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Catilina Council

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Grand Canyon Council

  • Grand Canyon Council

    The Grand Canyon Council encompasses the northern half of Arizona. It includes cities such as Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson, Sedona, Kayenta, and Havasu City. The areas south of Phoenix, such as Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Nogales are all part of Catalina Council, which I have little information for.

    Here you can find out how to contact one of the two council offices. The names and numbers of some of the head personel working for the council is listed here too. District information will be added to this section soon also.

  • Hiking and Camping in Arizona

    Arizona is a large state, so it naturally offeres tons of trails and campgrounds to visit. Obviously, not every trail and campground can be listed. Here you can find information on some of the major trail systems, and a few of the campgrounds in this area.

  • Training Programs

    Everything from Silver Axe, our weeklong Junior Leader Training Conference (JLTC), to smaller programs like JLOW are available in the Grand Canyon Council. Here you can find out what these courses are about, when and where these courses are held, and how to sign up for them.

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