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ADL 122 - Fuorilegge
ADL 122 - L'angello Della Mort
Aggressive Force - Time For War
Angry Aryans - Miscellaneous
Arresting Officers - Land and Heritage
Arresting Officers - Patriotic Voice
Aryan - Where Iron Eagles Fly
Attack - Kill Your Fear
Avalon - Heritage
Avalon - Our Honour Is True
Avalon - This is War
Before God - Under The Blood Banner
Before God - Wolves Amongst The Sheep
Berserker - Crush The Weak
Berserker - Voice Of Our Ancestors
Better Dead Than Red - A Better Land
Blue Eyed Devils - Retribution
Blue Eyed Devils - Murder Squad
Bound For Glory & Brutal Attack - Bound For Attack
Bound For Glory - Last Act Of Defiance
Bound For Glory - Hate Train Rolling
Bound For Glory - Never Again
Bound For Glory - Over The Top
Bound For Glory - The fight goes on
Bound For Glory - Warrior's Glory
Bound For Glory - When the hammer falls
Brigad Wotai - Sverige I Brand
Brutal Attack - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Brutal Attack - Battle Anthem
Brutal Attack - Keeping the Dream Alive
Brutal Attack - When Odin calls
Brutal Attack - White Pride White Passion
Carl Klang - Extremist
Celtic Warrior - Defeat Never Victory Forever
Centurion - Fourteen Words
Day of the Sword - Ear to Ear
Day of The Sword - Hail victory
Das Reich - Triumph Of The Will
Dirlewanger - Rocking For The Golden Race
Dirlewanger - Unity Of Honour
Division S - Attack
Division S - Hate
ENDUPDEAD - ...and the hell followed them
Excalibur - Auri sacra fames
Faustrecht - Blut, Schweiss Und Tränen
Final Solution - White Revolution
Final War - Glory Unending
Forced Reality - Forced Reality
Fortress - Fires Of Our Rage
Fortress - The Bell Tolls
Freikorps - Raritaten
Fyrdung - Vedergällning
Germania - Illusion
Gestapo - Heil dem Führer
Griffin - From The Heart
Hated and Proud - Let Freedom Reign
Hate Society - Sounds of Racial Hatred
Heroes - Devils Game