A time to rekindle the Filipino Spirit
A celebration of the past...
... a reason for celebration today
1898.The year Filipinos in one voice declared independence from colonial rule. This marked the culmination of four centuries of struggle for nationhood and the year that marked the Philippines as the first constitutional democracy in Asia. 
1898, therefore, is a source of inspiration and a reason to celebrate as it tells the birth and growth of the Filipino race, its emancipation from the tyranny of colonialism and his transformation into a citizen not only as a proud nation but as citizens of the world as well. 
The June 12, 1896 declaration in Kawit Cavite did not only showcase the birth of a free nation but highlighted the challenges it face as it awaits the coming of the next millenium. It gives the Filipino people an opportunity to stand proud today and look ahead with confidence to an even brighter tomorrow. 
1998.One hundred years after the dawning of the Philippine history, the torch is passed. The Philippine Centennial calls on every Filipino, and every freedom-loving individual, to reawaken the spirit of national responsibility and patriotism. The year shall witness a colorful array of activities geared toward the goal of national transformation and social renewal into the next century. 
The Boy Scouts of the Philippines, the foremost youth development organization in the country, is taking the challenge of rekindling the great Filipino spirit by staging the PHILIPPINE CENTENNIAL SCOUT JAMBOREE, also designated as the 11th BSP National Jamboree. This very history event is project to gather some 20,000 Scouts and Scouters from all over the Philippines, the Asia-Pacific Region and from countries that have contributed to the development of what is now know as a rich and diverse culture that is the Filipino race. 
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