popular Weakest Link webring. Nuff said.

The UK Game Show Website 
Provides a tounge-in-cheek look at the BBC show starring Anne Robinson.

You Are The Weakest Link Goodbye... 
We're told this one's under construction. A bit of a mish-mash of pictures and ads, but I'm sure you'll find your way round. Includes Anne's autograph!

The BBC Splash 
Just offers tickets to be in the studio audience at the mo. Note you must be 18 or over to be part of the studio audience.

The Times 
Anne writes a [very good] column in the Times' "Weekend" section an a Saturday. "Weekend" is under the Features menu, but you'll have to navigate yourself from there.

The Gameshow Page  
A US Weakest Link site. Not bad, but a garish colour (or should I say color?) scheme. Has episode summaries with some of Anne's best US putdowns (which are not as good as the UK ones). Smite the Americans, Anne! Smite them! Ahem..

Sir Linksalot  
A site with links to loads of Weakest Link sites, UK, US and Oz, with what seems like every news article ever written about The Weakest Link. An excellent resource! 10/10!

Quite a good site with plenty of relevant information - nice design too.

Chris' Place  
Not bad - an American site with some good information and some American news articles.

The Weakest Link Depository  
A really good site with plenty of pictures, videos and sounds from the British, American, German and Australian shows. Also has the DIFFUSION REMIX of The Weakest Link!

The Weakest Link Goodbye  
A bloody good site with some cool videos, sounds, and a new "Online Community" wihich seems quite good.

Tye Dye University  
Remember Scot Savage - the Tye Dye Guy from the American version of The Weakest Link ("Weakest Link")? Well this is his tye dye site, complete with pictures from his Weakest Link experience. Definitely worth a look!

Weakest Link Website  
Very new website - launched in November 2001, this site has daily updates and looks very promising. Also has a Weakest Link 'quiz'!

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