Tramping is a Huge urban sport that has blown up on the underground scene of the world.

Tramping was created by none other than local celebrity Mike Passion. Passion created the sport due to his hatred of Physical Education lessons at school when the class had only 5 minutes on a trampoline each. From this, Mike Passion used his initiative and created a sport that involved the principles of trampolining on the ground. This was a huge success with all the poor people who coudn't afford trampolines.

Now a global phenomenom Tramping is now scene as the new trampolining.


The rules of tramping are simple and involve the person competing jumping up and down like they are on a trampoline. Whilst doing this they must perform tricks while keeping their stride jumping.

Within a competition a Tramp is expected to jump and perform tricks for 30 seconds. It is best to perform the Tramps greatest tricks they have in their book, as there is tough competition.

The clothing requirements for the sport depend on how high the Tramp can jump and what tricks they perform. If they jump high or perform the maneouvres such as the Back Flip and the Front Flip, then it is best to wear a helmet as well as knee pads and elbow pads.

Health and Safety

It is best not to perform any of the tricks that are featured on any of the pages that are on this website as they may lead to injury or death.


Any of the moves that have appeared on this website that look or have the same name or look as any other thing is just coincidence.

Any of the people that have appeared on this website that look or have the same name or look as anything is just coincidence.


1) Straddle

2) Tuck Jump

3) Pike

4) Seat Drop

5) No Footer

6) One Footer

7) Grope

8) Back Tuck

9) Swivel Hips

10) Busted Jump

11) Star Jump

12) Heel Kicker

13) Front Flip

14) Back Flip

15) 180

16) 360

17) 540

1) Mike 'Passion' Chatten

2) Matt 'Penguin' Taylor

3) 'Just' Jon Wenn

4) Adam 'Gotta diddy' Coombes

5) Dan 'Syndrome' McConaghey

6) Sarah Taplin

7) Dave 'The Rave' Haynes

8) Sam Sexton

9) Pete Barber

10) Pete 'Hamish' Gallagher

11) Billie 'The Shoe' Fisher

12) James Jones

13) Will Canning

14) Evan 'tually' Chiswell

15) Candice Hibbard

16) Reza 'lution'

17) Kirk 'The Crusher' Gibson