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In the last few days, Union Pacific has had several accidents within miles of my home!  To my knowledge, no injuries were reported, at least I hope not.  However, I am very pleased over the situation and I'll tell you why.

On 8/10/2006, I had a conversation with a lawyer about a settlement conference over my Fathers' death.  I was told it would take four to six weeks to "set it up".  Well, do the math and six weeks have come and gone and I haven't heard a peep about the 'settlement' conference.

Why, you migh ask, is very simple:  Union Pacific "thinks" they can afford to put it off until I am so desperate that I feel I
HAVE to accept the crumbs the "law" states is all my Fathers' LIFE is/was worth!!  If you think about it, it IS a very sound strategy.  If all I cared about was a little bit of money and only myself, it probably would work in their favor.  The problem is, I am JUST as concerned about doing the RIGHT THINK as I am about the money.

No company, organization, business, goverment, or individial should be allowed to take an individuals life, either by direct action or as in this case, thru strictly calculated monetary 'savings' which dictate substandard conditions to prevail over genuine safety concerns, without having to "pay the price" for their

So, I sit here, agonizing over the "unknown" and at the same time, feeling quite good that
KARMA is trying to tell the railroad they had better "do the right thing"!!

Only time will tell if Union Pacific has the intelligence to look beyong their greed and see they are wrong and correct the situation.  If it were up to me, I would hope I had the intelligence and compassion to "do the right thing", but I'm betting Union Pacific is too stupid and/or greedy to figure it out!  Hell, even if they checked their own statistical data, I'm betting they lack the ablility to make the connection between their greed and the 'accidents' they are experiencing!!

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