Marine Recruit Depot
Three of our Platoon Members returned to Vietnam in April 1997. While on the way over they stopped at Mike Kellers and returned to the Recruit Depot at San Diego.

Marine Corps Flag
John Levenduski, Tom Williams, Mike Kellers, and Lee Barta with the platoon colors outside of MCRD Headquarters.

Battalion Commander
Dr. Donald Rossi, Lee Barta, Mike Kellers, Tom Williams, and Lt Col Stevens. We were greeted by the Battalion Commander. Far different than when we arrived at MCRD over 30 years ago.

Kid In The Smokey The Bear Hat
The Drill Instructor that greeted us and put us in the yellow foot prints looked like a kid to us. Hard to believe he was a Marine Drill Instuctor.

Ladies In Training
Diane Kellers and Kelly Williams were made to stand almost tall in the Yellow foot prints.