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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is an anonymous version from the website. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

Prince William of England is captivating the minds of his subjects, the media and the world in much the same way his mother Diana did. A truly handsome and charming young man, William seems to have learned from Diana's charm and grace; he harks back to days when men were gentlemen and women were ladies. His earnestness, good looks and charm are likely to keep the masses enthralled for years to come. Even so, does the future King of England have the right stuff to take the monarchy into the 21st century? The *Stars* have an idea ...

Both William's Sun and Moon lie in Cancer, one of the most sensitive, feeling Signs of the Zodiac. Young William probably felt it to the core when he and the world lost Diana, but he also has surprising depths of intuition and perhaps even psychic ability. He likely still feels intensely connected to his mother, though she is no longer physically present. Cancers often consider home and family ties to be the most important parts of life, and this could mean Prince William will someday make a fine, caring King. He is likely to consider England as intimately his home as his house, and will consider his subjects to be his extended family.

With his Mercury in Gemini (which is ruled by Mercury in the Heavens), the Prince has an intensely logical and intellectual mind. His thoughts leap agilely from one idea to the next; no concept is too complex. His Mercury lies in the Fifth House, which indicates his natural interests will gravitate toward literary or other intellectual pursuits, and will likely seek an intellectual love partner as well, someone who will stimulate his mind and challenge his ideas. Mercury also Trines Mars in his chart, which further enhances his verbal and mental capabilities. He's not only a witty conversationalist, he can pick up on the subtleties of any situation and respond accordingly.

The Prince may seek a partner who stimulates him intellectually, but with his Venus in Taurus in the Fifth House of Pleasure, he will also be all about pleasure and comfort of the physical variety in a love relationship. When he gets involved, Prince William may well consider it to be for life. His love interest will be one lucky lady, too, with such an affectionate, cuddly sweetheart as a lover! Furthermore, his Cancer Moon lies in the Seventh House of Partnerships, which cements his status as a class-A boyfriend. He will be very emotionally sensitive to his sweetheart and his emotional well-being likely depends on maintaining meaningful relationships in his life.

His Mars in Libra indicates that William will always work best with the cooperation and approval of other people backing him up. He is concerned with maintaining harmony as well as with others' welfare, qualities surely learned from his mother, who would certainly appreciate them. His Mars is Conjunct Saturn, lending him a strong sense of duty and responsibility. It's looking like Prince William is truly "fit for a king."

Neptune lies atop his ascendant, pegging William as a creative and artistic soul. The Earl Spencer was right on the mark when he referred to the "imaginative and loving way" in which the late Diana had guided her son. Couple his creativity and artistic sensibility with William's strong sense of values and the Church of England could be led most dynamically in the years to come.

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