Prince William's Horoscopes (1): Anonymous



Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is the version from the Kozmik Horoscope web site. The remarks in capitals are this person's. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.


The description of the sun and moon combination below gives the basic type of person and this pen portrait holds good whatever the rest of the reading says as it fills in the details. The rising sign is the next most important influence - this reveals how you relate to the world and your temperament. These three factors in combination produce the basic 1,728 types of humanity from all the possible permutations of sun, moon and rising sign in the 12 signs of the zodiac. You will find a description for each of the planets which indicates what the placement means. The program adds sentences if it finds there is a significant link or links from any other planets which affects the description. The computer never misses any important links unlike humans and five years of programming have gone into supplying the computer with what to look out for! It is the largest database available in the world and unique to Kozmik Horoscopes. These sentences showing the affects of other planets on a particular part of the reading are deliberately separated out with a space so you can see that extra information has been added. You are likely to find several contradictory readings and also repeated readings. The contradictions exist in life too! Solving the tensions implied is part of your learning experience. Repeated sentences mean the program has found several confirming factors which makes the trait particularly emphasised according to the number of repetitions. For example, four sentences repeated saying wealth flowing your way should be taken very seriously indeed as a likely outcome. Keep this reading by printing it out for future reference, at different times different parts of it become relevant in your life which you cannot even anticipate now! As the planets orbit the sun they activate the various structural patterns laid down at the moment you took your first breath and the universal energies left their imprint upon your system. So the birthchart is an indicator of significant events and developments on your life journey, an indicator of the learning situations you are likely to encounter. How you handle them is very much in your own hands and contributes to your own evolution and that of society.



Sun in Cancer. Moon in Cancer. You have a tendency to go to extremes through the double combination of sun and moon in cancer which reinforces your fancies and sensitivities, you are both independent and very loyal to the ancient customs and traditions of your district and homeland, yet you are emotionally very changeable. You have tenacity and motivation where your loyalties are involved but there is a leaning towards laziness and inertia otherwise. Your parental influences in youth will have been helpful and there could be an inheritance. You are financially careful and acquisitive, and should enjoy good fortune from land, property and houses. You are likely to have psychic abilites including true dreaming, intuition and foresight. You are by nature very sensitive and self protective, you build a shell for yourself where you can shelter from the world and in your personal life you are likely to take any slights, real or imagined, very seriously. This makes you suspicious of people, and careful in doing business with them, you are so afraid of being hurt that you hang back and appear standoffish. Even where you do give someone your confidence it can still be easily lost through a harsh word or act in your hypercritical book. You are intensely houseproud and revel in home life, but even so your marriage can be delayed and when married you may still harbour feelings of not being understood or achieving the sympathy you crave. You take what you can from relationships but brood about the hidden parts of yourself that have not been touched. This can produce inspired art and your caution and sensitivity with people can help you to make good deals or bargains in business. You could win an executive position where you are able to keep yourself in control through second guessing what people will do but you will keep subordinates in the dark and will indulge in periods of aloofness and withdrawal from social contacts. You let other people talk their game and then strike when they have revealed a flaw but you outmanoeuvre opponents rather than directly confront them. You can be too quick on your feet so that you even outfox yourself in these manoeuvres. Your natural reserve or even timidity is liable to hold you back in executive roles having said this, you are better off doing the mental work and letting someone else take the heat and the lead. You can get in an emotional muddle and confuse everyone else in the process. You are an elusive hard to pin down character your partner may be hard put to truly describe you, you really desire companionship but are unprepared to be vulnerable to disappointment by opening yourself up. You could easily rise to a position of influence and authority but there is a danger of a sudden fall.


Sun in Cancer. Yourself. You are the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac so that the the key phrase to describe you is - I feel - and you care above all for your own domestic comfort and security. You are unlikely to feel complete until you have a family which you can protect and nurture. Underneath your tough exterior lies extreme sensitivity, fear of ridicule and the capacity for holding grudges although once you are committed to a relationship you will continue loving a person even when you receive hurt from it. You are prepared to go to any lengths to obtain your own security and are reluctant to take risks with money but your emotional complexity means that few will understand you as you switch from jolliness to melancholy, when you are hurt you become difficult, stubborn and childish. You will be proud of both your family and your country, and seek domestic comfort, order and cleanliness. You never joke about yourself and are likely to be egocentric with the power of passive resistance to anything you do not want to do even if told to do so by superiors. The thoughts of others confuse your own thinking processes but once decided on a course you stick to it and bring it to a successful conclusion. Friends and lovers. You may appear retiring and sensitive but this does not mean that you actually are, for you are on the look out for the chance to take the stage. If you are ignored or put in the background by friends you become moody and petulant. Your high standards in selecting friends and acquaintances means that you can change them quite often as your restless nature causes you to move on in your search for the ideal, for it is only rarely that people will measure up to your goals for friendship. In love too you can be moody and changeable falling in love on a whim and just as soon ending it. Once in love your natural imagination and strong feelings can find their true outlet and you will value friends and lovers above all else. You can be greatly affected by those close to you since you are so impressionable. You will worry over imagined slights and tend to elevate on to a pedastal those you love. You never forget a kindness and are always eager to please. Sex drive. You are by nature both sensitive and romantic, your outlook is protective and sentimental to those you love and you are likely to handle all aspects of sex in moderation. There is a strong maternal/caring aspect in your drive, so you seek to look after and protect your mate and do all you can to satisfy them. You are faithful and loyal and will give far more than you receive quite willingly. There are two fears in your life. Fear of ridicule from your mate and a fear they are unfaithful or about to leave you long before there are any reasons for you to suspect such an outcome. You need constant reassurance of the faithfulness of your mate for this reason. Moon in Cancer. You are fond of taking life easy and are attached to your home which will be a place where you can relax and enjoy domesticity. Your surroundings and the people you meet have a strong influence over you since you are receptive by nature and take on the colouring of the environment you are in. You can be subject to mood changes and generally fall in line with the expectations of others through not wishing to resist their wishes. You are likely to do well when working under or with another and you have good powers of acting or of expressing the thoughts and feelings of others, this sensitivity can show in art and poetry as well, also mediumistic activity or psychic abilities. Water attracts you and you could deal with liquids or be fortunate in houses, land or shipping. This is a good position for fertility and can indicate a greater than normal number of children. Venus in Taurus. You are both affectionate and loyal in matters of love and generally stick to your opinions and feelings for someone. You are likely to get married although there may be some delay, there is also the possibility of trouble with the marriage, either through separation or death afflicting one of the families or the partner. You may be caught in a situation where you or your partner will not yield if there are square aspects to Venus in your chart. Money will come into the marriage on one side or the other, indeed it may be the motivation to get married for one of the partners. Your sense of touch is highly developed and you love physical contact with your partner. But you tend to be passive, waiting for attention rather than going out to to seek it. You can be possessive and jealous if your emotional security is threatened in any way. There are challenging aspects to Venus in your chart which make it difficult for you or your partner to climb down and this can produce intensely emotional disputes. There are challenging aspects to Venus in your chart which make it difficult for you or your partner to climb down and this can produce intensely emotional disputes. There are challenging aspects to Venus in your chart which make it difficult for you or your partner to climb down and this can produce intensely emotional disputes. There are challenging aspects to Venus in your chart which make it difficult for you or your partner to climb down and this can produce intensely emotional disputes.


Mars in Libra. You are inclined to marry early and perhaps rashly for yours is an ardent love. Your quickness in love may lead to disappointment, or you will come off worst in the relationship. Alternatively, an early disappointment may bring a long delay before marriage. The opposite sex and the marriage partner will have a good deal of influence over you, you are strongly attracted to partners, but this can lead to problems. You may experience separation, disagreement or even death in the association, or friendships generally. You will find secret enmities and trouble through other people come your way, perhaps because of your own faults or weaknesses triggering the events. Mercury in Gemini. Your mind is resourceful, active, inventive and quick. Usually you are both generous and affable, can look at situations without bias and with some sympathy. A scientific approach to problems will assist you. You like travel, reading, study, all manner of learning but are likely to flit from subject to subject, or to change occupations frequently, or to have two jobs on the go at the same time. You like to keep up with the news and with your eye for detail plus your powers of observation very little escapes your notice in your fields of interest or locality. Jupiter in Scorpius You are well able to achieve what you set your heart on and have a deep emotional well to draw on which reinforces your willpower and ambition. You are self confident, subtle, resolute and proudly aggressive. You can dig out secrets and then use them for your own purposes, while you should be on guard against revealing your own. You can create problems with your determined actions and although your sympathies lie with the underdog you can also choose some strange bedfellows who may be of a criminal nature or at least dubious or peculiar characters. You travel frequently and seek contacts among the wealthy and influential. You usually gain from both your travels and your friends. You are prepared to endure to gain your ends even if it costs you. This position favours the birth of children but one may be sickly. Your emotional and imaginative side is emphasised by the position and you have a great love of pleasure. Saturn in Libra. You are likely to gain from both marriage and partnerships in general and your father could help bring these profitable unions about. You are likely to acquire status and rank in your joint ventures or associations helped by a sympathetic disposition towards others. Religion and mysticism could interest and reward you. Your marriage partner could be of a marked age difference or status but the union will be good for both of you, with the partners both gaining in prestige and influence or wealth. Uranus in Sagittarius. You are progressive and daring by nature and insist on your freedom of thought and movement for you are a traveller both physically and mentally. You could have prophetic dreams or visions, premonitions, or acute intuition. You like to keep up with scientific progress in your field. Your love of independence can bring conflict upon you, especially with your marriage partner. But your ideas and thoughts in general are liable to bring you into conflict with others for you like to say what you think regardless. Your love of independence can bring conflict upon you, especially with your marriage partner. But your ideas and thoughts in general are liable to bring you into conflict with others for you like to say what you think regardless. Your love of independence can bring conflict upon you, especially with your marriage partner. But your ideas and thoughts in general are liable to bring you into conflict with others for you like to say what you think regardless.


Neptune in Sagittarius. You are very drawn to travel both mentally and physically so that you can expand your almost mystical and poetic feelings and insights into the motivations of others. Dreams and visions can prove true for you, you should also listen to your inspirations which can set you in the right direction. You like philosophical literature and other cultures, you are always seeking to expand the body of your knowledge and are attracted to offbeat ideas and religions. You need to concentrate on the positive side of your insights and talents for there is a liability to fall prey to vague restless fears and longings which cannot be fulfilled. You are likely to get wanderlust, vague feelings of discontent, experience strange dreams or ideas, become emotionally over sensitive and develop curious psychic states of mind. This happens when you allow negative emotions to crowd out your more positive thoughts and feelings. You are likely to get wanderlust, vague feelings of discontent, experience strange dreams or ideas, become emotionally over sensitive and develop curious psychic states of mind. This happens when you allow negative emotions to crowd out your more positive thoughts and feelings.


Pluto in Libra. The generation born betwen 1972 and 1984 will feel the effects of the emphasis given by Pluto to international relations and also those between ethnic groups, classes and the sexes. The need for a new way of relating to others will become apparent, and a need to establish regulated law in these areas. The settling of disputes through arbitration rather then conflict will be brought into sharp focus. On a personal level, there will be a need for marriage and partnerships to be seen in a new light which liberates their potential and removes old constraints. Chiron in Taurus. The last group to be born in this sign were those from 1977-84, and previously from 1926-34. Both periods saw recessions in force which leave their mark on you, your interest in values and in conserving what is best in the culture is strong, you appreciate what you are given rather than trying to create new systems and values. You care strongly about deciding what is right and wrong and living by these values. In sexual matters you are well tuned into the earthly energies and this can become mixed with the higher energies that Chiron can introduce through the kundalini force so that in sexual matters you can become very driven. Chiron represents the means by which we transcend the material world ruled by Saturn and venture out into the esoteric worlds beyond Uranus, and the house position of Chiron shows what area of life you particularly care about establishing values in. This is described in the Planets in the Houses section later in this reading. While you may not create new value systems, you can teach others the highest values your culture has achieved or aspires to.


Size of your family. The size of a family is dependent on the two partners and while your horoscope may indicate no children this can be changed if your partner has indicators of several children. One of the indicators is the position of the moon. In your chart the position of the moon indicates that you are likely to have an average to large family.


Marriage is ruled by the seventh house, and any planets in this house. You will find these planets listed below where there are any, otherwise the star sign is the main influence. Your emotions and passions are expressed according to the nature of the star sign on the cusp of your Fifth House. This house also rules children, money speculation, sports and entertainment, the public stage in any form and love affairs. If there are planets in the Fifth House they are listed below, otherwise the star sign is the main influence. The star sign influencing your house of marriage and partnership is Gemini - you will probably be involved in more than one marriage or partnership for you have an ever roving eye and are emotionally something of a loner. You attract people who are clever and versatile and who can help you in practical ways. Although you are adept at putting your case forward you like the idea that your partner will represent you and your ideas. It is possible your partner will earn money that you use to help improve your own situation. You want to control the family finances. You like to treat your lovemaking as an exercise in demonstrating your admiration for your partner so that they feel they have been put upon a pedastal for your regal attention. Your bedroom will be a place of opulent display with every comfort that you can afford. The star sign influencing your Fifth House of expression is Taurus - you are subject to strong feelings and sensations which can overwhelm your rational thoughts. You are romantic and sensual in love while you show a consistent love and affection towards children taking a great pride in their accomplishments. Mercury in Fifth House. You have an intellectual interest in artistic and creative pursuits. This may take the form of writing or any other method of having intellectual influence such as teaching, especially in the primary grades since education of young children interests you. You can express yourself dramatically and well. Games of a mental nature such as chess or crosswords appeal to you. Stock market analysis and investment is another area likely to appeal to your interest. You are attracted to people who can stimulate your intellectual side and provide excitement. Your emotions can completely take over your thinking processes. You could be involved in an affair where the welfare of children causes a lot of worry or concern. You could become conceited and snobbish over intellectual matters. In speculation, you will worry too much, in romance your criticism and analysis may be too trying, you are also likely to be inconstant emotionally. You may do well out of investments and speculation and/or from your interest in the welfare of children. There is the danger of scandal and poor reputation in connection with love affairs, so that separation or divorce may result. You may also be troubled by your concern for the welfare of those you love and cherish. Venus in Fifth House. You are able to enjoy life to the full and can look forward to successful love affairs and at least one happy love attachment which brings you all you desire. You love to entertain others and can be successful with concerts, entertainments and social gatherings. You have the prospect of a happy home life. You should be popular and well liked and should be talented in the performing arts. You like the theatre and music concerts especially, and will enjoy going on dates to these venues. You are likely to have children who are artistically talented and have great physical beauty especially if they are girls which is quite likely. You have a deep love of children and could make a loving teacher, parent or counsellor. Your contacts with the opposite sex may bring problems and trouble since you are likely to bestow your affections indiscriminately and unconventionally. Your children too may bring their problems even though they are beautiful and talented. Your contacts with the opposite sex may bring problems and trouble since you are likely to bestow your affections indiscriminately and unconventionally. Your children too may bring their problems even though they are beautiful and talented. You are likely to get involved in intense, even obsessive love affairs which take you over so that you are very much driven by your unconscious compulsions and find it difficult to free yourself from them. Your contacts with the opposite sex may bring problems and trouble since you are likely to bestow your affections indiscriminately and unconventionally. Your children too may bring their problems even though they are beautiful and talented. You will be extravagant in taking your pleasures and may not be able to gratify your emotions.


Chiron in fifth house Underlying much of your behaviour is a search to release your creative playful energies, you will be sure from an early age that experience of life first hand is the great teacher and also that sexual experience will open your eyes to the workings of the life force. This can make for a complicated sexual life as you seek out diversity of expression and to become aware of your sexual energies, of your desire to find the ideal playmate, there is joy seeking to be released but it can only actually be liberated when you learn to express your creativity, sexual maturity and love of life on a conscious as opposed to a compulsive level, once you learn to express this power as a gift you can enlighten both yourself and your partner about the joys of self expression and love, the greatest healer of all. Sun conjunct Seventh House. This position gives the sun particular power in your chart. Sun in Seventh House. An indication that you will have a proud and honourable partner and that you will progress in life through your marriage. You will make lasting attachments and firm friends for you are stimulated by social intercourse in all forms. Your confident manner brings popularity and eases dealings with superiors. It bodes well for successful business partnerships and dealing with the public. You are likely to experience much domestic happiness in marriage with a reliable, fruitful and generous partner who is very supportive to you and understands you. You are likely to experience much domestic happiness in marriage with a reliable, fruitful and generous partner who is very supportive to you and understands you.


Moon in Seventh House. You are likely to marry early and have a partner who likes to travel, is fond of change and rather fluctuating in their affections, you need to be flexible to accommodate yourself to the idiosyncracies of your partner. You are likely to be popular and responsive to the needs of others and the public. There is the possibility that some kind of tragedy will befall your partner and that you will be rather fickle and untrustworthy. There could be some kind of illusion or compulson characterising the relationship of which you are not fully aware. Node in Seventh House. You will do well through partnerships and marriage, for you need and will benefit from the perceptions and contacts of your partner or partners. You may be manipulated by others who take advantage of your social gaucheness or shyness. Your career, success and honour. The sign on your tenth house and the planets in this house indicate your likely success in life and how this may be achieved. The star sign influencing your career is Scorpius - you see your career as a chance to reinvent or reinvigorate yourself and this can bring you renown. But you neither seek to dominate or wish to be dominated at work. You are likely to feel dissatisfied with the old ways of doing things for there is a touch of the revolutionary in you when it comes to authority and those who hold it over you. Jupiter conjunct Midheaven. This position gives great power to Jupiter in your chart. You are likely to enjoy many opportunities to succeed and your potential for prosperity and a high position is good especially in the later part of life. Ethical principles are employed in business dealings and public responsibilities. This is a good position for financial and social success. It is also favourable for involvement in politics and gives organisational ability to managers and executives. As you get older, your dignified manner becomes more pronounced although there is a temptation to neglect domestic life in pursuit of career success.


The Midheaven, or cusp of the tenth house, reveals through any planets placed there or making significant aspects to it what success and honours and recognition you may achieve. The most powerful position, the conjunction has already been listed if applicable, below are any other aspects found in your chart. Sun trine Midheaven. You are likely to enjoy some prominence in your career for this is a favourable aspect for public life and recognition, which will enable you to expand your domestic arrangements as well and form the basis of a happy family life. Moon trine Midheaven. You are likely to achieve professional success through adapting to the demands of the public or the emotional demands of your superiors so that you create security for yourself and your family, who you are able to offer emotional support to through your sensitivity. Mercury biquintile Midheaven. Follow your creative impulses to articulate and write about your job which is likely to be in the mental sphere, good communications with your employers or superiors help you progress. In family life you seek to share intellectual and educational interests and may have a large library or home computer system to assist progress. You are ambitious professionally, and your relatives may be able to assist both your home and job ambitions. Uranus semi sextile Midheaven. You may win sudden success or renown at work through a discovery, new approach or unusual development you pioneer, if you are prepared to make the most of your natural talents. The work could be involved with electronics or an advanced new area such as science, metaphysics, travel, rock music, new age medicine, computing or similar field. At home you are likely to have new gadgets and wizardry like the internet, the house could be striking and the atmosphere stimulating. Fortune sextile midheaven You will find that good luck and circumstance plus your efforts help you to develop your talents and abilities so that you enjoy a degree of fame and recognition for your achievements. Your temperament and outlook on the world. This is determined by your Rising Sign which is Sagittarius - you like to project an enthusiastic face to those around you which can be a source of inspiration to them. Your ambitions are geared to large-scale goals. You appear friendly, interested and jovial in your companions but you do have a tendency to take things for granted and to think things are how you want them to be. You can influence people to adopt your way of thinking which is to your advantage. You will experience both good and bad fortune in life equally. You are highly impressionable though fond of your liberty and independence. Often you are reckless, extravagant and rebellious. Neptune conjunct Ascendant. This has a particularly powerful effect in your chart. You are likely to have an air of mystery in your appearance for you are an ethereal hard to pin down character and this may show in your dreamy eyes, you are likely to be exceptional in your talents as well. Gifts for musicianship or other art are indicated, or you may use your intuition in some other way to produce inspired work. You are likely to attract strange companions or associates and these links may go back to the past. You are highly aware of the motivations of people and can detect the causes behind events as well with your far seeing capabilities. You are aware of your self and your environment to a high degree and are very sensually aware as well. You are drawn to mysterious places as well as people. You will not fully understand your psychic gifts but they are there and you should follow your intutions where possible. Neptune in Sagittarius. You are full of Utopian ideas, both inspirational and imaginative but you are also highly sympathetic to people. You are likely to attract peculiar events and people into your life of a deceptive nature, so that you could experience instability and may be tempted to lose yourself in drink or drugs, since you allow your emotions to blind you to reality. You are liable to let your emotions get the better of you and be carried away blindly on infatuations and loose living where you do not take responsbility for yourself and indulge in affairs and romances where treachery and misfortune dog your steps or there is some other deceptive influence at work in the relationship.


Sun opposite Ascendant. It is hard for you to project yourself out to the world as you actually are so that you are likely to act inappropriately, become frustrated and find it hard to overcome the blocks. You will find it difficult to be understood by the public and your partner. To gain acceptance you will have to sacrifice some of your self expression and individuality. Jupiter sextile Ascendant. You project and inspire goodwill and confidence through your constructive optimistic outlook and manner so that you can gain the co-operation of the public and partners including your marriage partner once you make the effort. Saturn quintile Ascendant. You are rather dignified but also original in manner and this combination prompts people to respect your flair and honesty and to entrust you with the implementation of joint plans, even though they also regard you as rather unresponsive personally. In marriage you will seek stability, and you fulfill your obligations here as elsewhere by adding your own little touch. Pluto sextile Ascendant. You are easily capable of transforming any project you touch and will enjoy applying your willpower, concentration, clairvoyance and keen awareness to the pursuit of raising both your own awareness and that of others. You can both initiate and improve projects, make discoveries and provide leadership through the confidence and strength you project. Money and possessions. The second house of the horoscope shows your attitude and abilities regarding money and possessions. Any planets in the second house are listed, otherwise the planet ruling the star sign will influence your finances. The star sign influencing your financial affairs is Aquarius - you are able to make money through working with groups and corporations in original ways, it is likely you will contribute to advanced and ingenious ways of exploiting techniques and innovations in your field. Ruling planet is Uranus. Worldly success. The part of fortune indicates which area of your life is likely to bring you success and a sense of well being. In your horoscope this is found in the area connected to your many opportunities for self expression, making the most of your natural abilities and the events of your life. These events are likely to impact on your career and public reputation which will be very important to you. So you may need to protect yourself against slander and scandal in your career. Sun opposite Fortune There will be obstacles and difficulties to overcome in establishing yourself and creating a sense of wellbeing. Moon opposite Fortune There are obstacles to overcome before you can make your name in public, women can the source of these problems. Venus biquintile Fortune Good luck will allow you to express your creativity and essential warmth so that you strike up happy relationships with people. Jupiter sextile Fortune You can easily find yourself the darling of society thanks to your efforts with some form of recognition and praise likely. Uranus semi sextile Fortune You will be caught up in the excitement of discovery in new age fields like rock, computers and aviation, and you are also likely to get involved often with progressive inspirational people. Fortune conjunct Ascendant You will find that events in your life tend to work towards giving you greater scope and freedom. And it all seems to happen of its own accord. A


Your hidden talents, fears and secrets. The twelvth house of the horoscope indicates all that is hidden from view, the mysterious and unfathomable in life and rules everything from inspiration to confinement. It can indicate where you are not exploiting your talents and likely problems in life. The star sign ruling this house is Sagittarius - you have a healthy philosophical view of life which can prove a good support to you away from the stress of business, but you need to guard against overreaching ambitions not capable of achievement. You are in danger of taking yourself and the world too seriously and losing your invaluable sense of humour and proportion. Neptune in Twelvth House. You have an intuitive link with the unconsious mind so that strong mystical tendencies are manifested, privacy and seclusion are sought to further the inner spiritual search. Much depth of spiritual wisdom is carried over from the past and there are often memories of previous incarnations. You could be adept at clairvoyance healing, ESP, poetry, music, much sensitivity as well as ability is indicated. You can gain from things kept secret that even your friends do not suspect. Detective work and all work through private agencies will do well. You are likely to be sympathetic compassionate and charitable. You need to be on your guard against treachery, fraud and deception although it is quite possible you deceive yourself. Underhand conduct from others and all sorts of secret enmity are a possibility. You need to be on your guard against treachery, fraud and deception although it is quite possible you deceive yourself. Underhand conduct from others and all sorts of secret enmity are a possibility. You could be prey to vague fears and neurotic tendencies and are in danger from fraud or deception, particularly self deception.


Travel, philosophy and higher education. The ninth house of your chart gives information about your interest in the development of your mind, with an emphasis on the philosophical, religious and likely future lines of development. It also indicates the likelihood of travel where this is used to improve and broaden your approach to life. The sign ruling this house in your chart is Libra - you like to travel for pleasure with friends and may marry in a foreign country or marry someone of foreign birth or background. You look for harmony and beauty in life and tend to marry someone who has refinement and a good education. Mars in Ninth House. You are an enthusiastic supporter of philosophical movements and theories, or of religions and institutions of higher learning, but your enthusiasm can sweep you away at the expense of reason so that you follow your instincts. When self control is practised this position gives the drive to put advanced ideas into action. You will be attracted to adventure and overseas travel where you will journey hopefully and have a love of freedom of thought. You may pursue truth or power or gold with indomitable strength pushing on against all odds. You are likely to be an independent thinker and are far removed from accepted orthodoxies. There may be some dangers on travels and litigation carries risks for you. You love change and are prepared to fight for your convictions. You are likely to have a zealous and enterprising mind. Jupiter in Ninth House. The ability to have true dreams is one of the gifts of this position. You will have a deep love of philosophy, religion and higher learning and will pursue your education as far as can unless there are difficulties. You may be found in teaching, the ministry, the law, publishing or travel. You may find success abroad and it is favourable for international interests. You are likely to have a broad minded tolerance of people and make a good teacher even if this not your career choice. Love of metaphysical philosophy can make you a genuine devotee of wisdom and a seeker of truth. Saturn in Ninth House. You have a serious interest in meditation, religion, philosophy and higher education, while you judge systems of belief according to their practical value and social use especially in your later years. It favours scientific and metaphysical investigation so that you may be interested in studying astrology or other psychic studies. Travel may produce problems or foreign affairs may. In some there is a tendency towards self deception and a crafty scheming mentality. You will probably seek education at a traditional seat of learning as a path to status and professional advancement. You seek positions of power and authority within institutions such as higher learning or the church or government or publishing where the development of the higher mind is cultivated. You are concerned for your moral reputation and your religious standards are likely to be traditional. You may deal with travel on a professional basis and many overseas trips will be undertaken for business rather than pleasure purposes. You need to guard against pessimism and bigotry, agnosticism and thinking too hard and long about people where you emerge being over critical. Pluto in Ninth House. You have the ability to penetrate through to the heart of problems connected with the smooth functioning of society and will have some valid suggestions for improvement in social values and practices. You are very driven over matters to do with values and beliefs and will find it hard to compromise. You seek distinction through achievement in thought or higher education, and have little tolerance for hypocrisy, or injustice, especially as it affects you. There is an element of obsessiveness in you about religion and current philosophy and you could go overboard in support of a more extreme belief. You could espouse a militant cause or be aggressively atheistic or anti-social at some time but your beliefs may undergo dramatic and far reaching changes as a result of trying to put them into practice.


Work relationships and health. The star sign influencing your Sixth House of work and health shows how you will get along with co-workers and the physical state of your health. If there are no planets shown in this house, it is unlikely to greatly affect you. The star sign influencing your sixth house is Gemini - you are ingenious and versatile with work and can can keep several projects on the go at the same time. You will have many ideas for improving efficiency and like to treat your fellow workers in a fraternal way which helps you to manage them skilfully. Friendship, hopes and wishes. The eleventh house in your chart gives information about your friends and acquaintances, your hopes, wishes, aspirations and the kind of people you will mix with in life. If there are no planets listed in the eleventh house then the star sign influencing the eleventh house will colour your acquaintanceships. This is Scorpius - you like your friends to be powerful, aggressive and dynamic in what they do, since they can do many of the difficult jobs you are too reserved and circumspect to do yourself. You avoid getting involved with people you consider weak. Uranus in Eleventh House. You will draw your friends from a wide and unusual circle for you are very open minded and seek out those like yourself concerned with discovering scientific and religious truth, you seek this without fear or favour and are able to sense the laws underlying life. You will attract gifted people like writers, inventors, scientists, even geniuses, into your circle. In marriage and relationships you are ahead of your time having little regard for convention and an attraction to the bohemian lifestyle or a reluctance to get formally married. You are tolerant of the foibles of others and expect the same in return. Friendships can be formed and dissolve very quickly, some of them unusual or remarkable in their character and effect upon you. You will usually derive some benefit and stimulation from them. You may attract some very odd people, like charlatans, drug users, warlocks, occultists, eccentrics and cranks into your social sphere and need to guard against treachery and unreliablity from them. Beware of using people for it can backfire on you. You may attract some very odd people, like charlatans, drug users, warlocks, occultists, eccentrics and cranks into your social sphere and need to guard against treachery and unreliablity from them. Beware of using people for it can backfire on you. You may attract some very odd people, like charlatans, drug users, warlocks, occultists, eccentrics and cranks into your social sphere and need to guard against treachery and unreliablity from them. Beware of using people for it can backfire on you.


Your mental expression, neighbourhood activity and communications. This area of your life is ruled by the third house and the sign influencing the mind, communications, short journeys and local activity is Aries - you can be quite aggressive in arguing for your ideas and theories since there is a strong competitive element in your thinking. You can be acute, intellectual, ambitious and aspiring in your schemes and plans so that you can open up new avenues of expression and application. You may have some rivalry with your brothers and sisters or relatives. You can be selfish and impulsive in speech, thought and deed. Your mode of thinking is likely to make you ambitious, changeable, aspiring and very enterprising. Your early life and later years. The fourth house of your chart relates to your background, family, early years, present home and also the later years. The star sign influencing this house and its affairs is Taurus - you see the home as a place where you can provide security and stimulation for family members. You want an elegant home, with beautiful decorations and tasteful furnishings which will be uplifting, music and art will take pride of place within it. Shared resources, the mysteries of life and death. The eighth house controls shared resources, corporate money, insurance, taxes, wills and financial liabilities. It also indicates the nature of death and of other worldly experiences, in this existence and others, and the nature of the sex drive. The sign ruling your eighth house of transforming experiences is Leo - you may work in insurance, and like to have control of joint finances, you welcome being a trustee of a will and being in charge of the disposal of assets. You are likely to live a long time.


This section shows how the planets in your chart link up and the energies that these links produce. The energies will be particularly active in the houses in which the planets are found, which you can find in the preceding section. The 12 houses represent the 12 main areas of life experiences. As with all the horoscope you should look out for patterns and repeated themes, as well as repeated traits, the more repetitions, the more influential the trait is likely to be. Technical note. What makes kozmik horoscopes unique is that the program is written to take account of how other aspects affect each part of the reading. Short sentences added at the end of paragraphs indicate how there is an influence from another aspect on the one you are reading, and you get a reading for the effect of the aspects combined, rather like a cooking recipe describing what the ingredients produce when mixedi. This ability to look at the whole horoscope and interpret the effects is what makes kozmik horoscopes unlike any other computer interpretation program I know in the world. The program is selecting from a vast store of possibilities it has taken over five years to enter into the database for every prediction it makes, which is why no two readings are ever the same. Only with the new advanced power of computers making millions of calculations a second has this become possible. Moon trine Jupiter. You are one of the aristocrats of nature and probably well connected on the maternal side of the family, including some financial help from legacies or gifts. You are optimistic, cheerful, tactful, full of bonhomie and have a humanitarian outlook. You have probably never had to be very careful with money since you take its presence for granted, but you have the knack of finding good sources of income through friends. Your character is your destiny and you have a keen sense of right and wrong. Your thinking runs along conventional lines and you are a believer in the status quo even though you feel you should help your fellow man. There is something devotional in your make up which promotes your sense of duty to men. You will either inherit wealth or create it from your own business ability.


Saturn quintile Neptune Your apparently eccentric and outrageous plans receive subtle mysterious support so that you are able to bring them off where others would fail. This is a particularly helpful influence for creative and artistic work for it lends a touch of practicality to other worldly schemes, making real what appears fantastical. This influence extends into all material activities as well as artistic ones and brings hidden support to your activities. There is a touch of magic about your ability to solve mysteries and pick up clues others would miss, your powers of visualisation can also be used to give form to your intuitions, which has artistic and practical applications. You have an innate understanding of the laws of cause and effect which can be used in detecting trends whether in the stock market or the world at large. If there are other trines or conjunctions listed to either Neptune or Saturn in your chart this ability will be more pronounced. Moon square Mars. Your mind is quick and active, you possess exceptional capabilities but your mind is more analytic than creative, anything that requires an appreciation of facts is your best avenue. However there is a tendency for inertia to hold you back after initial zest. You may experience nervous tension which is released through drink or drugs, when you should seek more constructive solutions to this blockage. You need to get plenty of sleep and relaxation. There is the danger of temper outbursts and alcohol is likely to loosen your emotional control so that violence may occur. You need to guard against emotional suppression resulting in ulcers or stomach problems, finding healthy positive outlets for your emotional drives is essential for your well being. You could have trouble getting along with women since you are forceful and aggressive with them. Jupiter semi sextile Uranus Especially if supported by other aspects which are positive to Jupiter or Uranus, this influence helps to achieve prestige and influence in advanced scientific and philosophical areas. In business or large enterprises there is popularity and support for your initiatives and contribution. You may experience much inspiration and upliftement from your philosophy once you have developed it. This can be a good position for legacies. You have the ability to carry out your plans, for you are both a planner and an executive so that you can succeed in big business, a certain amount of luck also follows you. Your practicality is blended with a high idealism which is what gives you authority. You are philosophical, capable of taking the broad view and can express yourself dramatically giving you the power to sway through your oratory. By itself the aspect will not produce great results but combined with other more aggressive aspects it will lead to recognition as well as unexpected gains. Saturn semi square Uranus You are independent, even eccentric, in thought and action but this independence does not aid your career since there is an element of quarrelsomeness in your temperament which can work against you. If you learn to co-operate and have tact you will find easier outlets for your inventive and original thinking but you are a strong and influential character, who has an electric effect on people. You are liable to be inconsistent and upset people through this perverse streak, there is a certain lack of adaptability and common sense in your approach to life accompanied by dictatorial tendencies where opposed. Although you have plenty of drive, purpose and stamina it is liable to be used for improper ends or even criminal ends. In some charts this indicates an inertia and inability to improve or progress in life, or sloth or some other impediment to constructive positive thinking. There can be long standing and difficult to cure conditions and diseases associated with the constitution and nervous system if there are other negative factors linked to these planets and no positive aspects from the sun, moon or ascendant. Sun trine Jupiter. You are full of good spirits, vitality and optimism which produces a lucky streak so that you are unlikely to have to go without, and will do very well in business. You do like to spend, especially in company, and have the ability to keep going for a long time. This further adds to your capacity to enjoy life to the full. In the arts or professions you can be sure of a good return. You have a fundamental honesty and are protected by spiritual forces from being down and out. You may have excellent insights into the future and a far sightedness akin to prophecy. In some cases individuals will retire from the world into their books and the company of close friends. You are likely to experience a rise in life to a position where you gain some recognition and will have an attraction for outside activities, travel, sports like yachting, riding and all energetic pastimes.


Sun inconjunct Uranus Your early life is likely to be on the wild side, for you love adventure, and will have an up and down love life as you put your liberal ideas into practice. As you get older, you develop more of a humanitarian outlook, rather than entirely libertarian. You will have experienced ups as well as downs in your emotional life, and still have a volatile temper so learning to co-operate with others is especially important. You tend to work in spurts and lack perseverance, there is the risk that nervous tension will cause you to act irrationally and bring down projects you have long sought to achieve. You can make a determined enemy where you believe injustice is involved. You need to guard against an irrational streak when under stress especially as you liable to end associations and relationships suddenly on the spur of the moment unless you learn restraint of your impulsive nature. You are highly charged sexually and this will need controlling if you are to avoid getting into difficult even dangerous situations. You are capable of developing a genuine concern for the progress of humanity, working in groups or through ideas. Mercury trine Mars. You have a quick facile mind well capable of grasping scientific facts, as well as being interested in them. However, you have a tendency to lack of direction and purpose, which means you skim the surface although you can achieve great results in a short time. This facility means there is an attraction to live on your wits. You would be better advised to devise and hold to a purpose when your quickness of perception and grasp of detail can bring success. You could well have mechanical abilities and engineering skills there is a practical side to your scientific knowledge. You put across a strong case in speech or writing and may be interested in mystery novels. You respond immediately to mental stimulus and could seek to lead opinion in some way, especially good causes. There is a danger that your powerful emotions can get in the way of clear thinking if you do not control your drives and passions. You enjoy debate and scoring points and will say exactly what you think, come what may. You are competitive and like to show off your knowledge. You express yourself with energy and are to the point but can get involved in heated arguments when emotion can blind your reason temporarily. Your digestion and health should be good, you can also benefit from drugs in the treatment of ailments and may have an affinity for hygiene, chemistry and the physical earth sciences, where you will love to probe mysteries. Manual dexterity will help in the practice of art, carving, sculpture, conjuring, as well as any mechanical or engineering work which requires some practical skill. You will not make enough of your native good wit and intelligence because you are something of a daydreamer. Venus sesquadrate Mars You will experience turbulent emotional weather through your active love and sex life at times, for the aspect indicates some strange situations here, brought about through a lack of harmony and your determined independence in all matters to do with love and sex. You are temperamental by nature, and your involvements will be serious even if misdirected so that a great deal of heat is generated. You could be a highly romantic person both sensual and inclined to extravagance in dress, pleasure, spending and place of residence. This adds spice to your magnetic attraction and your love of company will bring out these qualities for others to see and enjoy, since there is little censoriousness in you. But your carelessness, extravagance or deliberate dishonesty can lead to separations, friends can turn to enemies where the opposite sex is concerned as love turns to hate. Your love of pleasure can run up sizeable bills as well as deplete your energies if some moderation is not exercised. You are prone to jealousy or suffer from it in romantic partners. Sun opposite Neptune You are much given to beautiful impractical dreams, and these can can cast a spell over you. You are drawn to the sensational and the bizarre which can bring you into contact with unreliable people who will not bring out the best in you. There is a certain impractical and visionary quality in your thinking and feeling which should be restrained by the use of reason if you are to avoid being sucked into activities which are not good for you. A desire for importance can lead you into thinking you have been been chosen for some important mission and you need to be careful of involvement with cults which exploit your tendency to believe in the bizarre. You have an escapist tendency which needs to be balanced by reason. You could get involved in strange, morbid or even degrading romance and sexual attractions, including secret love affairs, scandal and obsessional behaviour. Avoid get rich quick schemes which could prove disasterous for you, there is an element within you which seeks easy money and leaves wide open to deception. Venus conjunct Chiron You are very preoccupied with tuning into the powers and energies represented by the kundalini force released during orgasmic sex and will have a deep affinity for the earth which you see as the source of these energies. You see the universe itself as an ecstatic exchange of male and female energies and desire to merge with this cosmic orgasm through awakening the Uranian kundalini energies. In relationships you are idealistic and seek a spiritual dimension to them, while religions such as the mystery religions that make great play on the ritual of the joining of the male and female forces will also appeal to you. Union with the universe itself is your ultimate goal and ecstasy you see as your short cut into this state through sexual union. You also seek intensity and spiritual values. Mars sesquadrate Chiron You will feel uneasy at using your complete powers in early life since you sense that they can take you into new strange areas of experience once you give them full expression. But there is also a side to you pressing on to seek new transforming experiences and this will win out in the end, even if the transformation does not take place till middle age. You are in any case stirred to take action to fight injustice and can easily see yourself as a knight crusader for your beliefs. Becoming an eco warrior would be a modern equivalent that may well appeal to you. Neptune inconjunct Chiron You feel a strong compulsion to move beyond the merely mundane to a more mystical state that tunes you into universal energies but unless you learn specific techniques and disciplines to achieve this, such as yoga and meditation, you are likely to use substances and alcohol to try to achieve this state and dissolve into indiscriminate mindless behaviour and confusion. Pluto inconjunct Chiron You always feel, especially while young, an inner tension seeking to be released which makes you want to probe into the motivation of both people and events, but there is a sense of frustration at being unable to release these energies you feel in a positive way. It may take to your mid 40s to completely resolve this tension and find positive outlets for your need to help others. You can help resolve their problems as you will have done for yourself by this midlife time. You have to learn the hard way that there are transforming energies in the universe and within yourself that are seeking to find an outlet. Either you blocking these deep drives to expression of your potential, or authority figures in your life blocking them, will produce much inner tension that demands to be resolved. Sun trine Pluto. You want to live life to the full and have a magnetism about you that attracts the people and circumstances necessary for your success. You adapt easily to situations and have the self confidence from things generally running your way. You want to make an impact in your profession and have the potential for leadership, you can be a builder of bridges bringing others together in a common purpose to change the environment. Your capacity for self renewal could lead to an interest in keep fit, yoga, meditation or other self improvement systems. Moon conjunct Sun. The aspect adds a concentrating power to the nature but can lead to the mental energies pushing the physical frame too far since vitality is likely to be low and energy should be conserved where possible. There can be organic problems and poor health. You can be very active and creative in connection with the home, partner and children. Venus opposite Uranus You go hot and cold in relationships and do not have great expectations of human nature, which will be reflected in a great disappointment through misplaced or frustrated affection. You are strongly unconventional and hasty in sex and emotional matters, bringing a remarkable degree of independence to your love life. You can get very detached in emotional situations causing distress to others and then you can go to the other extreme of temperament and impulse. This makes for an erratic unpredictable life with periodic urges to self destruct. Sometimes love and friendship merge in your mind and you are always subject to sudden attractions which are exciting while they last which is usually not very long. Sometimes promiscuity or perversion result from this aspect if other aspects reinforce this tendency. Certainly your involvements with the opposite sex are likely to have their troubles as well as their excitements. You are fixed in your attractions and will not listen to reason going all out to satisfy your emotions and obtain sexual gratification. Mercury sesquadrate Pluto You are rather closed to new ideas and thinking, and may have found learning difficult due to your closed mind. You can learn readily about a subject if it captures your interest and become a self made person. You do have a tendency to be brusque and blurt out cutting sarcasm without thinking of the effect, so that you lose the sympathy and support of those you need to achieve your goals. You are highly adverse to criticism, even when it is constructive. Venus inconjunct Pluto You have learnt painfully that love carries burdens and responsibilities as much as bliss, for you seem to attract those who have a burden and find it difficult to give in a relationship. Your love life may reflect your own inner turbulence and it will be necessary for you to accept yourself as you are before you are able to attract a loving giving person. You may marry from a feeling you need financial and emotional security and you may have secret love affairs with married people, what you really need is an intense love where you are forced to give and bring about your own transformation. Sex and romance are likely to be coloured by financial considerations, this can lead to involvement with prostitution. Sexual passions are likely to overwhelm you and there is often a fated element in relationships. Neptune sextile Pluto You have gradually developed your own individual philosophy of life as you have grown up until it is now very distinctive and adapted to the demands of modern life. You have the talents in the artistic or psychic areas to express these ideas to the betterment of all. The North Node of the Moon. The position of this in your chart indicates where you can expect to receive unexpected good fortune thanks to previous work, it is an indicator of future development, where you will make progress in life, where you will feel at ease and happy in your situation. Aspects from the planets will affect this karmic influence and they are listed below if there are any planetary aspects. In your chart the node comes under the influence of the star sign Cancer - you will place great emphasis on establishing a haven for yourself and your family where you can develop your interests and talents undisturbed by the world outside.


Mars square node. You are likely to be at odds with society in your actions and socially acceptable behaviour will find you lacking. You can be aggressive at the wrong time or in the wrong place. You could irritate other people and frustrate yourself with your inappropriate actions. Saturn square node. Your ambitions in life are often thwarted by what seems like bad luck but it is your caution and carefulness which prevents you seizing the opportunities which come along. You may fall back on yourself as a consequence and have little to do with society.


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