Campfires replace TV on outings. Learn how to make a boring fire into a fun, packed, energized event. Turn on the minds of Scouts with awesome skits and songs. Give the MC a sense of scouting spirit.

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The Great Campfire

Campfires are probably the most fun and entertaining part of scouting. I suppose this is because campfires are the closest thing to TV available at a campout. A well planned campfire with an enthusiastic MC will liven up any camping trip.

  • The Program

    This is the most important part of the fire. You can have the best skits and songs, put if you put them all in a bad order, the whole thing can be ruined. This section is a must read!

  • Lightings

    A lasting impression can be made by an awesome fire lighting. Of course, the whole procedure can turn into quite an embarrassing situation. You don't have to be a pyrotechnics pro to design a good lighting. Here you can get some tips or learn new tricks to fire lightning, plus some great script ideas for your MC to go along with it.

  • Stunts, Songs, Stories, & Showmanship

    Known as the 4 S's, these are all the elements of a campfire. Knowing how to put together a good combination of these elements will make a good program even better.

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