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 have just surfed into my personal homepage... “The world of Suman Banerjee”.   This page is not of any academic or professional interest. If you want to relax for sometime,   then this page is for you. This page will tell you about my stories...some of them you know,   some of them you don’t.

  Let me help you to draw the sitemap of this page. There are some general information about   me, my family, friends, education and other   details. My Travelogue will give you my travel   details in a nutshell. Travel is one of my passionate hobbies and I have tried to recollect some   of the sweet memories of my past travels. You can discover many special moments of my life,   my family and friends in my Photo Gallery.

  So...this is the page all about. Last but not the least; appreciate your comments and feedback   about the page. Please sign my guest book before you leave.

  Happy reading !!!

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