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Bring Back The The

You may have noticed on other The Weakest Link websites that a "Bring Back The The" campaign is underway. "What the hell is this?" I hear you cry! Here is the campaign in brief:

Originally, The Weakest Link was called just that - The Weakest Link. But a few months ago, producers droppend the "The", leaving the title of the show as Weakest Link. This infuriated die-hard fans of the show. We liked the the, and we want it back!

Why was it dropped in the first place?
No-one really knows. We think it was due to Americanisation. The US version is called Weakest Link, and the BBC changed the title of the UK show tpo fit in with that... we think. There may be another reason, perhaps even more ridiculous, but this is the only one we can think of.

You can read more about the campaign at The 100% Unofficial Weakest Link Site. Altennatively, email bohemiauk@yahoo.co.uk with your views or questions, and we'll answer them or pass them on to the people at the BBC (if they'll listen!).

How YOU can help
You could make your own posters ar t-shirts or other lovely campaign stuff. You must have seen the "Save Chip" campaign around. Try to copy that. Use one of the following slogans:

  • Bring Back The The!
  • Save The The!