At The Top
This is the view high a top the Hai Van Pass. Many Marines stood gaurd duty from this pass between Da Nang and Hue City.

Wedding Vows
Tom and Kelly Williams resaid their wedding vows in Hue. Father Vic officiated, Craig Noke held the Flashlight, Lee Barta stood by, and Gen Weise escorted the bride.

Ambush Resuilts
While heading into Camp Carrol we were ambushed with a rock. This is the rear window of the bus after it was shattered by the rock.

Curious Villagers
These Villages started to gather after the ambush of the bus. The Communist Official aboard our bus held a meeting with the Village Elders and issued punishment for the incident.

Look Of Innocence
These Village children also gathered around the bus. I don't think that they could have been the ones to have thrown the rock.