Australian War Time Commemorative
Medals & Medallions from
Soudan - WWII

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Commemorative Medals and Medallions.


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Australian Imperial Bushmens Corps & Australian Bushmens Contingents
Lord Roberts V.C. & Colonel Baden Powell Defender of Mafeking
Various other Australian Issued types
South Africa & Active Service Association badges Australian Issued
General French Hallmarked Sterling Silver Medal
Baden Powell Mafeking Bronze Medal
Lord Roberts V.C. Commemorative medal and ribbon
Boer War Centenary of South Australia Badge
Soudan Through World War II Medallions (part A)
Soudan Through World War II Medallions + varieties (part B)
Dardanelles Gallipoli Landing
Modern Australian Comemorative Medallions
World War One Australian Tribute Medal
Dora Ohlfsen commemorative ANZAC MEDAL       VERY RARE PIECE
Please email me with any comments or questions that you have or
if you are interested in trading for types that I do not have.

My reference numbers for each of the medals/medalets are from the

"Australian Medals and Medalets from 1788" by L.J. Carlisle.

This book is a superb guide to all commemorative medals/medalets issued in Australia.
Unfortunately it is no longer available and demands a premium price at auctions.
In total there are over 100 different types of Soudan, Boer War, WWI & WWII related pieces.
What I have shown on the following pages are from my own collection.
I am always trying to add ones that I do not have.