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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Nimmi's version from the findyourfate web site. Nimmi rates the opposition of Venus and Uranus as being important. Nimmi doesn't use houses. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

Profession -Prince of Wales
Date of Birth- 21st June, 1982
Place of Birth-London, Britain
Chinese Sign- Dog
Feng Shui Element -Water

The Sun in Cancer makes William emotional and intuitive, with a strong sense of personal achievement. Kindness and caring are strong traits, and his instinct and intuition are sharp.

If problems arise, William shows natural courage and resolution in adversity. He is a naturally caring partner and sensual lover.

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer in William's chart means that he was born near the time of the New Moon. William is a self-contained character with his will and emotions firmly in balance.William's sensitivity is expressed through his protecting and nurturing instinct.

The Venus-Uranus Opposition in his chart signifies that William could have a fear of the new and different – of sudden changes. However, once they occur, he really gets a charge out of them.

He would like to break away and live an unusual, exciting existence, but his conventionality holds him back from making the move. The result is that William often feels frustrated and mired in the humdrum.

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