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"All About Jesus"
Bible Study for Kids


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"All About Jesus" is an on-going Bible study for children which is updated on a regular basis. Our studies are divided into 2 age groups: (Older Kids - 6-12) and (Younger Kids - Birth to Age 6.) You may join anytime but please e-mail usand let us know that you are participating in our studies. We want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your children's lives.

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Exploring the Bible
On-going study for
kids 6 to 12.


Need a Bible?

Online Bibles
Bible Study Tools
The NIV Bible Online

Helpful Hint: When you are doing our Bible Study, you can right click on your mouse and open the online Bible links above in a new window. Then you can switch back and forth while doing your Bible study.


Lesson #1
How the Bible All
Fits Together

Lesson #2
Lands of the Bible

Lesson #3
Lets look at the book
of Genesis

Looking for online Bible resources? Check our resource page for helpful links.


Lesson #4
The Exodus

Lesson #5
Leviticus: God's Laws

Lesson #6
The Book of Numbers


Lesson #7
Deuteronomy: Another look at God's Laws

Lesson #8

Lesson #9
The book of Judges

"All About Jesus"
Welcomes your comments and suggestions.


Lesson #10
The book of Ruth

Lesson #11
Coming Soon!

Lesson #12
Coming Soon!


Daring Devotions
Devotions for older kids.


Preschool Devotions
Devotions for the younger members of the family.

Lesson #1

"The Beginning"

Lesson #2

"My Family"

Lesson #3

"I can't see God."

Lesson #4

"Helping Hands"

Lesson #5

"You Can't Fool God."

Lesson #6


Lesson #7

"What is Love?"

Lesson #8

"Coming Soon."

Lesson #9

"Coming Soon"


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Check in frequently because we will be updating
frequently this fall. Look for our new Message Board for
kids, new activities, and exciting new studies of the Bible.

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SHINE through you
and all you do.

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