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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Steve Judd's version from his own web site. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

An astrological analysis of the prime movers and shakers in the British Royal Family with relation to yet another difficult year in the biggest soap opera on planet...

Prince William

Born just after a near total eclipse of the Sun, which in itself is very rare (one in seven hundred), he also has a very powerful Neptune on the Ascendant (one in two hundred). The eclipse itself was at the very end of Gemini. And almost immediately afterwards, both the Sun and the Moon passed into Cancer. The significance of this is that the point in the heavens representing Galactic Centre – the centre of our galaxy – is exactly, and I do mean exactly, opposing the eclipse point and William’s Sun. Many people have drawn reference to one of his middle names being Arthur, and there is a longing in the British Isles for the return of the Once and Future King. He could actually be that one. He’s certainly the last, best hope for the royal family. Neptune alternatively enlightens and confuses, and here lies the danger. If he inherits his mother’s compassion and sensitivity, he really can become a New World leader. Alternatively, he could just as easily become a drug or alcohol addict, a vacuous playboy, or retreat into religious escapism. During 2003, Pluto passes over his Ascendant. This is likely to bring considerable disruption in his already turbulent life. It will not be a quiet year for him, and events of 2003 are likely to shape the rest of his life.

Princess Diana

Yes, yes, I know she’s physically dead, but from an astrological level her spirit lives on. The difficult stuff in her chart relates to blood family (Neptune, Ceres and Jupiter), and to stuff around freedom from tradition and eating/nurturing issues (Uranus, Moon and Venus in T-square). The compassion, spirituality and the desire for healing, as well as the gullibility, comes from that beautiful Grand Trine between the Sun, Neptune and Chiron. It seems almost inevitable that in times to come, she will be canonised and people will experience visions of her. There is an element of the Faer about her, and like others who died young, her legend will last forever. Longer, perhaps than those of her contemporaries, much to their chagrin..... I find it fascinating to see Uranus, the planet of change and radicality, standing still exactly conjunct Diana’s Moon during October/November 2002, at the height of the media frenzy around the royal family. The Moon represents one’s roots, emotional and psychological foundations, and home and family issues. It is almost as if she is reaching out from beyond the grave to consolidate her place in history.

Prince Charles

Forever cast as the unwilling, being pushed into the limelight, his horoscope shows the gentle aesthete who basically just wanted to be a farmer instead of having someone to squirt the toothpaste onto his brush for him. Everything bar the Moon and Uranus are below the horizon in his chart. There’s a beautiful Venus/Neptune conjunction, giving him that gentle, delicate artistic streak, and an earthy humorous side (Jupiter, Moon and Uranus). However, the conjunction between the Sun and Chiron is symbolic of the Spiritual Warrior, the Wounded Hero and the Fisher King. It raises interesting points about male role models. The Queen also has this conjunction. Sun/Chiron conjunctions are endemic in the charts of those who sacrifice themselves for others, either willingly (service and healing), or unwillingly (martyrs and victims). Until he turns to himself, and himself only and says “What do I really, really want for myself? Where am I going?” and answers himself with honesty and complete assuredness, he will always be seen as dithering and listening to other’s opinions instead of his own judgement. I’ve been saying this since 1985: Charles will either never be King, or if so then only for a brief time before passing it on to one of his sons. Paradoxically, compared to the rest of the royal family, 2003 seems to be a reasonably good time for him. It is representative of him "coming of age".

Camilla Parker Bowles

Similar in different ways to the horoscopes of both William and Diana. Like William, she has the Sun and Moon in Cancer, and like Diana a very powerful Moon/Venus connection. Her challenge from an astrological position is the extremely powerful square between Neptune, and the Moon and Venus. Escapism can be prevalent. At the same time, her chart shows a gentle and nurturing compassion for people or animals that can’t defend themselves, as well as a capacity for empathy. A strong Saturn and Mars give her a sense of stability most of the time but this last year, especially since September 2002, is the exception that proves the rule. Like Charles, she’s very much the “stay at home” type. They both have their Ascendant in the early degrees of Leo. Whilst Camilla will never be the outward going type, there are clear signs that the next few years show a much more grounded approach.

Queen Elizabeth

Another Sun/Chiron conjunction, similar to Prince Charles but stronger. However, instead of being the wounded one, she has steadfastly sailed on through all troubles with showing much emotion. Saturn on her Midheaven is representative of the challenges she has faced over the years, and the power to face those challenges and cope. Jupiter has just hit the Moon/Ceres conjunction in Leo in her horoscope big time, and this will continue until May. Just look at the affairs concerning female family members she has dealt with this year. Mother and sister dying, and the ghost of her daughter in law coming back yet again. And its not going to go away, as next year Neptune passes opposite her Moon, so expect further developments linked to her past and family around things dissolving. However, Uranus is making healthy aspect to her Sun throughout 2003, so some type of breakthrough, makeover or new beginning is also likely. If she is still on the throne by March 2004, she will stay until her dying day.

Prince Philip

With a very strong Sun/Saturn square in his horoscope, it is obvious that words like structure, formation, duty discipline and work have featured in a major way for him. If he had allowed a youthful Prince Charles his romance with a then young Camilla, who knows what might have happened? Instead, the strict daddy, conscious of image, packs his gentle, sensitive son off into the armed forces “to make man of him”. I’m not saying he did wrong – he just did his duty as he saw it at the time. It’s interesting to note that Philip has the same Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon signs as the Queen. There is obviously a great deal more sensitivity and feeling between these two people than would be supposed by their public image. Philip has Pluto passing square to his Saturn and opposite his Sun during 2003. Some type of ending is imminent.


Over the coming eighteen months, I expect Prince Philip to become more low profile. He is approaching his mid-eighties. The Queen shows every sign of having another disruptive year, possible involving her husband. Charles and Camilla both seem to be coming up for reasonably good years, apparently becoming more and more solid in a build up to the time of late 2005 and early 2006, when some type of new beginning is likely. William is likely to have one of the most formative years of his life. For the sake of the future of the monarchy, he needs the spirit and compassion of his mother to be blended with his current day influences. The relationship between the Queen and William needs to be expanded on.

And finally...

The Butler

Unlike the aforementioned individuals, I do not have a time of birth for Paul Burrell. However, a cursory look at his midday chart shows that (in my opinion) he seems like a real nice guy. Its obvious that there’s been a stitch-up to a certain extent, (he’s just finished a year of having Pluto opposing his Sun), but I feel that time will exonerate him. Diana probably chose wisely.

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