3rd Tracs Maintenance
Here we have Lee Barta and Mike Kellers swapping storys with this 3rd Tracs Maintenance Chief. David Patterson had just finished Maintenance School in November of 69 so he did not make the Summer Trip to Nam. But he has faithfully served our Corps and continues to help the young Marines keep the tracs up and running. One of only 5 Marines left in the Corps from P5 days.

This P7 was called the LVTPX12 when we went through training for the P5. Now this is the Amtrac used by the Corps. Sure would have liked to of taken it for a drive.

1st Platoon Sgt
We visited with Charles Streck the Platoon Sgt who took the Platoon to Vietnam. He filled us in on early Platoon history. He gave me a Marine NCO Sword that I had been wanting since I joined the Corps in 1967. Thanks again Charley.

Mike Kellers, Pig Pen, in front, Tom Williams, Charles Streck, and Lee Barta
We posed for this photo in Charles's backyard. You never know when or if we may ever all be together again.

Shade By The Pacific
We spent part of one day just looking at the beaches along the Pacific before our group split up and Lee, Dr. Rossi, Kelly, and I departed for our flight to land of the rice paddys.