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Welcome to the replay site that needs no introduction...if you havent had one of the PubSIuts sit on your face and scream "imbalance" by now then obviously you play too much RT.

Recent News in The Daily PubSIut

Wednesday Dec 14: Chinese_PubSIut
WHUTS CRACKIN ASSHATS!?!? Been a long ass muthafukin time between replay updates am i rite? Well, turns out its gonna be abit longer, cos i guess since we havnt posted a replay in months, nobody sends us anything anymore :( So we have no current replays in the Inbox, if you want a replay posted, send me in something good and ill post it up soon :) I say we demand Yeolde come out of retirement and post some damn replays, even if it is of him playing 2v2 RT. good lookin out guys :)

Wednesday July 5: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Got a old school special right here, dunno if you crackers remember R(y)O & Fluffyturtle, but i do, used to game with these fools back in the good old days and got 4 games from them right here for you noobs tonight. Grab those right here... Download the replays . Got a nice email from garg, here is a quick transcript, lol....

You have been sent this email from GarG.abUse via the "Report this post to a moderator" link.
Topic: I'm back
nihor is a FAGGOT
The team.

Well, thats it for another update. Take it ez fools

Wednesday June 22: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Been a long time since update crackers, mind you, there isnt alot to update with, replays have slowed up pretty badly, but tonight i found a bunch in there from dat nigga zero so gonna post em up here... Download this crackers replays . Anyways how you fags been? still lovin the cock? good shit. o i got myself a new car and shit cos the motor blew up in my old one! was funny shit. throw me a msg on the boards crackers, peace out for now. Enjoy the replays and nag yeolde till his 54yo ass does something! (yeah he had a bday! Pics of him and some old ass strippers will be posted soon. its a very saggy affair)

Tuesday May 17: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Okays, got some replays for that ass tonight, got a bunch of rotan replays he posted on tha forums, im just gonna link here and also got afew beverage games, no that whore didnt retire ok? The rotan replays can be found here... Download Rotans Replays. And tha beverage games can be got right here... Download Bev's replays. Got quite afew in the inbox, and our extra replay staff, Starhack and Garg.Abuse arnt doing jack squat, if you wanna do a guest replay update pls throw me a PM on tha boards. Later nuggas!

Tuesday May 4: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Got a bunch of games from bev(i thought that nugga retired)erage to stick up tonight. 6 to be exact. Cant get somewhere to host tha audio i done, so ima prolly just post the replay next update. Anyways, tha replays can be found here... Download the Replay paxor haxor. Thats about it for me im afraid, oh and be sure to stop by the forums for a nice close up of pinkprincesses cleavage! waiting on Teh.Princess to step up and be a little more daring with her next photo shoot now! come on leila, u know u wanna :D

Tuesday April 13: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? 4 replays up in the RoC replay section with alot more goodness to come, tonights update is a 3 game set between Nihor and Anialator for some orc v elf goodness with some pretty cool chat in the game on Frostsabre, funny shit and also a game with Rivers vs Merlin for all your abom desires. For next update, i just had to do a audio commentary of a game between Rotanimod and iamnoob so gonna post that up along with and a 3 game Beverage pack shortly (yeah we know that nugga retired but we dont care) Untill next time whores. Peace.

Tuesday April 6: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Droppin by to drop off a bunch of replays, there is 3 games with Nihor v Merlin, looking for merlin to send in some where he wins soon :) Got Beverage's 1st game back in 3 months, a Hatchi vs Ken[cotn] custom and sum dude i havnt heard of before playing like bei used to... almost :) with nice surrounds w/o sleep, very impressive. All this and much much more to be found in tha RoC replay section. so go grab those all, Nihor sent in almost 100 replays so we get around to those eventually :) but for now thats it for me, im out. later all.

Tuesday March 30: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Just gonna drop off afew replays before gettin sum sleep, afew norma games and a nice Human mirror match which you can grab right here .. Download the Replays bitches. Also we got some fanmail today from a regular of the site which i thought id like to share with you guys. Ahem ..
Thx alot for that, much appreciated, here is your reply.. We appreciate your email but .. Okays, thats it for me, im out. later all.

Wednesday March 23: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? A bunch of games posted up today, i checked em all out last night, they all good shits. 5 Games sent in from Happy420 you can get right here .. Download the Replays bitches There some good shit in there including a 2v2 game with 3 humans and a monster MK/Pally. Also, incase that aint to your liking we also got a bunch more games zipped into a pax which includes games with Anuity vs Masterphonebook, Zero.Cool vs Happy and Mr.Footie(NJ) vs Rotan and u can grab those right here....
Download the Replay pack whores Okays, thats it for me, im out. later all.

Download the Replay bitches
Sunday March 13: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? Got Starhack's new update in the mail today, there is 7 solo games in the Roc Replay section. I hear reggins has put his hand up for replay duty? about time he got off his lazy ass and did something around here. Anyways, gonna let Star take it from here...

First things first: I'd like to give a few shout outs to mah niggaz on teh pubsiut forums:
proLoser- sup?
zer0- i own you
oh and i'd also like to say reggins is a nerd, and matt stfu he's a nerd. ty. k that's all

whatup fans? Finally, fucking finally some replays that are not from no name, no skill, noob ass fucks who send in replays with out a description vs some no name fuck who lucked his way to 3-0 so you think you're good. 52 begged me to include some of my games so there will be a few in this one too. enjoy nubz

Tuesday March 1: Chinese_PubSIut
Whuts crackin asshats? just dropping off afew replays late on a tuesday night here. 3 games upped to the RoC replay section. Unfortunatly, i couldnt watch em because my brother has my WC3 CD's and is asleep so i cant fire up the game. but here they are anyways. Expect an update from Garg and another from teamhack shortly. peace all.

Sunday, Febuary 27: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. Quick update for a sunday afternoob. 2 replays which u can grab right here .. 2 Reps whores.
Just waiting on another Update from Teamhack, i assume he will be doing another one ... if not he is a lazy, lazy prick :) enjoy ur weekend nubs

Friday, Febuary 11: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. Got Teamhack's update sorted out after renaming, wrong files and general all round noob stuff from the guy who only knows 2 things about a computer, that is how to load warcraft and how to load a maphack. here is whut he has to say about his update... "sup noobs, finally getting some replays for your worthless ass. two games sent in by CaLdWeLLKiD, 1 vs Badfart, 1 vs sTaRnoOb, we also have 2 games from the best orc alive, RoTaN, althought I didn't really understand his style of play, no wyvs? at ease noobs" So there ya go, proof that even a complete noob can do an update! who's next to step up? enjoy teh replays whores.

Sunday, Febuary 6: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. Got 4 norma-jean replays in the RoC replays section for ya, just waiting on a proper file from TeamHack for his 1st update but for now these will tide you over till then. Later bitches.

Tuesday, January 19: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. Got 3 games upped today and i only got 10 minutes for this so they all zipped up together and u can get em right here 3 game pax These games are from Norma-Jean, Sir.Jake and StarCraft. Btw i seen the Norma vs bei game. Norma doesnt want me to post it, i think it was pretty damn good. Make a petition on the forums to Norma for him to let us post it :D Im out noobs. laters. *edit* Game between Bei and Zero from replayers can also be found Right fukn here

Thursday, January 14: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. got 6 games upped tonight so u know WoW servers are down again :) a couple of old games in muh inbox from AngelOfLight and some games from Gopula on his human aka FS.Rusi. To those that sent some reps dont worry we will get to them, got afew big packs from some people i wanna post up but just waitin on getting some more webspace which wont be too long. Peace all.

Sunday, January 9: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays assmunchers. Got a nice update today including : 1 game which is right here .. Zero Also got 3 norma-Jean games which are right here .. Norma and 2 R(Y)O games which are right here .. Ryo. And thats about it for me. have a good Sunday afternoob!

Friday, December 31: Chinese_PubSIut
3 updates in a day you just know my WoW isnt working, im gettin spammed with mad fatal errors since the last patch. Oh wells there is 6 replays upped in the RoC replay section, figure you noobs will want something easy to do when u wake up with a hangover tomorrow. Couple of Norma games a Bev game and 2 133tness vs Ken games, all in the RoC replay section. later all. HF tonight

Friday, December 31: Chinese_PubSIut
Just a quick post, in the forums people have been askin about a replay program, there is a nice one called WG3Master which you can download here .. W3GMaster Laters nubs.

Friday, December 31: Chinese_PubSIut *AUDIO COMMENTARY*
Thats right assface, Uber whore the pimp has been put to work this week doing 2 audios in the one week as he should every week. This time its on a 2v2 AT, played on Golems in the mist played out between *to quote Uber* "featuring a dual orc team/dual TCs taking on teh cheese that is elf ranged and human tri hero caster and the quote of the game;" what a sad fuck" hahahah!! " What more neeeded to be said? Oh yeah, where to get it, which is right here... Audio 11. This really is the only way to ring in the new year, so ladies, as it nears midnight and u begin to countdown, throw on the audio to listen to the sweet sounds of Uber whore and maybe it will help you picture him a little better as the countdown reaches 11:59
And im out bitches, have a great night all and make suuuure u get some!

Tuesday, December 28: Chinese_PubSIut
Okays, Turns out the WoW server has gone down for its regular maintenance for afew hours so in teh meantime we got 3 games in the RoC replay section. a best of 3 showgame series between 2 regular forum spammers, Orc hero Nihor and the skilled random player nR.Gopula, also thrown in is a 3's game me and some mates played with lotsa stomp to it :) enjoy teh games.
Oh and if you saw the Uber Whore audio commentary, leave the man some feedback on the forums. shit was funny as hell and he needs his feedback!

Friday, December 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut *AUDIO COMMENTARY*
Suffering from premature ejaculation? Well turn the whole situation and that frown upside down and have you and your partner completely forget about how much you suck in bed! Yes just both of you sit there with your adult diapers and laugh your ass off as you behold the king of audio commentaries Uber Whore with his Xmas Special (if your religion does not celebrate Xmas then just call it Audio Commentary 10) Anyway the forum from which you can download the replay can be found RIGHT HERE FATHER FUKKERS (dont be a noob and right click save as here, just left click on noob? oh and have a merry fukkin syphillis!)

Thursday, December 23: Chinese_PubSIut
Sup santa, got 5 replays upped in the RoC replay section for you festive noobs. been a while since i posted cos i been real busy playing WoW flat out :D Anyways enjoy the replays and have a merry fukn christmas and a herpies new year.

Monday, December 20: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
Just real quick update = 3 games from nR.GopuLa , be sure to watch the game vs SureHumanIsImba. RoC replays section bitches. Im out for some more WoW.

Wednesday, December 15: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
Well i was supposed to get World of Warcraft today but everywhere is fukn sold out so i thought i'd throw up some games, doesnt look like much but theres quite a lot of games.

  • a nice collection of non-cheese games from myself 52
  • 5 games of DaVsTeR- abusing his ass off as usual
  • Zer0.Co0L finding things getting a bit close for comfort
  • WinningIsMyGame cruisin thru Azeroth in his Mr Plow truck going through everything in his path
  • STF-KenMasters vs 420)After-Cock
  • Ye_Olde's Xmas Mix: also got a whole bunch of replays thrown into a 1 replay pack, kind of an early christmas present for all you crackerous well you know.....we got poRco and another wetback getting his ass handed to him and being bad mannered, we got GarG.aBuse getting owned twice, we got Rathias getting raped, 100BarsAndHooks's hackin ass getting reamed real nice, shit current #1 Stupid1 getting assassinated off the top.......damn too much to list!!

    In Other News: Davster is going to be my nigg@ slave and work his ass off as a Miner in WoW and give me all the goods :D

    Sunday, December 9: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey ho whores, got 3 replays upped in the RoC replay section for a lazy sunday afternoob, so go grab those and check em out. and thats pretty much it for me, laters.

    Thursday, December 9: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey ho whores, got 3 replays upped in the RoC replay section, also for you noobs that dont use the forums, there is a VoD by 52YearOldVirgin which ill link right here ... 52 Still stabbin! Also afew people been askin about Replay informer so ill link that right here ... Informer and thats it for me noobs, laters.

    Wednesday, December 1: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Out of pity for all those long distance America to Australia phone calls that GarG.aBUse has been wasting his whole paycheck on, nagging me to post his replays. So here they are, a fat replay pack from GarG.aBUse (no doubt all games he won) for all of GarG's fans, and just for the hell of it to stir up some shit i also compiled a GarG.aBUse Losing replay pack for all of his haters. Please note there is a considerable size difference in these replay packs.
    EDIT: just upped a very nice 2v2 for everyone, gogogo grab it in the RoC replays section, this is no ordinary 2v2 !!!!!!!

    Tuesday, November 30: Chinese_PubSIut *AUDIO COMMENTARIES*
    Hey pricks!! Couple of audios upped tonight for your midweek fix. a 1v1 and a 2v2 game. both pretty cool, sit back and listen as i rave on about defend footies and master bears and shit in the 1v1 and laugh your ass off as a FS gets lvl 3 coil + lvl 3 bolted within half a second on Gnoll wood in the 2v2 game you can grab those right here .... Xel.Sophos Vs Joe (1v1) and right here ... JF-NoobKnight & JF-Faggotness Vs JF-Deathknight & AngelOfLight (2v2) after u watched em feel free to leave me some comments, either bag the shit outta me, gimme some ideas for the next one or suck my cock right here in the forum ... Comments whores. Enjoy teh audios noobs. Peace. Oh and a big thanks goes out to Uber Whore, the master commentary maker for giving me some space to host these shits.

    Sunday, November 28: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey bitches! 4 games upped today, couple of solos and a 2v2 game in there. Since rtfm has left us, we gota zip the replays again, sorry for the pain in the ass that comes with that. I made another geocities account to host replays on so the site's bandwidth should be ok too. Only problem is i got 2 audio replays all ready to go and nowhere to host em :/ if anyone got some webspace and would be willing to let us use it to host them, send us a email or msg me on the boards. enjoy the replays and keep sluttin.

    Saturday, November 27: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey bitches! Couple more games upped tonight. 2 games from team CHOBOCHOBOCHOBO and randomnoobhacker, obviously they win atleast one because their team is 127-1. but do we have that one loss? i think we do niggles, also we got a nice little FFA for something different from the normal, we dont get many ffa's here and this one is pretty cool. anyways, thats it for me, im out, and remember if u cant take it easy, take it sleazy! peace whores.

    Friday, November 26: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey whores! 5 great games up today, sorry for tha lack of updates, been really busy. all the games upped today are real nice though. so go grab em, u know where from and have a good weekend!

    Sunday, November 21: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Seems a certain 15 year old e-thug online gangster/bodybuilder cant handle a couple of losses from yours truly, and cracked a little tantrum...i dont know if its the steroids kicking in or whether the boy has just reached puberty....something the PubSIuts may never know.....

  • STDBOYS vs YOUWINWELOSE + Good_Nite-Rain
  • STDBOYS vs Trapman[nb] + MoonChallanger

    Anyway two games - hot of the press, everyones favourite 2v2 team the STDBOYs, with a guest appearance from Beverage playing as CRABS.........well actually, today they turned out to be the VIRGIN BUSTERS, giving a couple of 100% whores there first losses.....grab em from the RoC replays section.

    Sunday, November 21: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey whores! Drama drama drama. big hastles for some reason with RTFM who hosts our replays, dunno exactly what happened but i think something to do with playing some 1v1 custom games vs YeOlde or something, anyways Couple of Ken[Cotn} replays today. just grab em from the front page right here... Ken replays cos im to lazy :) Peace noobs.

    Tuesday 16th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey whores! No replays tonight im afraid, cos i just dont have time, but hey, whatever happened to just fallin in love with a nigga with a bus pass? Got a little something for some of you, i know this is a RoC site, but most of us got TFT anyways. this is for those of you that like campaigns, its a dwarven campaign and its pretty high quality, made for 1.17 FT, you can grab it here.... Dwarven campaign . Asides from that, it turns out we got some powerfull allies on the fix RoC petition guys.. check these out ..
    John Kerry: Fellow citizens of America, I come to you in dreaded news. There was once a time in my life where I played RoC. I loved the game. It was fun. But then the amm changed. And I changed. So people of America. VOTE FOR 1.14 AMM
    TillerMaN: Hello Fellow Battle.Net Players. Yes I am The Real TillerMaN. And maybe If you reset the AMM to the 1.14, when i was playing, then maybe I will come back to FT instead of playing Poker. Thank You
    The King Of Undead: ahhh skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet!! fix the amm and skeet
    Sadam Hussien The Sprit of Sadam Hussien Will haunt you blizzard if you do not fix this amm.

    Cool shit ey? till next time whores. peace out. PS. i found 5 minutes and its a rush job, but 4 human replays in the RoC section, so much for the bus pass eh?

    Tuesday, November 15: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Single player > View replay > JF-Deathknight.w3g = LOL please hurry up and retire you noob. Anywayz these replays are all fairly old, so no complaints please, they been sitting on my computer for like a month now, but regardless here they are.....

  • 52YEAROLD Invisible Mortar Teams?
  • STDBOYS steamrolling 2 USWest x Range Craft teams
  • My grandma vs uGc.Hawk
  • Rotanimod ? + Revolution vs Clan FZP + Ally
  • AngelOfLight vs CaldwellKid
  • AngelOfLight + The Greatest Undead player on Azeroth vs CaldwellKid + Cal_Invite
  • Porco + Goetz vs AngelOfLIght + The Greatest Undead on Azeroth
  • Affz + GG_Leave vs YesIdo + UHaveaBabyDik
  • Lose.Abuse + SweetNix- vs UnUnHexiUm + UnUnQuadium
  • Warper + NotUs vs RangeCraft Noob #1 and Elf-Of-The-Isuckbecauseallidoismassrange

    In Other News: What are you asking Santa for Christmas this year? Personally, i want it to be for JF-DeathKnight to go to Korea so i can watch him on those VoD's of that korean warcraft tv channel and watch how he probably does full body stretchs before the game and just the look on his face when he gets bent over the table by some 12 year old asian, screaming for mommy daddy and angel....

    Sunday 14th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey whores! Been sorta busy lately, got myself a job and shit and it was my 26th B'day yesterday, damn im old >.< Anyways Posted 5 games today, all from Hachi and Ken on the Europe server, they pretty cool so go grab those. you must see the harvest moon game!

    Wednesday 10th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup cum-rags? Bunch of replays posted in the RoC replay section, had afew hack replays takin up space in my inbox so check those out to see hackin noobs like fantom, clan-MoP and ROC2-BIGDIK gettin the dick, also threw in afew merlin games i had hangin around even tho i swear i posted oster vs merlin, looks like i havnt, enjoy those noobs. Next audio will be up soon too. at ease noobs.

    Tuesday 9th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hey slutface! Got my lazy ass a little program from Uber Whore and he said once i make a audio, he will make one. so here it is. Its a game with Beverage vs ROKA, its a little fun and a little different from your standard elf vs elf game. you can DL the audio and replay .. here.. Audio Commentary and leave any comments you like right here... Comments . So have a listen and let me know what you think, i have another commentary done, if you guys like this ill post it up. Oh one thing, start the game at the 1:30 mark, even tho i think i say 1 minute. enjoy, laters guys.

    Sunday 7th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Sup hobags? Just droppin off 4 replays tonight couple of 1v1's and a RT game on Euro. You know where they are, enjoy the replays whores. At ease noobs.

    Thursday 4th November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! here to dump of a big steaming load of replays, i think its like 10 or something. afew zero games afew Gopula games and afew games from new guys i havnt had reps from before, gooder games in this, heaps of nice tight games, some diff strats. good times. Got me the new eminem albumn on while i upload and laughing my ass off at the "Em calls paul skit" man its fukn funny shit "Paul, its EM, i got your call about the jackson video and I know he isnt thrilled about the video, what does he wanna be startin something? woooaooo, well ill show him who's really bad" "excuse me im takin a shit" "hit me when u get this message fucker" ANyways, go check the replays whores, oh and dont forget to sign our petition about the AMM over at .. The Fix RoC petition Thanks again to those that sign up, we got like 75 so far, my favourite so far is by someone called God, he said .. "God does not like or appreciate the abuse that has come to be. Please fix the AMM or be smited." LOL. and im out.

    Tuesday 2nd November: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Just dropping by with another request, for all you guys out there that love Warcraft 3 RoC. Dunno exactly what this will do, or if it will even be heard by blizzard, but here goes. If you hate the AMM system brought in during 1.15-1.17 and prefer the AMM system used in 1.14 and previous, there is a petition for you to sign, just made it myself it will take you one minute to do, just give your WC user name and your email address (which is private, i made it that way so you wont get spammed i promise!) and hit the preview button, then hit the sign button, you can view other players comments also. Anyways, its found over here at .. The Fix RoC petition Thanks to those that sign up and thanks for your time.

    Tuesday 28th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Sent afew replays to some friends of the site including Fate and RTFM, thought we would let them do a Guest update, RTFM got back to me first, and i just got Fates update now, gonna post RTFM's for ya today ladies, so here it is ....

    Whats up newbs, I voluntered to prep some replays and heres a small sample of what I was able to get done today. Got two replays for ya, zEr0.c0oL and a friend not doing so hot vs hackers, and M[e]RLiN replay that possibly has imbalanced begging displayed by M[e]RLiN the fag himself.
    If you haven't already please email and report if you're getting sick of the hackers, or our files being ripped by that site.

    In unrelated news : I've heard possible rumors about M[e]RLiN making his own book "Begging for dumbies", make sure you pick it up when it's released, you'll be getting some great tips from the best beggar on Azeroth.

    Tuesday 28th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! 5 games up tonight. A couple of 1v1's and a couple of 2v2's, next update ima put up some 3v3's cos i got afew in the inbox, but for now, enjoy these, you know where and when. Im off to play DoTA. Laters.

    Tuesday, October 26: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Bit of WinningIsMyGame, bit of Porco, tablespoon of RUSAVED, a pound of GarG.abuse, a hint of NotUs/Zling and stick it in the STEAMTANK and let it bake for an hour.....

  • STEAMTANKYOAZZ v TranquilsPath - GG
  • Porco replay pack
  • Garg.Abuse replay pack
  • WinningIsMyGame vs GSK_Moses
  • R_U_SAVED vs rand0mluck
  • Warper/Zling v Eurotrash - GG

    In Unrelated News: i been playin a lot of Call Of Duty: United Offensive, still backstabbing, even with friendly fire off you can still run your team mates over, bump them off the hood of your jeep :D

    Monday 25th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! 3 games up tonight, 2 solo's and a 3v3 AT game. Looks like some little kid got mad at us about us having you guys spam blizz about their hax site, so he is currently spamming refresh on our front page, wasting half his day just to stop you getting replays, whut a faggot, but never mind, it will be fixed soon and back to normal. Enjoy the replays, if u can get em :)

    Saturday 23rd October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Got a nice update tonight, pretty big one at that, also id like to ask a favour, but more on that later, on to the replays, we got 2 Norma-Jean games and 2 Hachi games for RoC, we also got the finals in the Battle net Championships. We got the 1v1 and 2v2 finals from each gateway which you can grab that right here .... East finals, Asia finals, Europe finals and the West finals. Keep in mind they are for Frozen throne.
    Okays asides that its time to silence a little yapping dog, if your sick of playing hackers on ladder games as we are, were gonna try do something about it, these people are responsible for our site being down sometimes too. Blizz says
    " We would also like your help in this cause. If you have any information about and/or Blizzard product hacks and cheats and the Internet sites that host them, please send this information to"

    we urge you to do us and yourself a favour and copy/paste this into your email client... and Send it to

    This is the part you copy paste.... "The website is distributing map hacks for warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, we are reporting this as asked for by you on Im sick of playing vs map hackers please do something about it."

    Of corse its up to you if you do or not, do it now, or later or next time you play a hacker just sit there and wish you sent a email, its your choise. Im not worried about publicity for these dumb shits because all they do is steal our replays and take the descriptions out. Steal that shit you dumb fucks.
    Friday 22nd October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Truckload of replays tonight for u whores. A bunch of 1v1's some 2v2 AT's and even a RT game posted, hacker busts and hacker rapes, skilled players and noobs, its all there. So go grab those from the RoC replay section, should keep your spare time used for the weekend. Enjoy.

    Wednesday 20th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! W00t, me and the GF hit the 6 month mark tomorrow so ima give her some pressies and shit and seein im in a good ass mood tonight cos of that, here is some gooder reps for you crack fiends. There is 3 games from Beverage, 3 from nR.Gopula and one from BoonDock.Saints (yeah i know he is a prick, like i said, good mood and shit) So, happy with that? No? then fuck off. Oh, i guess i could toss you this FT FFA replay sent in by Beverage as a bonus you can grab that right here .... MARNS BIG FFA'S BIG FFA # 424.w3g
    Saturday 16th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Posted a bunch of games up tonight while im on the fone to my gf who says "ill kick you in the balls" .. nasty. Anyways this should keep you noobelfs happy, 2 Beverage games, like 13 merlin games and a game by KeeperOfTheGoat from the forums here. Enjoy bitches.

    Friday, October 15: Ye_Olde_PubSIut * * * A U D I O _ C O M M E N T A R Y * * *
    Just 1 replay up for grabs today , but it comes with a bigger friend in a 25mb .mp3 file with it as well......yup Audio Commentary #6 for RoC117 by Uber Whore is out, funny as hell even got a little bed time story at the end, if your kids/you have a bed wetting problem then play this to em before they go to bed and i guarentee all the piss be in there pants before they asleep from laughter..anyway since its a little hard to find, heres the link where to download this shit from

    PS: incase any inbred fagg0ts want to rehost and take credit for this audio (you know who you are, theres a nice little message for you at the end by the man himself.)
    In Related News: OJs got a bitchs head as his gear shifter rofl.

    Thursday 14th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Bunch of games posted in the RoC replay section tonight, 2 backstabs posted up as clan-MoP and merlin get the big up yours and a couple of 1v1's and a 2v2, should keep you all busy till next time, enjoy the replays, oh and please stop BM'ing merlin on our boards, its beyond a joke.

    Tuesday 12th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Dropping off 8 games for you nubs tonight, we got some Zero.Cool, some HAchi, some Angel and some ROKA, well actually, alot of ROKA, he didnt send all of them in mind you, afew were sent in by others, all are nice games so im sure you whores will enjoy those.
    In related news: Incase you have been hiding under a rock, Mr 4K.Grubby. won the WCG held in San Francisco. Defeating Welcome_To - aka - SK.Zacard in the best of 3 final, After failing to reach the WCG final using human last go round, he stuck to his Orc, beating the best of the best with the weakest race (ok, i play orc) Whuts the point of me telling you about this if i dont post replays of it?? Well here they are whores...
    Grubby V Zacard Game 1
    Grubby V Zacard Game 2
    Grubby V Zacard Game 3
    And im out.

    Sunday, October 10: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Seems some little bitch named UnSakred- and has been biting our shit.....someone please tell this dumb fuk that what hes doing is about as stupid as some spick trying to sell overpriced merchandise from the boot of his car the for double the retail price in a Walmart carpark...i mean really how lame do you have to be to download replays off this site, and then host them on your own website but make it 3 times harder to actually download them?? Membership? Pff gtfo out of here groupie...go drag your hotdog cart out the front of a mcdonalds you stupid wetback fagg0t...anyway huge update here i mean count it up, damn we got more replays here than days that Unsakred- the fukn nerd has seen sunlight.....

  • Rage(iN)Chaos + FireStaR- vs AngelOfLight + LS-Shiva - Rage's first loss
  • GarG.aBuSe v CVX
  • FantomX v Marauder - FantomX tastes his own medicine
  • Rage(iN)Chaos + Customs- vs BELLA + 411-
  • R_U_Saved vs Searinox15 - heeeere kitty kitty
  • AngelOfTurkey + AngelOfLight vs zO.Oz + TheTear - how the hell did they win?
  • AngelOfLight + HappY420 v Mega.Elf + OhTheHorror
  • Rage(iN)ChaoS vs Stupid1 - had the game in the bag and choked
  • Clan Pink vs Intel Clan
  • GarG.Abuse's exchange student friend Jersey) Replay Pack
  • TAC_Frisky + SexyPig v AaronK + VinnyTheKiller
  • Intel-Hachi v AngelOfLight

    In Related News: Stay tuned folks, same pubsiut time, same pubsiut channel, Uber Wh0res got another audio commentary coming out soon.

    Saturday 9th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Just dropping off a couple of games, both solo, both ROKA, you know where to go for those. Have a good weekend nabs.

    Tuesday 5th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! got 4 games updated today. a couple of solo's and a 2v2 for you inbreed fux.

    Monday 4th October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! Just droppin by quickly to give u a game, its FT, 2v2 featuring some players that are headed out to the WCG in Korea, ill do more today when my GF goes home/falls asleep but for now u can grab it right here .... Download the Replay

    Download the Replay Download the Replay
    Friday 1st October: Chinese_PubSIut
    Hi ho whores!! 3 games updated today, one is a TFT game from Beverage tho which i guess were gonna be posting afew more of sooner or later. All pretty cool solo games tho so go grab em from the roc replay section (yes, even the FT game cos im lazy ok?)
    In unrelated news: To try get more people to stop being cheesy fux and massing gargs/archers/verns... the next human player to bust into the top 10 gets they name printed on the front page in 20 Font Pink letters!!

    Thursday 30th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats? 2 replays upped today, its a couple of ROKA solo ladder games, since nobody seems to understand when its written in tha forums.. if you send in 5+ replays, please zip them into one file to make it easier for us to DL them all, thx bitches. 'av a good weekend!

    Wednesday 29th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats? No games just yet, prolly will later on today, but i got this new version of Replay informer, its heaps better than chart, it tells map/players names/game length/APM and all the game chat which is pretty cool shit, you can get that right here.... Informer fuckers

    Tuesday, September 28: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    7 more replays for you hoes, now ration these well cos this the last damn update till 2005.........

  • Sup v JF-DeathKnight - showing why he is the Greatest Undead Player on Azeroth
  • ZeR0.C0oLx vs STF-KenMasters - Can u spell hero focus?
  • Stupid1 vs RoKA - Stupid1 joins Angel's Hack Police force
  • EyeOfTheDruid - Showing why he is the best Orc on RoC
  • M[e]RLIn vs Acid.Psycho AKA 50Percent - With a hint of begging
  • Hachi + Zio v Klownz + HereIaM - Overpowered Demon Hunter anyone?
  • ZiBoT/RTFM steamrolling Pimpery - just retire Pimpery plz

    In Unrelated News: I was kidding about this being the last update oh and Does anybody know the whereabouts of Uber Wh0re?

    Monday, September 27: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Couple of replays that tickled my fancy....

  • ZiBoT + OMG-STFU vs CalCuLuS.X + Win1Lose1 - blademaster on crack
  • 52YEAROLDViRGiN v BlacK-Hades / Teh.Hyper - what the hell is a slaughterhouse
  • ROUND 3: Hachi v Angel - Stay tuned for Round 4
  • Ye_Olde_BarSIut replay pack - Class
  • ZiBoT vs AngelOfLight - Very GG
  • Hachi v ROKA - what NOT to do vs orc on lost temple

    In Unrelated News: that new DOTA hero = Raider is so cheesy man he kidnapped me and dropped me off right near his firebush towers.

    Friday 24th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats? 4 games upped today, 3 from Bev doing his new randoms and of corse, the follow-up from JF-Deathknight which is alot shorter than tha 1st one, but still cool :) Goes for like 8 mins, so grab that and have a laff. All in the RoC replays section bitches.

    Friday, September 24: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Damn today this website may as well be called Ye_Olde_ZiBoT, hes featured in just about every replay and he hasnt sent a single one in...GASP! no complaining peoples, this was every replay in the inbox so quit yer whining and send some in and we'll post that shit.....

  • OMG-STFU + ZiBoT vs a couple of no-name Brazillian Lamers
  • AngelOfLight + Friend vs ItsHachi + Friend ROUND 1 & 2
  • ZiBoT vs Xaridah
  • RTFM + ZiBoT vs Cut-My-Grass and 411-
  • JF-Hasuness + Goetz vs M[e]RLiN + e9-EliteJewz

    In Unrelated News: guys incase you havent already, watch the replay in the update below this one, between that bnet-sIut ZiBoT and "Azeroths Greatest" JF-DeathKnight omg is it a microfest from start to finish.

    Thursday, September 23: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Oh my god.....these are the only words that come to mind having watched the greatest replay EVER....this replay is far superior to ANY game EVER seen....i just gotta post this shit on the front page im sorry.....a gruelling Undead vs Human matchup in where both teams are microing there a$S's off trying to top each other......who will win this bout between these two titans. Will it be JF-DeathKnight, the greatest Undead player EVER to grace Azeroth with his godlike micro or the guy who in comparison with JF-Deathknight looks like nothing but a critter who had an Immolation'd Demon Hunter run past him.
    In Unrelated News: JF-DeathKnight was soon heard after the game in xRoC saying: "he got lucky...god damn faggot human abusers"

    Thursday 23rd September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats? New patch hit as you all would know, so all our old replays are now useless after having 6 zero reps ready to go and a bunch of gopula games also, but never mind bitches! the inbox is pretty much empty so start gaming and send us some good stuff to post. For now, im posting one replay to show a bit of a bug in 1.17 a FS dies but hangs around still.... wtfux?!?!?! right?!?! check it out.

    Saturday, September 19: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Chinese PubSIut AKA Hamburglar has been stealing all the replays not giving me a chance to update.....well heres some that he missed.....

  • Zer0.C0oL v M[e]RLiN- hahahaha GG
  • AmIaLoser vs Rotanimod
  • PooP.ScooP + JOHNATHONSDELI v My_Big_10_inch + My_Big_10_lnch
  • Caldwell.Kid + CHOUNIN vs r(Y)o- + ch(a)oS-
  • Anuity vs SG.F
  • Davster- Vs Chewy 2 game series
  • ZiBoT v RTFM
  • R_U_SAVED v DeTpURoC

    In Unrelated News: Another friends 21st last night, he was meant to get a fat-o-gram, instead he got this flat chested stripper with stretch marks, i was laughing my a$S my moneys worth i in threw in $10 bucks and she costed $130 for 15 minutes.......his fiancee` wasnt too happy about the whole thing tho.....:O

    Sunday 19th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats? 8 games upped today, 4 more Gopula games and we got Angel of light vs Youronlyfather & Shift-my-unit, also Bev vs Ps.Zio & Rotanimod vs merlin, all quality players and all quality games, nice way to waste away your Sunday ho's.

    Saturday 18th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    4 games upped tonight. nR.Gopula was nice enough to gimme a break from the regular replays i gotta watch and sent in a nice pack of 8 games for me, i posted the ones i watched so far cos they all pretty good. showing quality strats and plenty of skill, there is still some random games but he says Orc is his worst race so he is practicing that for a while, looks pretty good to me :)

    Thursday 16th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    just one replay up tonight noobs. funny ass game tho, blatant hacker ends up offering $15 for a free win!! LOOOOOOOL later nubs.

    Wednesday 15th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    I got no time nubs, i havnt even watched these, but here is sum more reps in the RoC replay section.

    Monday 13th September: Garg_PubSIut

    Sunday 12th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? got no time, but there is 2 zero games in the RoC replay section, gogo nubs.

    Saturday, September 11: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay guys to get your mind off what happened 3 years ago on this day ive put up a whole bunch of my own replays for yous to enjoy...all of them are tip top stock standard shit from this virgin....and yes i am only saying that because i was playing in each of them :D ....seriously though some nice ones in there including me running around with a level 10 Mountain King, my "prototype anti-UD strat" as well as a bunch of STDBOY steamrollin's thrown in for good measure.
    In Related News: Before anyone gets upset that i only posted my own replays, i am kinda busy, got a 21st to go to tongiht, so look out for an update soon from our guest poster, yes thats right, New Jerseys finest...Ye Bad Mannereth One Who Abuses Thy if you guys have sent in some replays and waiting for them to be posted you best hope your in Gargs good books, or they might "disappear".....

    Friday 10th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? More replays upped, In the RoC replay section today we got a killer 1v1 from Zibot a nice 2v2 with some nice high level hero's and another fate replay pack just for good measure. Laters whores.

    Thursday 9th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Problem solved dikwads. no thanks to most of u fux. thanks to OMG-STFU. Wilderness lore... can u believe it bitches????? Wilderness lore!!!

    Thursday 9th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? I got a problem, If anyone else plays IceWind Dale 2 i need some help!! Im soooo stuck at the Fell Wood, i cant get thru that shit, if anyone has any tips for me, send us a email, whoever helps me figure this shit out, gets emailed the 50ish replays in the inbox :D thx whores. Yes, this prolly should be in the forums, but fux that. i run this shit. MUHAHAHAHA.

    Thursday 9th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? There is 2 replay packs up today, Fate[nC] aka Zibot or sent in a bunch of gooder reps and we also got 4 beverage games for you hobags. All are 1v1 games. They in the RoC replay section cos erm, Bev is basically the only player that submits for "top replays" anymore, so fuck it. We prolly gonna change that to FT replays or something, give feedback in the forums of what you would like to see there instead. Enjoy tha games whores.

    Monday 6th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Got 3 more games for you hobags. 2 1v1's and a 2v2 AT in the RoC replay section. Some more action from west with Bts-Beatmepls. More Cord goodness and some UD on UD action in a high quality, high APM match up!
    Laters wh0res!

    Sunday 5th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Got a 3 game playoff between Chewy and Black-Hades. They in the RoC replay section for you nubs. I also upped 2 of my FT replays into the forums in the TFT replay section, so grab those too all you FT'ers.
    Dance Minions!!!

    Saturday 4th September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? 5 Replays tonight from Chewy from west, if you dunno who that is.. its this guy right here .... Chewy Some pretty nice games there, enjoy minions!

    Friday 3rd September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Not alot of time today, i figure this is my only spare 10 minutes to do this, so its rushed, but there is 3 good norma-Jean replays upped in the RoC replay section. Peace, have a good weekend minions!!! Oh, also Audio commentary #5 from Uber Whore is up in the Audio commentaries section in tha forums, so grab that and leave some comments.

    Thursday 2nd September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? 5 more games up'd for you nubs today. 2 Float-My-Boat games, you just gotta see whut he does to garg.abuse. Solo-stats gettin his asshole tore out once again. and a couple of BS games tossed in thanks to Chaos_Dry4d (playing on aka RT-BS) Keep a eye on his ally as he creeps the island on Lost Temple yo, funny shit. All this and much more more in teh RoC replay section. If anyone else wants they pics posted in the Pic thread, just send em into the normal email addy. At ease nubs.
    In totally unrelated news: Your sisters know i got tha wood for em,
    if they in tha hotel room and get tha dick, thats good for em!!

    Wednesday 1st September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? 5 game replay update for you nubs today. A couple of 2v2's and a couple of solo ladder games. in the RoC replay section right now so go grab those. Yup, chinese upside yo head with 2 updates in a day bitches.

    Wednesday, September 1: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Incase you guys havent already, make sure you check out the forums under the "Audio Commentary" section and be sure to download and listen to the Mouth Of The South AKA Uber Wh0res latest poetic perfection....anyway only a couple of games posted up quickly before the new patch hits.

  • 52YEAROLDViRGiN vs BlacK-Hades - 52 still in e9-huhu's a$S
  • STDBOYS vs Russian-King + poRco straight steamrollin'
  • CaldwellKid vs Frost-Machina - Undead Towering + more tears than an BB eviction
  • GarG.AbuSE vs DADDY_FAT_SACKS - now the shits gonna hit the fan
  • GarG.AbuSE vs poRco - str8 r8ped
  • BEG: 37-zip foreigner begging like a brazillian pauper OUCH

    In Unrelated News: "Canadian Army, Ethiopian Smorgasboard.......Mod-Range making ghouls" check out that damn audio noobs its hilarious.

    Wednesday 1st September: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Okays, just did the rest of the nihor games.. figured i may as well just do it all now :) so thats 39 replays upped today, break out the pop-corn bitches, they in 2 seperate zip files, and tha site wont die from one person DL them, thanks to RTFM, cheers for tha web space bro. Not all these are classic games, most of them got something cool in em tho, but this is how he got to where he is in solo fool. Enjoy.

    In Related news: Next person on the forums to complain about not enuf replays gets they "hairy go-nads and cock thats bigger than mine" shot off like Uber Whore!!!!

    Tuesday 31th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? 5 game replay update for you nubs today. Afew more games from Cord-1. The best games i ever seen in my whole life!!!! OMG OMG OMG, if you dont go DL these RIGHT NOW BITCHES, ima pimp slap j00 all!!

    Monday 30th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats? Just 2 games for you tonight. both are pretty cool tho, and i believei i have mentioned that Solo-Statistics was the noobiest high level player we have on east, i could be wrong, shift-my-unit is a serious contender for that title. So make sure to check his nub ass out. Also.. make sure your signed up for our forums as there has been another Audio commentary done by the infamous Uber Whore. It is by far his funiest one yet and is found in the .. *wait for it* Audio commentaries section in our forum. Also to be found there is 6 audios by Allied (although only 4 of them can be downloaded) So go grab those nubs. Laters

    Sunday 29th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?! 2 replays up in the RoC Replays section one sent in by Roka, the other by aries[cotn]. They both nice games so go grab those. In totally unrelated news: since retiring.. garg.abuse has been more active than ever on the WC3 scene. Oh also.. anybody been wondering where happy420 has been? well i got this in my email today, thought id share it with you noobs....

    sup roket hoe, it's happy420 ya know, i was expecting to play some games before i go underway but unfortunately US Navy demand me to report upon completion of school training so i've been gone underway for a week now, highseas is uhhhhh a lil lonely and weird but i believe we're heading somewhere fun, this deployment for me is about 4 months, we're going to qwajalein, guam, japan, PI, Hong kong, then prolly sidney or melbourn, not sure at this moment yet, so yeah if i visit aussie, u should show me some fun place over there if u're not too busy. but anyhow, i should be back to pearl harbor around december 10th, and expect to take some leaves and finally get to go home for a bit but til then i'll be all over pacific ocean, anyhow, i'll see u if i have the chance, let me know more about the places u live and stuff....and i really really miss playing warcraft..... Take care SKSN Wei, USN a.k.a HappY420

    yup yup, so happy is on the high seas right now, so why not nuke your next hero and dedicate it to this bum.

    Saterday 28th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! 4 replays up in the RoC Replays section sent in by Merlin. They all pretty cool games. so go check those out bitches.

    Friday 27th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! 3 replays up in the RoC Replays section tonight. 2 games with Cord-1 vs Rotanimod and Beverage vs Acid.Psycho. So go grab those you whorebags. In totally unrelated news, turns out DFS has shown up in Iraq trying desperatly to find cures for all STD's known to man, after a extended stay at a "mens club" last week.

    Thursday 26th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! No time to talk to you nerds, just about to install a new vid card, the sooner im done here, the sooner i install it, so... 2 reps in the roc replay section, go get em.!!!! OH OH OH, almost forgot! 30,000 hits is gg jewbs

    Tuesday 24th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! Just quickly dropping off 5 games sent to us by Cord-1, all are 1v1 ladder games, all in the RoC replay section and all pretty good games. Some of them are on a aka: Rain-2. Enjoy tha games nubs.

    Monday, 23rd August: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Well since GarG.aBuse's update has made me look like a moustache-less washed up 80s porn star , i guess ill just throw up these replays and go back to my room and sulk and wait for that penis pump to arrive in the mail....

  • 52YEAROLDViRGiN vs Elf.Newb - 52 aka e9-huhu ?
  • Elf.Newb vs STEAMTANKYoAZZ - damn this nightelf pushes his enemy harder than a woman delivering a baby
  • GarG.AbUSE + Dyce) + Julio vs Showtime.Werra , Kenshin.Werra + tL.sorimachi - faker than a psychic with caller iD?
  • FaXHuman + SHift-MY-Unit vs Kara-T + Ja_TemMerde - yogi bear + bambi vs the mexicans
  • Davster- + RYANTIME vs M[e]RLiN + SwamPTeMpO - classic teleport flank + aow expand
  • Resent vs StaRcRafT- - how do you spell merc abuse?
  • GarG.aBuse vs Stupid1 - a quiet, well mannered replay with no shortage of air units

    In Unrelated News: if anyone wants to see the game of me and Chinese winning the FT2v2 tourney then check out the Forums under tFT replays....also stay tuned for the next celebrity update....HINT: this guy is orc and loves towers, that should narrow it down a about 100 people.

    Monday 23th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! Myself and 52 won the Warcraft tourney, and for our troubles.. instead of an Xbox they gave us a copy of Doom3 each. thx, my PoS comp wont run it >.<. But anyways, you came here for replays and replays you shall have assmunchers. Garg.Abuse has done the descriptions so you can asume its done in caps, ive zipped all the games into one file, so grab those from the RoC replay section. Garg.Abuse says ...


    Saterday 21th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin ashats?!?! Here is some replays to shut you noobs tha fuck up, Got a Local LaN tonight, gonna go win me a prize for tha Warcraft tourney (most likly a Xbox, k thx) So stfu noobs and watch some replays.

    Wednesday 18th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Okays, bringin you a special birthday update (my girlfriend turns 17 today) Float-My-Boat has dropped of a bunch of reps tonight for those that dont know, his section is under teh lump of cheese, but beware, you gotta get by a pretty mean ass duck. 6 games in total so go grab those u noobs, and stop buggin us for more reps >.<

    Sunday 15th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Ok, for any of you noobs that just come along and download the normal replays and arnt signed up for our forums, your gonna wanna be, updated now, is a VoD from Zer0.C0ol and a 3rd Audio commentary from our resident sack-licker Uber Whore. Grab those from the "Audio Commentaries" section in the forums. thats at the bottom for you nubs that cant read..

    Sunday 15th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, Married my ass, i took 2 days formattin my comp, backing up my movies/music and sterling porn collection, then putting XP on muh box. Regardless, here is 2 replays ima up real quick like, its angel vs anuity and afflicted's RT game where his ally unsummons, good shit. we encorage you all to do this, just for laffs. check em out in the RoC replay section nubs. laters.

    Friday, August 13: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    This should shut up that whining Booger bitch in the forums about us being lazy and not posting any games :D

  • Ps.ZiO vs GarG.aBuse
  • shOo)pOo vs MiGaMi-X
  • RS-V[a]LL + chaos_dryad vs atu.alnus + abuse_
  • Teh.Nightfury's burrow ownage.
  • ZiBoT replay pack #2
  • The.Hyper vs StaRCraFT-
  • StaRCraFT- vs AngelOfLight
  • ShIFT-My-UnIT vs ROKA
  • Taiwan_DaLanpa vs ShIFT-My-UnIT
  • Thumpy.v0 vs AceOfGay
  • Brutal. + DL-Newt vs D.Rock + ICopyGosus (50 minute game!!)
  • DADDY_FAT_SACKS vs Solo-Statistics
  • RTFM Replay Pack
  • Max1mum-P0wnz0r Replay Pack

    In Related News: Me, Zer0.C0oL, AsianRT + SuperSaiyinGoku are steamrolling the 4v4 scene
    In Unrelated News: Spike is going to college on monday. More Unrelated News: Roket is married! He hidin out in some cave no doubt havin a picnic.... Ive seen that wigga online about as much as Bin Laden as of late! :D UPDATE: Even More Unrelated News: Spike has his lunch prepared for college in his little Bob The Builder lunchbox.

    Monday 9th August: Chinese_PubSIut
    Whuts crackin asshats, I been AFK for tha last 3 days renovating muh room, so i had no comp, and i didnt know jack shit about teh hax sweep. But im back bitches and teh "Hack of fame" is updated with the list of noobs who cant play a simple game without being a dickhead. So go have a laugh at those noobs there by heading to the "Other Pubsiuttin" section. ill prolly update some replays tonight ater on also. Dont forget to grab the 2nd Audio commentary from the forums and post some comments on it. enjoy nubs. Btw: 25000 hits is thx.

    Friday, August 6: Ye_Olde_PubSIut
    Okay the reason for so many replays being posted....just think of this as a sacrifice to the Audio commentary god Uber_Whore AKA the mouth of the south, in order to get him to do another audio commentary...i was going to throw a couple of virgins (including the notorious 52YEAROLD one) into a volcano but i think this will be more effective... HUGE THANKS TO RTFM FOR HOSTING THESE!! :D

  • a.ploT vs Ilman_Tussua - who sprinkled tFT into my RoC ?
  • sNoOP.AT's wyvern pack - doesnt know anything else but wyverns
  • SuperSaiyinGoku + HH_ARE_IMBA vs WoOdElF- + FrostOBlivioN- bringin more tFT to my RoC
  • R_U_SAVED + PinkPriestess vs ZiBoT + Fate[nX] -lack of confidence
  • StaRCraFT- vs HateFrOzeN series - beef
  • OsTer vs Newb.Elf - nice custom
  • ZiBoT vs GarG.aBuSE - tower me elmo?
  • 2v3 TEAM GREEN GOKU/ESS vs M[e]RLiN + nR.Gopula + Garg.AbuSE - teamspeak abuse!
  • Couple of games from Mega.REbeL - 55 apm?
  • 2 Games From ChicoHuman - new human on the block
  • The STarCRaFT- vs Hektor/Thumpy saga.. - the saga continues
  • Je_TeMmErDe + PiCkPoCkEt vs gTe[EeyoRe] + MeSsiAh[tR] - Mexicans vs XRoC
  • TrueGrunt AKA StaRCRafT- vs S0uthpark. and FreshBakery - damn not starcraft again
  • BorisTheWeak vs Porco - fiend lamers
  • M[e]RLiN(ELF) vs ToTHeLimit(HU) - is he gonna beg?
  • Oster + Warper vs XhAMMER + UnholyPeon - unholy shit 50 minutes!?!
  • Blacki-Da-Pimp vs Uglyiest BEG BITCH BEG

    In Related News: GarG.AbUSe and AsianRT stole about 15 hero kills off of me in a game of DOTA! GRRRRR :( HO BAGS
    In More Related News: Check out our forums for a list of all the hackers that got butt fukd in the recent hacker sweep....bans include HerpeLuv4aLL, markymark_reborn, Lady_Pindragon, Kenny7sccr, df.acid, WarC, duke[jG], pissman, SLoWTaRHeeL and heaps more.. In Unrelated News: QUINCY CARTER FAILED A DRUG TEST AND WAS CUT FROM THE DALLAS ROSTER,AND NOW FUCKING VINNY TESTAVERDE IS THE STARTING QB? CAN U SAY 0-16 SEASON?

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