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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here are some of the horoscopes for William currently available on the web.

Prince William's Web Horoscopes:

Horoscope  Horoscope Type*  Zodiac Chart  House System  Chart  Originally Found At: 
01: Anonymous        Natal 
02: Anonymous  Natal    None (0) 
03: Whitaker, Anne  Natal/Solar Return  Tropical (1) Placidus (1)  yes 
04: Anonymous  Natal  Tropical  Placidus (2)  yes and at 
05: Marion March  Natal  Tropical  Koch (2)  yes  
06: Steve Judd  Natal/Solar Return 
07: Liz Greene  
08: Anonymous    Tropical  Placidus (2) (3)  yes 
09: Laura Pogiani    Tropical (1) Placidus (1)  yes 
10: Anonymous      (0) (4)  yes
11: Stacey Woolf 
12: Kelli Fox  Solar Return Tropical Placidus and Koch (5) 
13: Anonymous    Tropical  Placidus (2)  yes 
14: Adrian Duncan    Tropical (1) Placidus  yes 
15: Claudia Dikinis 
16: Myra & David Williamson  Natal   Tropical  Placidus 
17: Amy J. Volkers   Aspects  Tropical  Placidus 
18: Pandit G 
19: Nimmi  Natal  Tropical 
20: Shelley von Strunckel   Natal  Tropical 
21: Penny Thornton  Natal/Solar Return  Tropical  Placidus 
22: Brandy Jasmine  Natal/Solar Return  (6) 

Notes on the Horoscopes:

The notes correspond to the numbers in brackets in the Zodiac Chart or House System columns above.

(0)  This astrologer does not use houses in the written horoscope, discussing planets in signs only. 

(1) My best guess of the Zodiac Chart or House System used based on the astrologer's choice of Zodiac Chart, as the astrologer has not stated it.

(2) In these examples, both Placidus and Koch house Zodiac Charts have been redrawn by the software used by the authors to give equal-seeming house sizes for William. [Follow the links for examples of more accurate Non-Equal Zodiac Charts for these House Systems.] The positions of the cusps are then noted around the rim to show the house changes.  This perhaps makes the Charts easier to read but is a bit misleading on first sight.

(3) There is something wrong with this Chart.  It states that it is Placidus but puts Mars and Saturn in the 8th house, whereas they are in the 9th house in a standard Placidus Charts for William.  It does miss the one hour summer time correction for William's birth, which may be a part of the problem.

(4) This is the Chart this site put up for William but it isn't William's - the Sun transiting Virgo gives this away.  I therefore can't work out what House System or Zodiac Chart it is.

(5) An unusual case where the astrologer uses two House Systems - Placidus and Koch.  *Natal is the birth horoscope. Solar return is a horoscope for the current birthday, i.e. the Sun's return to the position which it was in at birth - the planets will not be in the same positions however.

(6) The astrologer uses no Zodiac Signs in her horoscope restricting her information to Houses and Aspects. However she does not say which house system she is using.

Anonymity, Zodiacs and House Systems A surprisingly large number of the horoscopes listed above appear without a particular author claiming credit. Less than half of the authors have specified their choice of Zodiac and Chart System. As these two factors make a huge difference to the Zodiac Chart produced, this makes the validity of the horoscopes difficult to assess. The majority of authors have not stated their chosen House System.  Where they have, the clear preference is for Placidus. Surprisingly no astrologer used Equal-House, though reputedly this is popular. Koch is popular in continental Europe, which perhaps explains its low popularity in this list, as only horoscopes available in English are listed here.

Prince William's Zodiac Charts:

1:   Zodiac Charts: The Outer Solar System 
2:   Zodiac Charts: The Inner Solar System 
3:   Prince William's Ascendant 
4:  Prince William's Venus and the Fixed Stars 
5:   Prince William's Natal Sky - the Stars and Planets of his Birth 
6:   Prince William's Chart Systems - View Points and Zodiacs 
7:  Prince William's House Systems - Alcabitius through Vehlow 

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