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Playing the Irish Tin Whistle (also known as the "penny whistle") is a wonderful way to experience the unique beauty of Irish/celtic music.  The tin whistle is a musical instrument that is relatively easy to learn to play at beginning levels and is inexpensive and portable.   Learning how to play the tin whistle can be a challenge, however, especially for those who do not have musical training and/or who do not live near a community of Irish musicians to provide the hands-on guidance and instruction that is so integral to the "old ways" of traditional irish music.

As a beginning tin whistle player, I struggled with finding the resources I needed to learn how to play, and I've created The Whistle Annex to share the information I've found that may be helpful to other beginning tin whistle players including links and reviews of tin whistle books, printed tutorials, online tutorials, tin whistle teachers, as well as information and suggestions about how to practice, how to find tin whistle sheet music / tunes to play, and how to find traditional irish music sessions in your area.

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