Age of Taurus



Definition: [Astrological Ages] The period of time during which the Vernal Equinox Point is to be seen, from Earth, against the stars of the constellation of Taurus. [See Astrological Age for more details.]

When was the Most Recent Age of Taurus? The Vernal Equinox Point could be seen against the constellation of Taurus in about 4525 BC and left Taurus to move into the constellation of Aries in about 1875 BC, using modern constellation boundaries.

We have no choice to use modern boundaries, because constellation boundaries were not defined by Babylonian astrologers until more than a thousand years after the Vernal Equinox Point passed out of what we call the constellation of Taurus. In fact they did not as yet possess the concept of a Zodiac at all, their astrology being firmly based on Omen Astrology.

the moons orbit in comparison to the ecliptic, one is tilted at 5 degrees relative to the other


The Vernal Equinox Point in the Constellation of Taurus

The Vernal Equinox Point in 4000 BC in the Constellation of Taurus.

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