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TWL Game out NOW!... Anne's Autobiography out NOW!... More specials coming up... Another Celebrity Special... Now the Welsh really are The Weakest Links!... Ratings perk up as NBC commision twice-weekly show in Autumn (Fall)... Geography is Anne's Weakest link SLUMP! Fight for Autobiography Rights... "Sack Robinson," say Welsh... Tarrant, you ARE the Weakest Link, goodbye!... Robinson is Poor Role Model... Anne Robinson Looks For America's Weakest Link... Robinson To Quit Watchdog... more news as we get it! You ARE the Weakest Link, goodbye!

Virtual Anne Robinson...
The Weakest Link 3D interactive game for PC and Playstation is out now. It has hit the top of the Playstation chart - beating the second Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game. The Weakest Link for Playstation 2 (PS2) will follow shortly. Nip to Amazon to buy it!

Anne's Autobiography
'Memoirs of an Unfit Mother' by Anne Robinson is out now. Go and buy it!

More Specials!
The BBC is planning more Weakest Link specials - one in which all team members work in the same office, and another in which all team members are millionaires! If you want to apply to be on these shows, see the BBC website for further details!

Another Celebrity Special...!
It has been reported that the BBC has filmed an all-comedian celebrity special of The Weakest Link. Look out for it on your (television) screens in the next few weeks/months! Apparently, Anne was 'Not impressed' with some of the comedians' backchat!

Now the Welsh really are The Weakest Links!
The BBC is planning an 'All Welsh' special of the Weakest Link in which nine Welsh contestants will face Anne Robinson. The special show follows Anne's (not so recent) Taffbashing on Room 101. Another special Family Edition is also being planned, in which all of the contestants will be members of the same family.

US Ratings Perk up - twice a week!
The ratings of the American version of The Weakest Link ("Weakest Link") have levelled out. After a dramatic slump a few weeks ago, viewing figures have improved, so much so that NBC has decided to put the show out twice a week, starting this Autumn ("Fall"). Apparently, it'll be up against Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (tsss). And we all know which is the better show... 24/05/00 (05-24-00)

Geography is Anne's Weakest link
It seems that Anne Robinson would be The Weakest Link's worst contestant - and she is the first to admit it! This report comes after a talk-show in America, in which she made a geographical blunder, saying that Ireland is part of Great Britain. "Why have you been on Millionaire for half an hour and do not know that Ireland is part of Great Britain?" she said, describing what people thought as they watched the Who Wants to be a Millionaire. "It is a bit slow," she went on, without correcting her error. She admitted she would be "hopeless" on the Weakest Link. "Because it is not the sort of trivia which I collect. JC 18/05/00

Ratings Slump in USA
OH dear. Last week, the American version of Weakest Link pulled in around 15 million viewers. This week it has fallen to only 7.1 million. Not much else to say, but it looks like it's Stateside popularity is falling...

Auction for Anne's Autobiography
IT has been reported that four major New York publishing houses are bidding for the rights to publish Anne's autobiography "Memoirs of an Unfit Mother".
ANNE is expected to earn a six-figure sum in any deal, the value increased due to the success of The Weakest Link in America.
MEMOIRS of an Unfit Mother will be published in the UK later this year. 25/04/01

"Sack Robinson," say Welsh
THE comments Anne Robinson made about The Welsh on "Room 101" on Monday night (5th March) have caused much uproar. Although the BBC and Ms Robinson's husband and manager, John Penrose said the comments were meant in a light-hearted, jolly way and were not meant to cause offence, the Welsh Assembly has threatened to take legal action against Ms Robinson and the BBC, saying her comments were "racist", also suggesting that she should be sacked immediately.
MS Robinson was unable to comment herself. The BBC apologised to Welsh viewers, though have not yet apologised to French viewers after Des Lynam put The French into Room 101 two weeks earlier. 07/03/01

Tarrant, you ARE the Weakest Link... goodbye!
THE Weakest Link has become the first programme ever to beat ITV's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in audience ratings. This Monday when the two programmes went head-to-head, The Weakest Link had 10 million viewers, compared with Millionaire's measly 7.5 million. Lorraine Heggessey, BBC1 controller said, "This confirms The Weakest Link is phenomenally popular." 16/02/01

Robinson is "Poor Role Model"
IT HAS recently been claimed that Anne Robinson encourages bullying in school playgrounds, due to the nature of her quiz show, The Weakest Link. Prof. Valerie Lamont, a child psychologist said, "Anne Robinson is a poor role model. She is agressive and humiliates contestants. Children see this and transfer the beheviour... into their own world." Prof. Dieter Wole demanded a parental warning at the beginning of the show, saying, "Children need to be warned that this is a game". However, a BBC spokesman said, "It is obvious that The Weakest Link is a game show". 14/02/01

Anne Robinson Looks For America's Weakest Link
ANNE Robinson, presenter of hit BBC quiz show "The Weakest Link" is set to present the show in the USA in a deal said to be worth £15million. The short series is due to be recorded and broadcasted later this year, is a big move for Anne, making her the first ever British presenter of a US game show. There was competition from an American, however - the winner of the US Big Brother style series, Richard Hatch, was also lined up to be presenter. It is uncertain whether or not Hatch will play a lesser role. Mrs Robinson is said to be "delighted" about landing the job. 10/02/01

Robinson To Quit Watchdog
IT HAS been announced that Anne Robinson will leave the post of lead presenter of the BBC consumer affairs show, Watchdog later this year due to pressures of recording The Weakest Link in the UK and US. As yet, there is no date set for Anne's departure. 10/02/01