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Definition: [Astrological Ages] The period of time during which the Vernal Equinox Point is to be seen, from Earth, against the stars of the constellation of Pisces. [See Astrological Age for more details.]

When was the Most Recent Age of Pisces? The Vernal Equinox Point can be seen against the constellation of Pisces at the moment, hence we are currently in the Age of Pisces. The Vernal Equinox Point entered the constellation of Pisces in about 90 BC and will leave it to enter Aquarius in about 2600 AD. It will then be the Age of Aquarius, according to the defintion of Carl Jung. The 2600 AD date is correct using both the modern and the Classical Pisces-Aquarius constellation boundaries, which are essentially in an identical place on the Ecliptic.

Follow this link for the writings of Carl Gustav Jung on the Age of Pisces.

Where in the Heavens Did the Master Astrologers of the Greeks say that the Constellation of Pisces Ends?

Shown right are the constellation stars of the Greeks. I've color coded them so it can be seen which belong to the constellations of Pisces, the Fishes, Aquarius the Water Carrier and Cetus, the Whale.

The Pisces-Aquarius constellation boundary of the Classical astrologers is shown on the map. The Vernal Equinox Point will reach this boundary in approximately 2600 AD.

the pisces-aquarius constelltion border drwan from ptolemy's almagest


The Pisces-Aquarius Constellation Border Drawn from the Stars of Al Magest Star Catalogue [Claudius Ptolemy, c 150 AD] [Based on Hipparchos star catalogue of c 150 BC]

This undulating blue line on the map is the Pisces-Aquarius borde. The Vernal Equinox Point will reach this boder in about 2600 AD.

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