Cua Viet
Cua Viet is now a Vietnames Army base and we did not get into it. But this light house now stands gaurd where 1st Amtrac Battalion was stationed.

We brought gifts of writing paper, ink pens, and money for the schools in and around Dai Do. Here the General is making the presentations of the gifts at a meeting in Dong Ha with the officials from the school.

Our Sentry
This huge spider was right outside of our window in the Hotel we stayed at in Dong Ha.

Not The Hilton
For the most part the hotels we stayed in were outstanding. But the one built by the Russians in Dong Ha was far from the best. The bed was more of a traditional Vietnamese style.

Con Thien
This view is from a top Con Thien which we were cautioned by the Vietnamese as to the hazzards of explosives laying around even after all of these years.