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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Laura Pogiani's version from the web site. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

A famous case is here analyzed: the Natal Chart of the future heir to the throne of England William, firstborn of Lady Diana Spencer, who recently died.

To begin, reading her plentiful biographies issued on most magazines all over the world, the dramatic events strike going along the pregnancy of her firstborn, who is so similar in the look to his popular mother. In fact, the pregnancy began in the middle of a conjugal crisis Lady Di went through, while she had to reckon with a serious bulimia. At the forth month, in February 1982, after hundredth fight, exasperated, she threw herself from the stairs and her life and pregnancy were safe thanks to a fall on a hip of ground. Then she would try to cut her wrists and went even so far to torture her body. Such a deep desperation couldn't but leave a trace on the child she was bringing inside her.

It is not a too big surprise to find in Prince William's Chart on the day of his birth, not only the New Moon - a combination which ancients already defined as "delicate" - but also a partial eclipse of the Sun (which took place at 12.07 PM). According to the traditional astrology, this astral combination is extremely adverse and it affects severely the psyche of the person who receives it. In this case it is even overburdened by the opposition to the Planet which, along with the Moon, is strictly connected to the psyche and the deriving disturbs: Neptune. This opposition is particularly delicate because is evident: Neptune is "seated" on the Ascendant, giving a "Neptunian" temper and so oversensitive, but in this case it is hard to dominate rationally, It is due both to the opposition to the two Luminaries and to the involvment of such a peculiar sector like the XII, which is considered of "troubles" not by chance.The particular feature of the V House is remarkable, it is normally linked to the birth where Venus and Mercury are placed both in opposition to Uranus. Now Venus is the ruler of the V in V, Mercury is the ruler of the VI (pathologic states) as well as of Luminaries while Uranus is connected to violent traumas. Is there a more clear symbology of traumatic events his mother went through and consequently the child still in her womb? Neptune too, symbolizing the foetus and the amniotic liquid, due to the delicate position we desribed above, gives strength to this symbology. The V-XI axis is defined "of the balance" and the presence of oppositions in this sector are undoubtful signals of nervous unreliability which is hard to control. Particularly in this case, the oppositions involve Uranus and Mercury.

The great similarity to his mother, both in the look and in his psychic fragility is masterly signaled: Cancer Asc. Sagittarius as his mother was, here is the child having a Ascendant Sagittarius, stronger by a powerful stellium in IX, cosignificant of Sagittarius while the Masters of this Sign, Neptune and Jupiter, are "seated" one on the Ascendant and the other on the MC. The Sun is still in Gemini, but lacking few degrees only to the passage of sign and being "lunarized" by the conjunction to the Moon, the boy is considered in fact as Cancer, stressing the feature of cusp he would have anyway being born at the end of the Sign. Certainly, the feature of this Gemini won't be funny and playful, like most people born under the sign dominated by Mercury. On the contrary he bears the features of the most introverted and silent kind of Gemini. By the way of psychic and nervous fragility, we also recall that Gemini are one of the most delicate signs of the Zodiac because, if they get prey of nervous breakdowns, they hardly recuperate somehow. The similarities with the Chart of his mother aren't these only: like her, the young William has a stellium in VII where the Sun takes part and both of them have Pluto in IX, so to quote some. The Chart is quite complex, however, and consequently, stimulating, because the arising portrait is not at all of a merely neurotic person. The two Luminaries are at a double trine to Pluto an Jupiter, so to indicate how William is undoubtedly charisma-talented (trine to Pluto) and has philanthropic aspirations (trine to Jupiter, Ascendant in Sagittarius, a strong IX House, Neptune and Jupiter dominating). The young prince inherited these two aspect of his temper from his mother, and, like Princess Diana, he will be famous and beloved by people. Furthermore, the trine of Mercury to Saturn grants a logical and brilliant mentality which, along with the certain neptunian intuition, can really make an explosive mix as for the capability to successfully manage hard and delicate situations. The stellium in IX not only gives him a clear popularity abroad, in the United States in particular, rather than home, but also makes him a supreme strategist in foreign politics, and will favour his philosophical interests and studies.

The day his mother died, the following significant aspect occurred: 

  • Sun, Moon and Mercury transited in VIII House (!) while the rulers of the X - the mother - Mars and Pluto were rispectively, the first right in the X and the second in XI (some astrologers, as C. Discepolo associate it to the death for its opposition to the V - life). Uranus was transiting in I (!!) along with Neptune, while Saturn, the traditional "malefit" was moving in IX and Venus in III (accident axis, N.d.R.). Jupiter in II explains the inheritage William, as well as his younger brother, received and that the press didn't hesitate to show in all particulars; 

  • The Sun was square to Mercury radix while the conjunction of the two Planet was forming in the sky;

  • Mercury was squaring its radix position;

  • Transiting Venus conjoined to Saturn while the opposition was forming;

  • Transiting Saturn was opposite to itself (the growth) and to Pluto radix which, we recall it, is the ruler of the X - whereas the two planets were conjoint at the moment of the birth.

  • Transinting Uranus was at trine to Mercury radix whereas the two planets were opposite at the moment of the birth. Uranus was also in trine to Mars radix, the other ruler of the X, whereas the two planets were in square at the moment of the birth. It's remarkable that although transits of Uranus appear to be positive, in this case this Planet was negative at the moment of the birth;  

  • Neptune was square to Jupiter radix, so pasted to MC and Pluto was conjoint to Uranus radix, while the two planet were forming the sestile in the sky. 

    As far as the solar Revolution is concerned, which likely took place in London, I consider it emblematic: Ascendant of RS falls right in...VIII, giving strength to the signals "of VIII", the transits mentioned above, while there is a stellium made up by Mercury, Venus and most of all the Sun, right in X, not to mention the Moon (once again a symbol connected to the mother, like the X) placed in IV, the family indeed!

    Dulcis in fundo, two days later Lady Di died, it happened that a partial eclipse of the Sun occurred (the death of a sovereign, although in this case she was formally a virtual one, but concretely by wish of the people) and where this eclipse could place in the natal Chart of Prince William? Obviously in VIII, along with Mercury, in square to Mercury radix. Now both Mercury and the Sun are, moreover, in the Chart radix, rulers of House VIII, not to mention that Mercury symbolizes also the adolescence which in this case ended so suddenly and in such a traumatic way.  

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