AS THE ECONOMY TURNS is an ongoing weekly diary of links to and comments about publicly available information concerning our economy.  You should be able to click on the items printed in
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There are at least two important points to note with these stories.  First, many of the statistics in the economy are closely interwoven and one cannot really fully understand the texture of any one thread without considering the whole cloth.  Secondly, the numbers refer to statistics about the past, which is finished, not the future, which is what we need to learn about to make our business decisions.  For that, we need to learn statistics, which uses the data from the past to make forecasts of the future.

GDP Report (End of month  release date)
Unemployment/Employment Repor
t (First Friday release date)
Consumer Prices
(Mid-Month release date)
Producer Prices
(Mid-Month release date)
Note on Employment Situation Report Questions
(June 12, 2003 entry)
Labor Productivit
y (quarterly release dates)
Money Supply Data from the Federal Reserve (Updated Weekly)

The following are cranky links to Census Bureau Reports which may be of some interest.  Unfortunately, the simple links do not always work. Instead, you may be sent to a Census bureau index page.  To short-cut the baloney, just copy the address shown below after the link and paste it for your browser to use.  that seems to work fine.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Poverty and Insurance Coverage Report from Census Bureau August 2005 Press Release
The address is:

Inventory Report/Census Bureau
The address is:

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