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The Scout Center

What Scouts is All About

This is a section that helps remind us what a beneficial program Boy Scouts really is. I suggest that after you read this section, you also look over the section on reflections.

Old Goat Den

Old Goat Den is a place for the Scoutmaster and all other adults involved in scouting. Are you a new Scoumtmaster looking for some tips? Or are you getting ready to retire and need to know how to make the transition smooth? Are you having trouble communicating with your Scouts? All this and more will be found in Old Goat Den.

Scout City

Scout City is a place for the SPL and all other scouts to hang out and get a little help. Are you having a hard time communicating with your adult leaders? Having trouble keeping the troop alive? Check out a block of Scout City for some advice.
All the information presented in this section was written and researched by me. The BSA or Grand Canyon Council had nothing to do with any of this content. :)

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