Happy Face
The General had just finished telling the story of his meeting with the Division CO after he arrived in Vietnam. We are standing outside the MACV compound in Hue.

MACV Gaurd
This Vietnamese soldier saw me taking photos of the MACV Compound in Hue and came over and told me NO PHOTOS.

Battle of Hue City
One of our traveling companions had been shot in the head in Hue City. Here we are inside the church as he shares his story of the battle for Hue City. It was an emotional experience for him to be able to tell his story.

John Hanna
John was not with our tour group but found us in Hue where he told us about his experiences during the Battle of Dai Do while with 2/4. Pretty bizzare to meet another member of 2/4 while in Vietnam.

Impressive Wall
The General is inspecting the Wall around the Imperial City for battle scars from the battle of Hue.